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Killian the Pirate

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Killian the Pirate

Mate, that sounds like a you-problem.


NAME: Killian
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Bi as Hell but largely uninterested

BIRTHDATE: Mid Spring 2757
AGE: thirty-three as of Summer 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr

EYES: Blue
HAIR: dark brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet and three inches, built
PLAY-BY: Colin O'Donaghue
FULL APPEARANCE: Tall, dark, handsome, Killian is the classic Gather stranger. He's just the right amount of mysterious and aloof to fulfill the naughty dream of getting away with things society would never condone. Between the ostentatious jewelry he clearly did not get in any socially responsible manner and the slight swagger to his steps, Killian exudes confidence.

alcoholism mention
PERSONALITY: Killian lives by his own code of honor. He is largely uninterested in many things - sex, love, reputation - but he will not compromise his own values. It's just that his values don't always coincide with common social norms, because his main concern is himself. If he reaches out a hand to help, there's either a knife hidden in his other hand, or it benefits him in some way. That benefit may just be shoring up his persona as a charismatic gentleman, but it rest assured that it is certainly not altruistic.

He's for sale to the highest bidder, mostly. He has some measure of loyalty to his crew, pirates and misfits though they be, but not enough to truly count on. Anyone who thinks they have him figured out is probably in for a surprise.

Because it's not super obvious, but Killian holds most dragon kind in contempt. He blames dragons for the war of the weyrs, rather than the ideology they fought for. Time has brought him to believe that if dragons were actually good, he wouldn't have turned to a sea-faring life, and he wouldn't have lost his brother. Whers, in turn are stupid and brutish, and which Killian can appreciate raw savagery, the idea of tying his soul to a creature like that makes him want to finish whatever alcohol might be near by. Fire lizards are acceptable, partly because they don't speak directly to one's mind, but also because they aren't sequestered for 'special' people. Never mind that he has obtained wher eggs for anyone with enough marks to make it worth his while.

He wouldn't call himself an alcoholic. The sea is too unpredictable to completely give leave of his senses, but the illusion of drunkenness is a useful sleight of hand. It makes people watch their words less, which always yields useful information, such as potential marks.

FAMILY: brother, Liam, deceased
character death
discussion of alcohol

Once upon a time, there was a sailor named Killian.

No, that's not quite right.

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Liam and Killian. Liam was a sailor, First Mate to a skillful captain with all the luck in the world in front of him. Killian, too, was a sailor, though his star was not so high as his brother's. That was okay, though, because Killian adored his brother.

There has never been much call for sea-based commerce on Pern, but in the Interval merchant ships did exist in somewhat larger numbers. With the War of the Weyrs making the land and the skies unsafe, traders and crafters would entrust their goods to the sea. It was a good life.

Until Thread returned, and everything went topsy-turvy. With Thread to worry about, ships had to make plans and provisions to be under some sort of cover. They couldn't rely on the weyrs, no matter if they 'claimed' the hostilities were over. Their ship did well enough, for a few Turns. Killian Impressed a garnet fire lizard at a Gather, who he named Milah.

Then Liam died.

Life on the sea is rough, and accidents happen. Killian probably wouldn't have reacted well even if it had been pure accident, but Liam was killed by a lucky strike while quelling an attempted mutiny. Killian wasn't close enough to come to his brother's aid in the thick of the fighting. Yes, technically they won. The mutiny was squashed, the captain emerged victorious with those sailors still loyal to him. But Killian's reward was the death of his favorite person. In response, Killian went rogue.

Piracy is not unknown on Pern, though, like more legitimate forms of sea travel, it is uncommon. Killian struck up with a crew that eventually made its way to Semaca. It's not an honest living, but Killian has a chip on his shoulder and no desire to live up to his 'best self'. It'll work.
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NAME: Milah
BIRTHDATE Spring 2763
AGE: seven as of Summer 2770

SIZE: medium
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #840113

If you were to pluck one of the gems out of the jewelry that Killian wears, and carved that into a fire lizard, that would be Milah. She is a rich, dark red garnet with markings like the facets of a cut gem.

PERSONALITY: Milah is a lovely little garnet. She has impeccable manners and a demure personality. It's just, well, she does live with pirates. She has a knack for trouble, and a butter-wouldn't-melt facade that makes her seem like an innocent angel. Oh, is there flour all over the kitchen? Couldn't be Milah.
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