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T'lery of Bronze Maskerath

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T'lery of Bronze Maskerath

"Coals flicker candles swelling
Thoughts come of fire burning
Everything you made will end up broken."


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Retire - Character
NAME: T'lery, born Talery
ORIENTATION: Homoromantic Asexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2740
AGE: 27 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Firestorm

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde, slicked back
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"5, has a general runner's physique, strong arms
PLAY-BY: Derek Hough
T'lery has a rectangular face, a medium-sized nose, and beige skin. He has a stubbly-bushy beard the same color as his hair that covers up the majority of his jawline. He has no freckles or blemishes to note, and he prides himself in a clean looking appearance. He has strong arms that come from a decent amount of time spent lifting things around.

He enjoys wearing clothes either with fancy designs on them that make him stand out, or clothes with flat colors that he'll pull together, often all of the same color (ie: blue shirt, dark blue pants, darker blue jacket, etc.). While it is not like he wants to stand out, he enjoys looking nice and getting compliments, sometimes the only way to do so is to be out their with they way you look.

T'lery is a practical man who thrives off of factual ideas and logical plans. He has a very deep set knowledge of human mortality, and realizes that, in the end, most things will account for nothing. However, he knows that he would like to stay alive for as long as he can manage, so he is very responsible with what he says. He is committed to things that he joins up with and can be counted upon that if he says he's going to be somewhere at a certain time, he will be there on the dot or even beforehand, never late. T'lery's honest to a fault, you will never get a lie out of him.

With others, T'lery most certainly willing to chat away the hours. Friendships are a gift that he is glad to accept. Occasionally, however, he is prone to being insensitive without realizing that he is doing it, this can lead to several arguments that he doesn't believe should happen as he thinks he is not at fault for them. As well as this, he is very receptive to when others are insensitive towards him and he takes it to heart.

FAMILY: Taskali (father, alive), Lerya (mother, alive), Lerkal (older brother, alive), Tasya (little sister, alive)
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr
Talery had a good upbringing, considering everything. Being born at High Reaches during Golre's reign always seemed to be an end of the world situation in the back of his mind, but as time passed, it was just another day. The structure of power in the Weyr could fall down around them all at any moment, but that was just life. He focused more on his home life with his friends than that, preferring to live fun and decently free while he could until the day came when, finally, he'd get brought down like the rest.

He got in a few misconstrued fights in which the other claimed that he was being insensitive and rude, or just plain bad, but how could that be? He wasn't rude, that wasn't him. Friendships came and went, but he still remained, and that was fine with him.

Candidates were needed, it seemed, so a candidate he became. Treatment of candidates was never the best until Golre fell, then it seemed as if they were needed, thanks to the amount of wings lost in the deadly fight against Fort. Nine years passed with no luck in the Impressing department, but then he was twenty-four, standing on the Sands. That Hatching was going to be the last for him, why waste any more time in a fruitless effort? He would drop out afterwards. However, the final egg of the clutch hatched and out came a large bronze that just so happened to Impress to him. What chances were these?

It wasn't as lucky as it seemed. Much of High Reaches still distrusted metallics and their riders, to the point that when Terminath fell- no new gold was sought. T'lery worried but doesn't think there's much he can do to prevent the disaster sure to come. He wanted them to survive and to never have to grovel again- he just didn't see how he could stop it. High Reaches just wasn't thriving and whether it ever would open question.

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NAME: Maskerath
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2764
AGE: 3 as of 2767

LENGTH: 55 ft
HEIGHT: 15 ft
WINGSPAN: 82.5 ft
COLOR: Bronze
HEX CODE: #595934

FULL APPEARANCE: A giant Bronze, no doubt about it. Maskerath is absolutely huge, and he is a fighter. He's a great warrior, a monstrous, intimidating beast of a dragon. He's built strong, with heavy limbs and a thick skull. He is not incredibly agile in the air, but he is faster than what some may guess from his large size. He is a standard bronze color, with lighter, tarnished-bronze markings over his forelegs and hind legs, like he is wearing elaborate armor. His chest and sides look as if he's well-armored and protected. His wings are the same lighter color, with darker licks of color and flame over the tips. His face is a near-white bronze, standing out notably, with small reddish-bronze swipes under his eyes and over his forehead. There are four crescents on his body, on his chest and his front paws.

PERSONALITY: Maskerath is a cold, serious bronze who is devoted to his duty in life. He is not arrogant, and does not have an ego to match his size. There is no one harsher on him than himself, and he does not see himself as anything heroic or to be proud of. In fact, much of him sees himself as a monster. He is not vicious, and does not pick fights. No, he is a dragon who ends them. He finds it is his duty to keep an eye on Terminath, to make sure that the gold does not cause trouble. Maskerath takes pleasures in the simple things in life such as a warm morning and a good bath, finding solace in taking care of other creatures. He is a dragon with a hard shell to crack.

To his human, Maskerath is... an adjustment. He cares, but he does not often verbally show it often. It is hard for him to open up, and he rarely gets emotional unless there is something to be emotional about. He means well, even if he isn't good at expressing it. He may not quite understand that bringing someone a dead wherry is not really the best way to cheer them up. His anger is legendary, and it washes over him like a wave, the emotion reserved for anyone seeking to harm his partner. He will need help, even if he doesn't know how to ask for it.

Voice: Maskerath's voice is deep and it echoes, like shouting into the void.
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