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Candidate Bastille

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Candidate Bastille

"So, who am I? You decide.
Inside out, you read my mind.
What you gonna do with it?"


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Retire - Character
NAME: Bastille, sometimes called Bast

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2747
AGE: 23 as of 2770
OCCUPATION: Candidate / (begruding) Journeyman Starsmith

EYES: Green
HAIR: Light brown, fluffy on the top
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'4", regular everyday build, not much to see here
PLAY-BY: Art by me!
Bastille is very basic in appearance. There isn't much to him that is out of the ordinary. He has a decent amount of muscle from work and the like, but not enough to make him look bulky. He has a nice jawline and cheekbones, but that's about the only thing that really sticks out with him. He's got fluffy light brown hair that falls down in front of his forehead. He is very slowly getting dark circles under his eyes because he stays up late into the night. The marks are there, the dark purple color is not. It will come sooner rather than later.

You will never find him in anything other than a leather jacket, a shirt, pants, and boots. That's all he'll ever wear.

Bastille will no longer let people walk over him and tell him what to do. He will always fight to choose what he wants to do rather than letting other people make the choice for him. He does not appreciate when people put words in his mouth and will tell you that to your face if you ever try to do that. He is a little moody and brooding, but that's mainly the 'I'm very tired and don't sleep easy so I get very irritable and don't want to talk so I look off into the distance and think to myself' energy. He has his father's and grandfather's temper that he has been pushing down for years and years and years. He tries to stay as nonchalant and uncaring as possible- except for when people try and make him do things he doesn't want to do- so he doesn't accidentally push the anger button and go berserk.

He can easily get his attention grabbed by other people mid-conversation, but doesn't really do much with whatever has grabbed his attention. He sort of just... files it away for later. Bastille also knows a whole lot about the sky thanks to his starsmith training, and could drop a whole soliloquy's worth of information about it if you let him. Don't let him. He doesn't actually enjoy it, it's just a dumb brain thing of his to overshare about it.

FAMILY: Master Starsmith Bastan (grandfather, deceased), Master Starsmith Tayria (grandmother, alive), Journeyman Starsmith Basyri (father, alive), Journeyman Glasssmith Yontille (mother, alive), Apprentice Starsmith Yonri (little brother, alive), Apprentice Starsmith Basyron (little brother, alive), Apprentice Starsmith Tillas (little sister, alive)
BIRTHPLACE: Smithcraft Hall
HISTORY: [tw abuse]
Bastille was born to a very strict and proud starsmith family. If he wanted to, and he certainly didn't want to, he could ask his grandfather how many generations back the family started starsmithing. The answer, unfortunately for Bastille, is a many generations ago. Family tradition dicated that he would also become a starsmith, or, his grandparents told him he had to become one. His parents didn't contest his grandparents, and Bast didn't contest either. It was easier to say yes and go than to go through the fight of saying no and being 'a dissapointment to the family'.

He hated it. Sure, he took the classes, he learned all he had to learn to graduate,- and graduate he did at the age of 21- but he hated it. He had wanted to drop out and leave, go find something that he actually enjoyed. But, his father made him stay. Doubling down on the seeds of, "It's family tradition, you have to do this. You'll disgrace yourself and the family if you don't become a starsmith," that his grandfather, Bastan, had already planted. So he stayed, graduated, and then moved to the Harper Hall to partner up with scribes. He sent letters back and forth to home, always wishing them well.

It took him exactly one year at the Harper Hall to figure out that he didn't care about being a disgrace to the family. Starsmithing as a whole drove him off the deep end. If he stayed on this path for any longer, with his grandfather and father looming over his shoulders telling him that if he doesn't do what they say, he's not worth anything, and his mother and grandmother not saying a lick of anything else, he would end up far worse for wear. He would break. He didn't want to break. He packed his bags and moved to Fort Weyr because it was there and close and his family wasn't. Easy choice in his mind. He didn't tell his family, but was sure that it would get back to them eventually.

He stopped actively praciting the craft and signed up for candidacy. He wanted to do something on his own volition, something that he chose, regardless of what it actually was or entailed. He got many letters from his father and grandfather about how he wasn't welcome back because he broke their hearts and wasn't a good son and wasn't thinking about the family's reputation, but he didn't care. He would always send letters with best wishes back to his siblings only, hoping that they'd bust out of the shells his family put them in.

Bastille cut off contact with his family after his father blamed the death of Bastan, his grandfather, on him. Something something about the stress that Bastille put on the family was too much for his old body, or whatever. Bastille, for once, didn't care. He sent his final letter, with good wishes to his siblings and a large 'forsk you' to the elders of his family, and never talked to them again. He does miss his siblings, but doesn't want to make it any worse on them than he assumed he already had.

The politics of the Weyrs weren't of much interest to him. Dragonrider and wherhandler problems were for dragonriders and wherhandlers. If he became one, then he'd care. But, for now, he's happy watching everything burn around him because people older than him with authority have messed everything up with their greed and messy ideas.
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dual

What color/s does your character want?: Doesn't really care
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Doesn't care
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: Nah

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: Nope! He's only got two turns for dragons anyway

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: All
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: Nah
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: Nah
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: N/A

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Nope!
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: 100%, just don't kill him

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Nope! I trust y'all, go crazy on him
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