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Candidate Meghan

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Candidate Meghan



"H-Hi...I like plants..."


NAME: Meghan; often called Meg for short
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNS: Feminine (she/her/hers)

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2752
AGE: 21 as of Early Spring 2773
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Healer (botanist), Candidate

EYES: Light Green, like new leaves in spring.
HAIR: Auburn Red, that shines like fire in the proper lighting; straight but often messy.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 6" || slender and dainty, with slim hands
PLAY-BY: Art by Auroria maker picrew
Meghan is slim and slender, willowy and petite at 5' 6" in height. Her hair flows long and straight, brushing her mid-back in length; a rich reddish auburn in color, flame red in the light. Her eyes are large and doe-like, full of expression, hazel green. Due to her near constant exposure to sunlight, freckles dot her nose and cheekbones, and her skin is a lovely shade of tan. Her love of plants reflects in her garment choices. Meghan enjoys wearing all shades of green in loose clothing that lets her feel the wind. Generally, she's seen in a simple pale green tank-top with flowing pants (or the occasional skirt) of darker green, with leafy vines embroidered onto the fabric in light green. Depending on the weather and her mood, she'll wear a light shawl over her shoulders, in a blend of purple and yellow and red, with purple tassels. It is very old and worn, showing how much she loves it, as it was a gift from her mother's mother, a beloved and talented Weaver.

Meghan is quite shy and humble around strangers and guests, speaking very little and making herself politely scarce in some corner of the room, busy with a task to keep from having to interact. In truth, she enjoys the company of people, but her social anxiety simply chokes out all attempts at conversation. Thus, Meghan often rehearses talking to people by talking to plants instead. And failing miserably whenever people do show up to visit.

Once coaxed out of her shell, Meghan is a wonderful person to be around: very gentle and kind and sweet-tempered. She enjoys being around her friends and is happy to share her knowledge of plants and animals to those who wish to listen. It's almost like once she grows comfortable enough to talk, she won't stop! Yes, Meghan has a tendency to ramble on her favorite subjects if they're brought up, to the point she has to be deliberately told to be quiet.

Despite being a gentle creature, Meghan has a fiery temper deep within, and it will come out if she sees any plant, animal, or person being picked on or hurt. She will bravely put herself between the danger and her new patient, hurling angry shrill words at the danger before bundling up her patient and storming off to treat whatever hurts, be it physical, mental, or emotional hurt.

Meghan will always do her best to keep others around her safe and happy, even at the expense of her own health and happiness. A Healer at heart, her main goal is to make sure anyone under her care is recovering from whatever ails them, even if she has to stay up three days straight to ensure that. As a result, Meghan's health will often deteriorate around the sick and the hurt, as she begins to forget to eat and sleep like a normal person, and instead making sure everyone is well-tended to.

All in all, Meghan is a sweet girl. A little naive and maybe a bit too quick to trust, yes, but a loyal and gentle friend to have at your side. As a bonus, Meghan always tends to carry fruits and vegetables from her family's farm in her knapsack for a healthy snack, and is always eager to share these treats. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking vegetarian foods, swimming, reading anything on healing or botany she can get her hands on, botany, hiking, and the occasional bout of stargazing.

Archer - father - farmer - 45
Tilda - mother - Journeyman Weaver - 42
Maggie - younger sister - 14
Dexter - younger brother - 8
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: None, but open!
BIRTHPLACE: Small cothold of Northern Continent, near Nerat Hold
Meghan's life is, and has always been, simple. Meghan was born to her loving parents in a small cothold, and has been raised in their small, but cozy home. Ever since she was a child, Meghan has grown up around plants and animals, with an intense love for both the flora and fauna around her, developing rapidly through her younger years and remaining to this day.

Despite her father being a farmer and the love of the land she inherited from him, Meghan's dream has always been to be a Healer; specifically, a dragonhealer. Her parents have always supported her in this, though they've been curious what spurred their firstborn to want this. Meanwhile, their second daughter is quite mercurial in her life's desires, wanting to be a Scribe one day, and a Tanner the next.

While exploring the area near her home several years ago, Meghan discovered something awesome: a firelizard egg. It was alone, partially buried in the sand, away from an empty nest. She guessed that someone had discovered the nest and gathered the eggs, only to drop one without noticing. Not believing her luck, Meghan took the egg home and took meticulous care of it, where it hatched into her beloved green lizard Rhus. The pair are nearly inseparable, and Meghan is very fond of her Rhus. So is Maggie, but Rhus is scared of boisterous Maggie.

