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Diaval of Brown Valsk

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Diaval of Brown Valsk



"He looks like you just told him that there were no survivors; that you said his dog ran away; or that he's too late and there's no cake left."
-Woky, regarding Diaval


NAME: Diaval
GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNS: Masculine (he/him/his)
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, for the most part, but uncertain at the moment. Open to exploring.

BIRTHDATE: Late Autumn 2745
AGE: 48 as of Late Summer 2773
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler
WING: Sunburst

EYES: Dark Brown
HAIR: Midnight Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 10" || lean
PLAY-BY: Sam Riley
Diaval is quite a slender man, and a little shorter than average; 5' 10" in total height. Diaval's hair is true black in shade, trimmed to below his ears, with a slight wave. On the other hand, his eyes are a rich brown in hue, and rather large. When it comes to his wardrobe, Diaval still follows the manner of dress of Lady Maleficent: all black, in the cut of a long robe-like garment. It's a habit that will take some time to break, and he's already begun experimenting. Hunter green and dark browns appeal to him, and a simple shirt and slacks are a go-to. For now though, he seems to be remaining with what he knows: dark robes, despite the poor memories associated with them.

-Agenothree's Dungeons and Dragons group, regarding Diaval and his concerned facial expression

PERSONALITY: TW: depression
Diaval, at first glance, is a very polite and genial person. Deeply kind by nature, he considers other before himself, and is always willing to help. Diaval rarely stands up for himself. How could he? That was never an option for him before. Why would it be now? In the past, he's never had the option to say "no," and it shows quite frequently. Diaval is an anxious and jittery man, and it's very easy to startle him. It's difficult for Diaval to fully relax. Anything might happen! This hypervigilance can pose a problem at times, and makes him rather jumpy. Diaval is very prone to obsessive worrying, fretting terribly over any and every little thing. Yet any discontent he might feel is hidden with a smile and a laugh.

If a dictionary in a distant time were to be opened and the word "chatter" were to be found, a picture of Diaval would sit squarely beside the word. Diaval deeply enjoys interacting with people, but there are occasions where he simply will not be quiet! Diaval fears rejection, as well. For so long, all he knew was Lady Maleficent, serving at her side, obeying her every command. In such a new place with new people, Diaval finds himself lost and uncertain of his footing. All he wants is to be accepted...and not only by his son. Diaval tends to be very conscientious of how people see him, and takes great pains to look his best. Diaval is a deeply caring man too, and holds those he loves close. Valsk is his best friend and sole confidante. Whenever the brown is near, Diaval seems so much calmer; much more at ease.

Malleus should've been Diaval's whole world. It was a deep wound to discover that Malleus was actually his son, and it both surprised and disturbed him that he could express anger toward another. But for Maleficent to have robbed him of such a thing? That couldn't be forgiven. While relieved that the truth was revealed and delighted that he might be with his son...Diaval remains uncertain. Would Malleus accept him even after all this time living a lie? Intense sadness and regret has taken root in Diaval's heart. It pains him to remember that he was never there for Malleus as a father ought. This depression takes a heavy toll on his functioning, and he'd often rather hide away than emerge and face the day's duties.

Diaval fears and dislikes dogs, with many of his interactions with canines being guard-dogs in Maleficent's Hold.

Parents - common weavers - unknown
Siblings/Half-Siblings - none to Diaval's knowledge
Maleficent - Lady of Draconia Hold - ex-employer and ex-lover - living
Malleus of Bronze Briaroseth - bronzerider - son - living
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Lady Maleficent None, but open!
BIRTHPLACE: A cothold of Telgar Province
HISTORY: TW: relationship split, lingering feelings
Should you ask Diaval, he'll declare the source of all his problems was adventure.

Diaval was born to a pair of common weavers in a cothold beholden to Telgar. Life was simple and quiet...and not enough for young Diaval. When he was little more than a boy wearing the trappings of a man - little more than a teenager at age 20 - he decided to set out and explore the world. Yet with his youth came immaturity, ignorance, and a touch of arrogance - and it cost him. Diaval found himself in some trouble while stopping in a small Hold called Draconia. Yet before the local smith could tan his hide for theft - whether Diaval did it or not remains up for debate, and Diaval hasn't talked about it - the imposing figure of Lady Maleficent appeared before them. After clearing his name, Diaval felt rather grateful to the Lady, and thus agreed to be her servant for some time.

