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Eunomia of Brown Omiask

Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:49 pm

Eunomia of Brown Omiask

"Angel, angel, what have I done?
I've faced the quakes, the wind, the fire
I've conquered country, crown, and throne
Why can't I cross this river?"
-The Humbling River by Puscifer


NAME: Eunomia
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2727
AGE: 40 as of Winter 2767
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler, Ex-guard
WING: Weyr guard

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'6" and muscular
As a tall, almost amazonian woman, with a clearly muscular build, Eunomia appears to be somewhat intimidating. While not nearly as muscular as a bodybuilder might be, she is certainly strong-looking, with powerful muscle built from years of training. Her build is only slightly feminine, though not enough so to be described as curvy. She is a large woman, both in her height--which is approximately 6'6"--and in the broadness of her bone structure. Eunomia is a powerful fighter, and it's clear why she rose to the rank she did as a guard of Evander--at least in terms of physical capability.

Eunomia's skin tone is olive, and her hair is nearly black. Her hair has a relatively thin texture to it, making it seem wispy. Wavy and a little haphazard, her hairstyle is a bob that reaches her chin. She has no time to deal with bangs, so she forgoes them altogether. Her hair is not a priority, and as a result, it is often a bit of a mess. Clean, yes, but usually somewhat tangled, without any regard whatsoever to what the wind is currently doing to it. Her expression is often neutral, though she is prone to wincing when she does or says something awkward, or feels some degree of discomfort. Although surprisingly feminine, her features are rather plain. Thick eyebrows arch over dark eyes, her lips are a little thin, and she has a beauty mark next to her cheekbone--but otherwise, her face is exceptionally unremarkable, even forgettable.

She wears loose clothing that is easy to move around in, but not so loose that it becomes a hassle to deal with. She prefers pants, and often wears practical gloves and boots, well suited to work, especially to her work. Although she tends to avoid bright or pastel colors, instead choosing dull or dark hues when the option arises, she does not seem to mind any kind of clothing, as long as it is practical for her uses, and tends to wear whatever is available.

PERSONALITY: determined, protective, pushes herself, feels inferior and guilty, can be disobedient, outspoken, gruff, distant, prickly, critical, firm, loyal, honest

Eunomia is the sort to see a challenge and rise to fight it. She always pushes herself, usually in tests of physical prowess. She feels inferior to others, and feels a strong need to prove herself--not to them, but to herself. Constantly pushing herself is the only way to grow, so she consistently puts herself in front of harder and harder challenges, often with little regard to herself. This is especially true when it comes to protecting or caring for others. She has always aspired to do her best, and through doing her best, help others. Given how terribly that turned out in the past, she feels incapable of doing anything but harm. She cares deeply about protecting those who are weak in ways that she is strong, and will always stand up for those she sees as being wronged.

Guilt plagues Eunomia. She not only has regrets about her actions, but condemns herself as a person. While she makes some amount of effort to hide her past, simply because it is difficult to speak about, she accepts any hatred she may receive. As if to distance herself from the Eunomia who would follow cruel orders, she will become known to disobey any orders she completely disagrees with. At the very least, she will express and fight for her opinion, and has become more outspoken. Over the turns, she has learned how to understand and form her own opinions, and refuses to let others use her for evil. Sometimes, she may be missing vital information, but she does not want to let that be an excuse. She will do her duty, but her duty is not to her commander. Her duty is not to follow orders. Her duty is to do what's right, as far as she's concerned. She has very confused, conflicted feelings about law in general. She will not hurt an innocent person for any reason, on this she is firm. No matter how the means justify the ends, no matter how many could be saved, lives are not something to be traded. She is bitter and disillusioned when it comes to leadership.

