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Andreyane of Brown Andreysk

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Andreyane of Brown Andreysk

"I ain't got no money, I ain't got no job, I ain't got no flowers,
But I got the power."

RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Retire - Character
NAME: Andreyane, often called Andrey

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2741
AGE: 26 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Wherholder/Secretary for Majima
WING: Windsong Squad

EYES: Green
HAIR: Light brown, fluffy, shaved sides and poofy on top
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"2, that type of muscular that makes them look skinny with clothes on, but very muscular without
PLAY-BY: Patrick William Charlton
Andreyane has a triangular jawline, a small nose, and beige skin. He wears glasses because he's a little insecure that his eyes are too far apart (but they really aren't). He was always the skinny kid growing up, so he decided that he should bulk up to a certain degree. He is muscular, but still appears to be thin due to his natural frame. He has as a light dusting of freckles across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose.

He continues to wear clothes that make him look skinny, semi-loose shirts that sort of flow are a favorite to Andrey. He'll wear jackets in the Winter season, but isn't a fan of them in warmer months.

Andreyane is a fun-loving funnyman who covers up his undeniable urge to become successful and powerful. He is both a realist and a pessimist, seeing the world for what it is and hating it because of it. He'll speak his mind as he sees fit, unafraid to get in trouble, and boy is he stubborn. He'll encourage you when you're doing good and excelling, but you can be sure that he'll mock you when you fail, even if it's your lowest point. This is in part due to his perfectionism streak. He talks behind others backs and loves collecting gossip. Andrey can take an emotional lashing out, but he has an underlying fear of physical disputes in which he could get harmed.

He has a sort of soft spot for people who have helped him to further himself in the past, and will treat them with greater respect than others (even if they really don't deserve it). He won't let others push him over, he wants to be the one who pushes others over. Yet, if it gets him somewhere in life, he'll be a stepping stone for as long as it takes.

FAMILY: Andren (father, alive), Yanna (mother, alive), Andrane (little brother), Reyane (little sister)
Andrey was the eldest of three children, all living at Fort Weyr. Life went along swimmingly for the man, he helped where he could around home and the Weyr itself. He made friends, he held his head high, and expected nothing but good things to come his way. He wasn't a problem child by any means, but he wasn't an angel either. Andrey could be expected to do his work without complaint, but it might take him a little while longer than the other kids. Yet, even though he was a little slower, his work was of a slightly better quality due to his perfectionism.

When he was of age, he stood as a dragon candidate. Two years passed by with no such luck, and for the fun of it, he stood as both a dragon and wher candidate. Andrey never expected a wher to choose him, he was meant for great things, high ranking things, bronzerider things. Yet, after two more years of no such luck, he Impressed to a brown wher named Andreysk. Disappointed that he was not a bronzerider, he felt somewhat ashamed. How could he though? He did Impress, which was something not all could even say. Sucking it up for his own sake, he began to enjoy his wher's company.

To the duo, moreso the handler than the wher, Fort had given all it could to them. Bored of the place, Andrey made the decision to transfer to High Reaches. A new life could be held there, he could see if he could make it farther there than he ever could in Fort. He quickly entered the Ground Crew, joining the Windsong side of it. It was easy to fit in, he found. He tried making connections with the other handlers, finding one in Majima. Eventually finding out about his criminal empire, he wasn't afraid to jump in and find work within it. Could this be the jumpstart he needed? He found that the easiest thing for him to do would be the paperwork and record keeping, he'd do it right and proper every time and that was a fact. This could be his big break, no leaving now.
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NAME: Andreysk
BIRTHDATE Winter 2760
AGE: 6 as of Spring 2767

LENGTH: 14.5 ft
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #231509
FULL APPEARANCE: Andreysk is, contrary to his lean appearance, a wher. He is a little leggy and his face is slender. He is quick on his feet, and looms like a monster when he really wants to. He has quite an intimidating appearance, his hide dark, almost black. He only looks brown in bright lights, and indoors he will look black. His markings are a lighter, almost mahogany. He has faux horns curling down from his head and under his eyes, his headknobs marked with the same colors. His back ridges are colored in the same hue, with his front toes colored.

PERSONALITY: Generous to a fault, Andreysk has a very strong sense of family. He will be glad to help people pull their carts and protect children from scary nightmares when the lights go dark. Some may think he isn't a wher at all, and is instead an overgrown puppy. He likes to be helpful, and is a bit of a cuddler. He likes children, and despite his scary appearance, enjoys playing with them. He will be more than willing to stop and help, especially if children ask him to do things. He doesn't like to turn people down, wanting everyone to be happy around him.

He should be a good counter to his handler's stubbornness, instead wishing to give away his service instead of asking for anything in return. As far as he's concerned, the past is the past, and he is a step into the future, but he isn't bitter about it, or pushy. Andreysk has the patience of the mountain, and when provoked (though it takes a lot to rile him) he has all the fury of a storm. He greatly wishes to better himself in the hopes that he can better protect those around him.

Voice Despite his intimidating face, Andreysk has a very soft, quiet voice, with only a hint of a masculine tone. If one heard him before seeing him, they may mistake him for a white.
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