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"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now."
-Edna Mode, The Incredibles


NAME: Edna, sometimes called, Ed, Eddie, Edina, "E", whatever.
GENDER: Feminine...?
PRONOUNS: Feminine (she/her/hers), but accepts NB (they/them/theirs) pronouns as well
ORIENTATION: Men can be...unstable... Prone to weakness. (Aromantic Asexual, married to her work)

BIRTHDATE: Late Autumn 2720
AGE: 52 as of Late Winter 2772
OCCUPATION: Master Tailor, weyrfolk

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 0"; round, stout, and very feisty
PLAY-BY: Edna Mode (The Incredibles)
Edna is a very small woman, being only 5' in height and with a distinctly squat body-type. Lines etch her face along her mouth and eyes from age, with a round bulbous nose, and her skin is a light tan, as she tans - and burns - easily, no matter how quickly she concludes her business outdoors. Her hair is purely black, cut short in a square-shaped style around her head. Her eyes are dark brown in color and oddly small, though her large, round glasses make her eyes seem enormous at times. Edna's vision is so poor she is nearly blind without her glasses. Clothing is literally Edna's life, and thus she dresses impeccably. Preferring dark shades, she tends to wear skirts and sturdy dresses over slacks, but she looks fashionable regardless of choice.

A woman of industry and logic, this is Edna. Words are meaningless and a waste of breath, but if she has something to say, Edna will say it straight and bluntly and leave her audience reeling. Emotions? Pfeh! You either overcome any obstacles in your path and succeed or wallow in self-pity in your failures and fail. You will find no comfort from Edna if you are experiencing hardship, only a firm scolding and a kick in the rear to get you back on the path. You might be able to call it "tough love", but even then, it's hard to see Edna as anything but harsh and aggressive with it.

Edna is a talented and hard-working Tailor. Training since she was a child has left its mark, and she much prefers working on her garments and designs over any other activity. If an idea comes to her, regardless of the hour, she will confirm every single detail of the piece and then some. One good idea will lead to another, and the next thing you know, Edna's been up all night sketching and estimating measurements. There's no such thing as rest and relaxation for anyone, particularly for Edna, not if you want to be the best Tailor Pern has ever seen.

Nothing but perfection is acceptable for Edna, and she can, at times, apply this to others. She demands perfection - or something close to it - from every person she interacts with. She feels herself a superior Tailor to all others, and it shows in her words and actions. She can be opinionated and won't hesitate to say what's on her mind, even if it's hurtful. Edna finds dwelling on the past to be counterproductive, and will never use an idea of any kind twice. She's a self-proclaimed forward-thinker, and often finds the company of others very tedious and boring. Yet she tolerates people because she must, but tries to limit these interactions to her work.

Edward - Journeyman Tailor - father - deceased (old age)
Nadine - Journeyman Tailor - mother - deceased (illness)
Siblings - none
HISTORY: TW: familial death, minor grieving
Edna was born to a pair of Journeyman Tailors of the Crafthall in Fort Hold. Her life was quiet and simple, observing her parents in their Craft and avoiding the other children like the plague. From a very young age, Edna displayed a dislike for interacting with others and a preference for solitude and quiet. Another thing Edna displayed at a young age was talent and interest for the Tailorcraft. Quite pleased and glad to teach their young daughter the basics, Edna's parents introduced her to the Craft at a pace that befit her young age, and she flourished into a talented Apprentice of the Tailorcraft at age 8.

Edna graduated to Journeyman rank at age 20. The reason she couldn't graduate at 18, despite her immense skill? Interpersonal difficulties. She found her fellow Apprentices to be tedious and dim-witted, utterly unworthy of training beside her. Yet she graduated all the same, settling to practice her Craft beside her aging parents in Fort Hold. Life was good. Edna was further honing and perfecting her skills and techniques to razor sharpness. Her clothes were both stylish and functional, capable of lasting quite some time before needing any mending or replacement.

Life took a sharp turn for the worse as Edna's mother grew ill, when Edna herself was roughly 32 Turns old. Nothing the Healers did could improve her condition, and she eventually died. Yet Nadine left her daughter one piece of advice: to follow her ambitions, at any cost. Edna had a deeper relationship with her mother than her father, and the realization she was gone hit Edna hard. Her mother's words stayed with Edna, and she strove to achieve what most could only dream: Craftmastery.

Edna returned to the Fort Crafthall scene in storm, determined to ascend to Master level in the Tailorcraft. The journey to become a Master, like the one to become a Journeyman of her youth, irritated her deeply. The other Journeymen that sought to become Masters under the same teacher as Edna she viewed as inept and not suited to become Master Tailors. How they even became Journeymen at all astounded her! Yet she grit her teeth, kept her head down, and bit her tongue to keep from saying anything that would risk her place. She must become a Master, no matter what!

At last, after Turns of dedication and hard work, Edna was deemed fit to be a Master of the Tailorcraft. Edna was near bursting with pride. She had done it! With renewed vigor, she set to work practicing her Craft, remaining in Fort Hold. It was during Edna's 50th Turn of life that her father passed away from old age. People offered her their sympathies, but Edna wanted none of it. She didn't need their pity! Craving a fresh start, proper recognition, and a new challenge, Edna packed up her things and departed for Fort Weyr.
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