Hardened by turns of guard work and her experiences with Evander, Eunomia keeps a strong exterior no matter how she feels. She can come off as a bit gruff, terse, or short. Despite seeming prickly and grumpy, she has a softer side, to those who she cares for--and those, she cares for quite deeply. She puts up barriers--acting sharp, harsh, and critical. She's not trying to be rude, just to keep a distance between herself and others, out of fear. Not of them hurting her, but of her hurting them. Eunomia is, in truth, more likely to sacrifice her own happiness than hurt others, but she has a low self-image and thinks she's a terrible person. She's relatively unfriendly, but mostly to protect others (supposedly) from herself...and she's not entirely sure how to be warm or welcoming, anyways. It's much easier to just seem grumpy, than to not know what to say, and be invested in a social situation, isn't it?

At her worst, Eunomia is brutal, but at her best, she remains firm. She prefers to discipline those who do things wrong, if given the chance. Unlike many, when it comes to those who harm others, Eunomia is not afraid to respond with violence. Violence, in her mind, is a normal thing. She rarely loses her temper, but she is never afraid of facing violence, or even her own potential mortality. She's not especially afraid of much, other than her own capabilities for evil. She occasionally indulges her emotions, prone to bouts of broodiness, but rarely showing them to others. Eunomia dislikes lying, and will avoid it where possible. She does not take a fake name and will explain who she is to any who ask, but she has been purposefully vague to those who do not recognize her--but even that feels wrong to her. Her greatest strength--and, given her past, most terrible weakness--is that she is loyal and devoted, and is still willing to do anyone for those who have gained her respect and loyalty...though she does try to be more discerning now. Doing things for those who have earned her loyalty is automatic, but she tries to consider more clearly who she follows, and reassess frequently.

-Noeuei - Mother
-Mianis - Father
-Meuei - Sister (2 turns younger, deceased in 2743)
Eunomia was the firstborn to a simple family in Fort Hold. Nothing special, nothing extraordinary. She supported the hold and her family however she could, always eager to take on new responsibilities, even if they were just chores. From a young age, she admired guards, and wanted to fight to protect her Hold. She was a bit more prone to violence than other youth, and got into a lot of fights, mostly to defend the honor of her family, herself, and her hold, to defend the weak, or to bring justice on those who deserved least, in her eyes. Despite her teens being filled with brawls, she was the type who adhered to the law. She believed so strongly in rules, that she only applied her violence towards enforcing them, and as that became less acceptable, she stopped entirely. From childhood, Eunomia was very awkward, with few real friends. Many came to rely on her, use her, or even respect her for what she gave them, but not be her friend.

Her only friend was her little sister. She didn't get along with her parents well--she respected their authority, but they were distant and busy, and she resented them for ignoring her sister--if not for ignoring her. Meuei was weak and sickly from birth, and relied heavily on Eunomia to care for her, and even protect her. When Eunomia was 16 or 17, however, her sister died to an illness, unable to fight it off as well as a healthier person might have, and perished. Eunomia still feels like she should have done more, despite caring for her sister during the illness. Shortly after--at the age of 18--Eunomia became a guard trainee, and at 21, a full member of the guard.

Mianis, her father, was a handler, of green Misk, and Eunomia grew up admiring the place whers filled, even if she didn't admire her father. Always, however, her eyes were set on the skies. She admired dragons, and aspired to be a dragonrider, for much of her youth, but was never searched, and assumed herself unworthy. She found that similarity between her and Evander, a common ground, even though she eventually would only live to serve. As a guard, her reputation rose quickly. Not good reputation, but reputation as a guard, one who strongly upheld the rules of the hold and ensured that everyone was, as far as she was aware, safe. Law was good, and as a result, she saw Evander as trying to do the best for his people--protecting them from outside, and inside, threats.

While she supported Evander's father, she often helped Evander personally, and misinterpreted his actions as well-meaning. She considered authority figures to be moral, which would be proven a simplistic judgment. Evander manipulated her--even if his means were questionable, she believed in him almost until the very end, with an unfortunate loyalty that could overlook the horrors and atrocities as a means to a better future. Eunomia saw closing off the hold and driving dissenters away as the right thing to do, to protect the hold--those who dissented would drive the hold into the ground, causing unrest from within, in her mind.