Life under Lady Maleficent wasn't too bad, Diaval found. Sure, the dress code, among other things, may have been a bit fancier than he was used to, but he soon adjusted. Diaval served as Maleficent's eyes and ears, as well as oversaw under-servants and ensured things ran smoothly. It was great! Yet about two Turns after entering her service, Maleficent wanted something different of him. While he was doing a wonderful job running the staff, she could find another servant to do that task. Diaval, she trusted to be at her side. What she needed him to do was fill a new role entirely: personal bodyguard. Surprised and perhaps a bit uncertain, Diaval agreed anyway, and he was directed to come with Maleficent to the main market that very same evening.

Diaval did as he was told...but what did Maleficent want in the markets that she couldn't have a servant acquire? The answer left Diaval reeling: Maleficent didn't want anything for herself. Well, not directly. Lady Maleficent had led Diaval to a merchant selling wher eggs. The Lady commanded him to then bond a wher; the cost would be footed by Maleficent herself. But why? What Maleficent needed more than a bodyguard was a bodyguard that held some threat. And a bodyguard bonded to a wher would suit perfectly. A bronze would be preferable. Hesitant, but agreeable, Diaval approached the stand and carefully selected an egg. While Maleficent may have wanted a large, intimidating wher to make Diaval seem a tougher bodyguard... Diaval only wanted a friend.

Diaval's wish was granted. Maleficent's wish was granted as well...but only in part. After returning to the Hold, the egg split to yield a huge brown wherlet. Diaval hastily bonded the young thing, and his Valsk greeted both his new handler and Lady Maleficent rather boisterously. Valsk may have looked the part of large intimidating wher, his personality left much lacking. Valsk was gentle, good-tempered, and not the brightest. Diaval was delighted. Maleficent...less so. Yet the deed was done, and Diaval had his Valsk. Once Valsk was grown, Diaval took his place at Maleficent's side in his new position as bodyguard.

Valsk grew into a strong and healthy brown, and life was good. Being Maleficent's bodyguard was much different than anything he'd ever done before, but it wasn't unpleasant! Perhaps this was what he was meant to do. Yet as time, Diaval began to regard Maleficent in a different light. The Lady of Draconia was strong and proud and had her shortcomings...and yet Diaval loved her with all his heart. But she was wed to the Lord of the Hold, and Diaval born of common blood. There was no way Maleficent would return his affection, even if he did dare tell her. Yet she did, it seemed. Maleficent came to Diaval in her cool manner and expressed her desires for him, and Diaval reciprocated. They remained together, in secret, for several four-sevendays. Until Maleficent saw fit to terminate their relationship, state she'd simply pursued Diaval because she was bored of the norm, and utterly break his heart.

Even after, feelings lingered within Diaval. Every time Maleficent spoke to him so casually, so coldly, as though there was nothing between them sent a lance of pain spearing through his heart. Yet Diaval remained. While Maleficent may not care for Diaval as he did for her, she still needed him. So Diaval remained, serving dutifully as her bodyguard. It was a couple four-sevendays after their split that Maleficent gave birth to a second son: Malleus.

As Malleus reached an age where he began to receive tutelage, Diaval and Valsk saw little of him. Yet one day, while Diaval oversaw the stables with Valsk at his side, a familiar voice drew their attention. It was Malleus, and this was the first time the handler and the boy met. Well, of course they'd seen each other before, but here they had the opportunity to speak with no onlookers. The two hit it off immediately, and Diaval felt very much inclined to remain at Malleus' side, even requesting of Maleficent adding escorting Malleus to Diaval's duties. It was granted, and the wherpair seemed deeply happy. Valsk very much enjoyed giving the young Malleus rides upon his back while Diaval watched over. Not only was Diaval a bodyguard to Maleficent, but he was now the guard and friend to her son Malleus.

As Malleus grew into a man, Diaval and Valsk remained at his side every step of the way. As Alleicent's taunting tapered off and eventually ceased altogether, both handler and brown were relieved. Valsk especially, as he'd never seemed fond of the boy older than Malleus, even as he took watching over the heir very seriously. On one occasion of an outing with Malleus - a trip to acquire apples to make cider for Maleficent; a frequent and fond activity between them - a Searchrider of Telgar selected Malleus! On the way home, Diaval could hardly say a word with how proud he was of Malleus. Yet when Malleus had been shut down by Maleficent after telling his mother of this offer of Candidacy, Diaval pulled him aside and told him to follow his heart, regardless of what Maleficent might say; what was expected.

