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Clover of Blue Kurceth

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Clover of Blue Kurceth

Clover of Blue Kurceth
"It’s a good thing they had someone to look up to and get them through it. Not everyone is so lucky." - Clover Ebi


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Clover
PRONOUNS: Masculine Pronouns
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Homosexual

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2743
AGE: 27 as of Late Spring 2770
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Aurora Wing

EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'3" and Muscular
PLAY-BY: Clover Ebi (RWBY)
Clover is a muscular young man with somewhat tan skin, green eyes and brown hair in a crewcut. He is often with a smile on his face. He tends to wear a light grey vest with dark blue and dark red accent colors on the outfit and a dark grey tank top under it. He wears light grey pants with a brown belt around his waist. On his vest is a small green design resembling a clover. He also wears a red band around his arm, tied up in a ribbon.

Clover is a bit of a confident man, often calm and cordial as well. He is loyal and often goes out of his way to help others and to protect those he cares about. He tends to bring out the best in people. However, he has a hard time trusting people and tends to close his heart away from others, due to the betrayal of a friend of his as a candidate. When he starts to get close to someone, he is very trusting and loyal, almost to the point of naivety. If he is betrayed, he is quick to become regretful and reluctant, trying to go out of his way to make amens.

Clover had lived in Fort Hold most of his life, his parents living there with him. Ever since he was a child, he had wanted to become a dragonrider and when he was searched when he was fifteen, he was excited to become a candidate.

He was a diligent candidate, working hard and showing loyalty to the weyr he was from. However, someone he considered a friend tried to smear his name and make others hate him, always going behind his back to whisper lies about him to other candidates. When the other was confronted, Clover felt betrayed, keeping to himself for the most part afterwards.

While his first two years, he was not impressed by any dragons, this did not bother him. He knew that all things took their own time.

When he met Kurceth, he was a bit surprised that such a dragon had impressed with him. They were complete opposites in personality. Kurceth could be loud and vulgar, even at a young age. Clover had been raised to be a cordial young man, respectful of others. Along with this, Kurceth was incredibly lazy, unlike Clover.

About a year when they became bonded, the War started. The Mad Golds, Golre and Vizeth had been corrupting High Reaches Weyr for a long time and had declared war on Fort Weyr. Several dragonriders and wherhandlers took to battle. Clover felt.. hopeless. He wanted to help, but Kurceth was still a child. However, he did decide to transfer there when he graduated. High Reaches Weyr was a shell shocked place, with a lot more problems than he had suspected. The green and blue dragonriders were being treated a lot better, but there was the worry of supplies, and a lack of riders for the upcoming threadfall.

Regardless, this was Clover's new home. Slowly, the weyr recovered more and more and Clover found himself enjoying the place. However, it did not change his loyalty to Fort Weyr. That was where he had been raised and lived most of his life.

Then came Late Spring of 2770. Two mysterious eggs were found, ready to hatch, in High Reaches Weyr, despite no dragons having gone on a flight. There also came the news of a clutch disappearing from Fort Weyr and tensions became very high in the area. Clover ultimately decided to return to Fort Weyr. Even if he had lived in High Reaches Weyr since graduation, Fort Weyr was still his home.
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NAME: Kurceth
BIRTHDATE: Winter 2760
AGE: 9 as of Late Spring 2770

LENGTH: 31ft
HEIGHT: 7.75ft
WINGSPAN: 46.5ft
HEX CODE: #217fc7
FULL APPEARANCE: A small blue, but a leggy one! Kurceth is all legs and tail, and he doesn't always know where his limbs are at all times. He is a little clumsy, but he is quite fast on his feet, and quicker in the air. He has an excellent sense of direction, able to find his way home from almost anywhere (even if he isn't terribly graceful on the ground). Kurceth is a bright blue, very striking and hard to miss. His face is darker than the rest of him, with dark rings going down the sides of his neck, and dotting down his front legs. His back legs have thick bands and two dots over his ankles.

PERSONALITY: Kurceth may be a brilliant blue, but boy, he is a lazy thing. He is extremely skilled at almost any task set before him, after he's learned it of course. But it is a matter of getting him to do what is asked of him that is the problem. Once you can get him to do something, however, he will perform to the best of his abilities. He is quite vulgar as well, Pernese obscenities being part of his normal speech, and he doesn't think that it's a problem, even around his siblings. In fact, he thinks it's weird that they don't talk like him.

To his rider, he thinks they should just relax. Why worry about Thread when Thread is not falling? Why worry about work when he shouldn't worry? Still, he isn't heartless. He will take any insult against his rider as a personal one, and react with all the violence of a feral wher. He can be a gentleman if he really wants to, but often, he just doesn't want to. He's more worried about just enjoying his life and making sure that he likes himself. He's not afraid to get into fights, and he likes getting rough now and again.

Voice: Kurceth has a very distinct accent, a bit of a drawl to his voice. He peppers his words with vulgar words and obscenities, even if he is being polite.
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