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Weyrling Graemerre of Garnet Ofereth

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Weyrling Graemerre of Garnet Ofereth

"Let me have adventure,
Be a contender and more!"


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Graemerre, nicknames include: Graeme, Merry, Gray

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2747
AGE: 20 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Ginger, short and fluffy
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"0, thin but is a hell of a lot stronger than he looks
PLAY-BY: Ethan Slater
Graemerre has a somewhat triangular jawline and soft features, pale beige skin and so many freckles that to count them all would be the world's greatest task. His smile is warm and inviting and and his eyes sparkle with kindness and joy. He is shaped like a friend and always feels warm when you hug him. He has no scars to his name.

Graeme is an obvious fan of bright colors, yellows being both his favourite color in general and to wear. Most of his shirts are yellow, although, if you looked, you could find a white shirt or two. His pants are usually some shade of brown. Short-sleeved, collared shirts are what he normally wears, throwing on a jacket during the colder months to combat the weather.

Graemerre is a fun, excitable, hyper man with a happy-go-lucky and overly sweet disposition. He loves joking around when he can and making others laugh at every moment of the day that he's around them. He is, by all means, very determined and will stop at nothing to accomplish a task that has been given to him. When things get tough, he can settle down enough to do what needs to be done. He actually takes great pleasure in a job well done, especially when it's done by him. On the other side of things, Graeme is also somewhat overdramatic to the people who have shown any sort of kindness to him, and has been shown to be a little too over-confident. He has been known to blow certain events way out of proportion, and this is usually because he likes things in a certain way and when they are changed, it takes him a little while to adjust. Doing things in a certain order, a certain way, this helps to keep him centered. Too much excitement around him makes it hard for him to settle down and he has a hard time realizing when he should back out of a situation.

Graemerre is very kind-hearted and innocent, and rarely acts openly mean to anyone, even those who find him to be annoying and/or act cruelly towards him. He's a very selfless and loyal person, especially so towards those close to him. He prides himself in his selfless nature, always helping where he can. Despite his constant well-meaning intentions, Graeme's actions have been known to annoy as well as cause trouble for those around him. While he tries very hard, he's not always great at empathizing and understanding when he's annoying others. In extreme cases of this, he can come off as unempathetic and insensitive, while he truly just cares too much. However, he does have something of a temper and can get sarcastic and rude when it is roused.

He scares easily and often panics for a long time afterward. He has a list of things that scare him that he keeps secret from others because he doesn't want people to know exactly what makes him vulnerable. Occasionally, Graeme is too ignorant to notice impending danger and his out-of-the-box thinking has been known to put himself, and occasionally others, in danger. He cannot detect lies (large or small) or any sort of evil intent as easy as other people could, mainly due to his naive nature. Graeme's debilitating innocence seems to makes him both too trusting and gullible, and he has been, on several occasions, easily manipulated by people who intend to use and/or harm him.

FAMILY: Graene (father, alive), Merra (mother, alive), Grerra (older sister, alive), Merae (little sister, alive)
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr
Graemerre was the little boy who ran around the Weyr giving flowers to pretty girls and telling jokes with other boys. He wasn’t a problem child by any means, he didn’t want to be a problem, and within that, lied the problem. Sometimes, he annoyed people just by trying to be nice to them all the time, but people knew that he really did mean well. He just didn’t know when to stop.

With a hop and a skip and a laugh, Graeme made his way through life. He picked up cooking and butterfly catching to pass the time, finding joy in a well cooked meal or a pretty butterfly caught and let go soon after. Cheerful disposition rarely faltering on his face, even when things got tough. Or, when tough things seemed to fall apart, like Golre. The switch from tyranny to democracy didn't phase him much in the scheme of things. When others asked him for help, he was sure to help out in anyway he could (sometimes accidentally creating more problems, but always solving them in the end by some convoluted means). Making friends came easily as he had no shame in just going up to someone and talking to them as if they'd been friends since the dawn of time itself.

As he got older, Graeme craved having friendships. Friendships that were more than those he’d already created, he wanted the best kind of friendship that could happen, Impressing a dragon. The only way to do that was to become a candidate, and become a candidate he did. He wanted to follow his new dream to the end of the line, and if he aged out? Well, that just meant he’d have to find a new dream. Life was an adventure to the man, he wasn't afraid to switch dreams on a dime if life thought that the dream wasn't good for him.

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NAME: Ofereth
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2769
AGE: 0 as of 2769


LENGTH: 34ft
HEIGHT: 8.5ft
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #410000
A small garnet by pretty much every measurement, Ofereth is lean and lithe, with narrow wings. She is strong in her own ways, though she's still not particularly the strongest on Pern. She is by no means dainty or weak. She is a deep crimson all over, with bright red markings. There are red petals over her shoulders as if she had a fluffy coat on, and the same color is in bright markings on her hind legs - a triangle and three bands. A slightly darker color speckles over her tails. The insides of her wings have bold, spire-straight and almost celestial markings on them.

PERSONALITY: A dragon with a plan and a determined mind, Ofereth is hard to stop once she has started. She is intelligent, with a 5 day memory compared to the 3 days standard that other dragons have. She has guts, not afraid of many things in the world, despite her smaller stature. She is also resourceful, finding things that would make her job easier if she must, even if she is not very able to actually use those things and must rely on her rider to understand what she means. She does not look for trouble, and would rather not open up unless she must.

To her rider, Ofereth is loyal and yet independent. She would rather do her own thing, though it is very clear that Xistanorth is her favorite dragon in the world. She doesn't like to fight, it isn't a thing she enjoys, but will if she absolutely has to. She loves music, though dragons themselves do not sing. She likes to listen. Her first instinct when she sees others fighting is to retreat and hide, and one will have to take care that she will not become a recluse because of it.

VOICE: Through some defect, or perhaps personal preference, Ofereth only speaks to her rider and Xistanorth. To anyone else, she simply hums.

WHY ME?: Gods he's gonna be so good for her.
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