After Diaval saw Malleus off to Telgar Weyr, he returned to his usual duties...but something was missing. Valsk felt it too. Both missed Malleus, but made their best effort to carry on in his absence. The Turns passed, and no word came from Malleus. Diaval couldn't help but worry. Around this time, a rumor sprung up that Malleus wasn't the son of the Lord Holder Alleus...and things started to fall into place in Diaval's mind. Malleus had been born hardly a few four-sevendays after Maleficent and himself had split from their romantic relation. Heart in his throat, but needing the truth, Diaval sought Maleficent out and asked her the question: who was Malleus' father?

When Maleficent answered without hesitation or uncertainty that Diaval was Malleus' father, Diaval was in shock. Then his shock became anger. How could Maleficent have hidden this from him all this time? How could she have robbed him of being able to be Malleus' father? So many questions, flung with the force of pain. In that emotionally-charged moment, Diaval made the decision: it had been many Turns and he'd served Maleficent faithfully, and so his debt to her was paid. After that, he couldn't stand to be here anymore. Not leaving Maleficent with the chance to command him to stay or leave himself the chance to crumble in his resolve, Diaval packed his things. But where would he go? Draconia Hold had been the home of him and his Valsk for so long. Who might take them in?

The memories of Malleus and his Search returned to Diaval's mind, and he decided he'd go there. Not to Telgar, no. There was no way he'd be able to face Malleus, after so long spent in the dark and after this revelation. The next option was High Reaches Weyr, and that's where Diaval and Valsk went. Explaining what he could of his plight, Diaval and Valsk entered Sunburst Squad. While life in the squads was an adjustment-and-a-half, Diaval pushed onward. It wouldn't be the first time he'd adapted, and it wouldn't be the last. Diaval has since intentionally remained out of sight as much as he possibly can, hoping that he might recover from his shock, his pain, and grow accustomed to life in the Weyr in relative peace.

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We friends, right?


NAME: Valsk
BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2747
AGE: 26 as of Late Summer 2773

LENGTH: 15.25 ft.
HEIGHT: 5.25 ft.
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #c16e2f
Valsk is a large and burly brown; he approaches the standard maximum for his color. Yet there are times that it is questionable whether that roundness around his belly and legs is muscle or fat. Yet regardless of what Valsk is made, he is a stocky wher and a fine friend. When it comes to his hide, Valsk is boldly colored. The majority of his hide is a warm orange-brown, while his legs and the back of his wings are painted a rich chocolate brown. Running in a jagged band down the entire length of his body, there is a pattern of light sand brown. This same sandy shade appears in triangles around his eyes, like the sun above him. Running vertically at his jaw, neck, belly, and tail are bold bands, in the same chocolate shade as his legs and wings.

Valsk is most certainly not the brightest glow in the basket. Even simple problems are difficult for him to parse, and he's prone to giving up very quickly when faced with such difficulties. While Valsk may not be smart or fast, he makes up for this with his extremely friendly nature. Kindness seems to be his base instinct. Valsk is one for those sweet gestures. People smile when they see flowers and sweets, so that's what Valsk presents them. Well, he tries, at least. Valsk is very fond of children, and loves to give rides on his back - yet Valsk is a fine judge of character, and will remain uneasy around those he finds "strange." Despite his strength and large size, with his gentle nature, he makes an amazing babysitter and a formidable protector. Yes, Valsk is a protector. It is his duty, first and foremost, to defend and tend his loved ones.

To his handler, Valsk is a best friend. Through good or bad, through the worst of times, Valsk will be there. With Diaval prone to self-doubt and constantly fighting an uphill battle with himself - a concept Valsk still struggles to wrap his head around - Valsk does the only thing he knows to fix it: cuddle. While Valsk may be physically friendly with many people, he reserves the right to prolonged cuddles to Diaval and select close members of the family. And children. Valsk always loves to lie down and have children crawl all over him, and he counts that as cuddling. On the subject of children, Valsk remains very affectionate toward Malleus, even as he matured from boy to man. Valsk remains confused as to why the truth of Malleus' parentage was hidden at all. Yet the future awaits them, and he's ready to face it, right at Diaval's side.

Voice: Valsk's voice is warm and friendly, though loud and booming. Think of cheery Santa Claus, and this is what Valsk tends to sound like.
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