Ever since her decision to pursue Healing, Meghan has poured her focus into learning what herbs treat various injuries and ailments through lots of reading through the deteriorating scrolls that were discarded for being too worn for Healer use. Her avid research has spawned her love of reading, encouraging her to explore even more into her subjects of choice whenever she can find the material. Her desire to heal also encouraged her to train her green lizard to be her assistant of sorts, and she succeeded...with a lot of time and patience and juicy morsels of food. Her efforts paid off, and she managed to begin an Apprenticeship with the local Healer and get access to proper learning materials, despite having a later start than most, at age 12.

Meghan, through her time spent with old hides and lots of plant cuttings, has gathered a lot of knowledge of Northern Continent flora. Only about two months ago did she hear there was more to discover in a place called Southern Continent, and that dragonriders have settled a Weyr there...with pirates around. Swallowing down her fears about pirates and the possibility of being denied, Meghan expressed a desire to her family: her desire to request transfer to Semaca and continue her training there, among the new plants of Southern Continent. A thing she did not tell her family was her insane desire to become a dragonrider, if the Semaca riders would accept her as a Candidate.
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Meghan isn't one to make selections based on color, though she feels she wouldn't make a good bronze/brownrider due to her lack of confidence, and she's curious about a green. Ergo, she's fine with pretty much all colors, but greens interest her deeply. :)
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Meghan wouldn't care what her dragon's personality is like, that much. All she wants is a friend who'll understand her in her awkwardness and remain by her side. That said, Meghan secretly hopes for a companion who might be able to project the confidence and strength she holds deep inside, but she really only wants a confidant above all.
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: Meghan does not want to face Thread at all if she doesn't have to, and would rather join the Healers' Wing once she has the opportunity to learn her Craft fully and put her healing herb knowledge to use.

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: N/A

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: Every color.
Do you want your character to be eligible for gold?: Yes, please!
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: Same as above: just a nice tempered friend to keep shy Meghan company, with maybe a touch of confidence to project into the world on Meghan's behalf. If not, just a dragon. :3
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: Hmmm...nope! Just stick Meghan with a good-tempered (and maybe confident) dragon and shove her in the Healers' Wing if possible, and all's good. :p
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: Meghan is a gentle person by nature, unless she's roused to protect someone. Thus, she needs a partner who can project the confidence she can't. I feel a confident dragon might be good for her to simply help her make a mark in the world. Or a sweet dragon to simply encourage Meghan to use some of her own hidden confidence. But best match trumps everything else here. xD

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Not really? I don't mind if Meghan goes a few Hatchings without Impressing either, as that would give her more time to learn healing. :D
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: All levels of injury is fine, excluding limb-loss and death.
Are you willing to Impress a creature with a mutation/oddity? Anything that should be avoided?: Feel free to bond a mutation/oddity to Meghan! Meghan will do her best to care for her bonded's needs, with all her heart and soul. <3

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Nope. Meghan (and I, by extension) would accept just about everything and run with it.
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NAME: Rhus (pronounced 'Roose')
BIRTHDATE Summer 2768
AGE: 3 as of Winter 2771

COLOR: Green
FULL APPEARANCE: Rhus is a beautiful firelizard, with dark green for her entire lower body and most of her neck, growing into a paler green trailing up her wings. She has a leaf-like pattern emblazoned on the underside of her wings, earning her her name. Rhus can blend in very well in dense foliage as a result of her coloration, making her the near constant winner of hide-and-go-seek in wooded areas.

PERSONALITY: Rhus has a helpful personality, and is quite intelligent for her kind. She has been well-trained by her person, Meghan, to behave well around people and not be bothersome. In addition, she is capable of performing simple tasks such as fetching objects and delivering messages to people that are well-described/depicted to her.

Tricks, however, are not her strong suit. Despite being a smart and playful creature, Rhus simply doesn't understand tricks well enough to learn more than a couple. She can roll over and jump through a hoop, and that's about it. This is partially Meghan's doing, as Meghan is a more practical sort, and focused more on behavioral- and task-training over entertaining tricks.

Around people, Rhus is quite a delight. She enjoys the company of humans and firelizards most of all, with whers being a close second. She does like being around dragons too, though she will flee a mean-spirited or ill-tempered dragon. Rhus, like Meghan, has her limits to social interaction. If she's had enough of people for the day or grows tired, she'll hide her head behind the curtain provided by Meghan's hair, signaling her wants.
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