At 35, Eunomia was thrilled to be given the chance to bond to a wher. It wasn't a dragon, but whers were endearing and certainly practical, in their own right. She was chosen because she was loyal, manipulated into believing Evander's ideals, and was an obedient, physically strong guard. She became part of his elite guard on that day, Impressing to Brown Omiask. He told them they were protecting the hold, and she swelled with pride at the opportunity.

Although she had her misgivings and confusions about killing for Evander, committing atrocities against those who disobeyed, she was reassured that it was for the good of the people of the hold, that the means would justify the ends. Her loyalty to Evander let her overlook these, even as she questioned herself, but she assumed that such traitorous thoughts were wrong, and tried to push them away. She protected Evander, but once she had the realization that things had gone too far, she didn't know how to get out, or what to do. She simply had taken the ideal of law too far for a long time, and after killing someone she knew to be innocent of what they were accused of, she knew something was wrong.

After Evander's death, she hid at a cothold near Fort Weyr, but far enough from the hold. Evander was killed in 2762; she wouldn't leave until early fall of 2767. She worked hard for the hold, despite them not knowing who she was or where she came from. She defended them, but word got out as to who she was...and while not cast out, she was clearly not wanted there, with sudden mistrust and even, in some cases, hate. She left, wandering for a month or two, until late fall, when Eunomia and Omiask arrived at Semaca Weyr, the home of rejects and rebels. Somewhere she could start over, without being despised...or so she hoped. Maybe someday she will return to a Fortian location, but for now, she'd rather play it safe.

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Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:51 pm



NAME: Omiask
BIRTHDATE Spring 2762
AGE: 5 as of Spring 2767

LENGTH: 14ft
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #5C3317

FULL APPEARANCE: Omiask is about average for a brown, and it doesn't bother him. He has a long stride, and is very bad at walking quietly. He's rather wide, a mix of pudge and muscle, and he manages to be a very round ball when he's tired and wants to just be a lump and not moving. He's a very warm brown, a wooden sort of brown, with lighter coloration - like a good brandy. The lighter color goes down his back, curling along his sides and the undersides of his wings like feathers bleeding into flames. He is very steady on his feet, but not very flexible.

PERSONALITY: Omiask is a very loyal wher. He decides on who is his little family, and they are thus his family for life. Evander was his human, and he was stuck with the man- but no more. His handler is also his human, and he adores them. Even though he's still young, he acts like a caring father figure. He's stern when he needs to be, but he's mostly friendly and rather caring. He doesn't like to raise his voice. He has almost no fear, and will charge headlong into the dark or into a dangerous situation if there is someone to rescue. He might start adopting other humans, or their whers, or flits. He enjoys taking care of others.

To his handler, while he is aware his connection to them is lacking, he is aware that they could probably use someone else to keep an eye on them. He's a wher of simple pleasures, wanting to protect and care for his new (little) family. He and his bronze brother frequently are on the same wavelength, and they are very close friends. He wants to learn from the others in his pack and help them grow in turn.

VOICE: Omiask has a fairly masculine voice, though he frequently ends his thoughts with an upward inflection, as if he's constantly asking questions.
Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:00 am

What type of candidate is your character: Potential second wher

What color/s are you willing to impress to?: Preferably not brown or gold, but any is fine.
What color/s does your character want?: Probably another brown. Omiask has proved the color is reliable and solid, so why not Impress another?
Do you/your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: She wants something reliable. I'm fine with anything, I think.
Do you/your character have any other preferences or concerns?: Nope!
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: She already has a brown, so I'd rather not bond her to two, especially if they had similar coloring, but am open to whatever!

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Nope
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: Anything that she could recover from fully. That said, ask me about anything permanently debilitating, because that might be an interesting direction to go in with her.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: N/A
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