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Reign of Green Asakurth

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Reign of Green Asakurth

"Yeah, I'll break your heart, I'll break your back, I won't lose no sleep-
SHIT, I can't keep track of every bridge I use and then I burn."


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Reign, sometimes called Rei by those with some courage even though he absolutely hates it (his sister gets a free pass though)
ORIENTATION: Bisexual, male preference

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2748
AGE: 23 as of 2771
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Aurora

EYES: Bright blue
HAIR: Blonde, wavy, covers one of his eyes half the time
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"0, thin looking at a glance but is basically all muscle and very, very, very little fat
PLAY-BY: Garrett Hedlund
At first glance, Reign looks like a pretty-boy pushover. Tall, kind of thin, nice hair, a good jawline, cute sort of face with a charming smile, clean clothes and a loud, dorky sort of laugh. A closer look and he seems a little darker. Charming smiles traded for half-hearted smirks, laugh dark, body built up strongly with years of learning how to survive. He has his fair share of scars and his hands are rough from work.

Dark colors, usually greys or blacks, alongside whites and reds, are the common color combinations that Reign can be found wearing. Leather jackets and boots are a favorite of his when it's cooler, shedding the jackets during the summer months to help beat the heat. Intimidating clothing makes him feel at home no matter where he is.

If the situation needs it, he will clean up and dress in his nicest clothes, slicking hair back alongside to make an impression. This is rare, but had been known to happen once every so often.
Reign is a sly man with one hell of a backbone. To schmooze his way in and out of a situation is second nature to him, a sense of levelheadedness is his pride and his street-smarts are his virtue. Misdirection and persuasion is a trick he picked up quick, be it used for helping him get what he wants or in the attempt to change someone's perception in a situation (even if only for a moment). He is not one to back down from confrontation, finding himself in petty arguments often built up his skill to be able to handle anything from a harmless debate to an argument where the other is full-on top-of-the-lungs yelling, or anything physical. For physical debacles, he is very familiar with knives, be they for throwing or otherwise. Reign likes having an at least halfway decently well laid-out plan done and learned by heart before rushing into any sort of major trouble. He wants an escape route, something that makes the day easier if his plan goes awry. He looks out for himself first and then nobody else after, if you get in his way, he won't hesitate to push you aside if possible. If not, he'll find another way to get around you that will aggravate you to the point you wished you just kindly stepped aside.

Reign is cunning, smart and smooth. He'll be kinder than the sweetest person in the world if it means you trust him when he himself is completely untrustworthy, willing to back stab others if it means a good outcome for himself. Rarely, if ever, does he raise his voice or swear. The idea that 'if a point can't be made without swearing or yelling, the point shouldn't be made' has been deeply ingrained into him. If brought to the point of no return in terms of anger, Reign will lash out with no regards to his image. When he calms down, he then does whatever it takes to fix said image. He admires those that take what they want when they want it, rather than those who wait for life to drop good things in front of their door. Underneath many, many layers of cold-heartedness, Reign is terrified to be forgotten. He wants to make a lasting impression on people and is hurt when someone forgets his name or leaves him behind on something that he should've been included in. As well as this, he has intense big-brother instincts that only his sister really gets to see.

FAMILY: Reiya (mother, alive), Devigne (father, alive), Deviya (little sister, alive)
BIRTHPLACE: Small cave a fair distance away from Fort
TW for death
Reign couldn't remember a life where he didn't roam around, hopping from place to place with his family and the rest of their group, running away from (or was it really into?) more trouble than they'd bargained for. Bandits, they were, always robbing the holds they reached of their riches and giving their stolen goods to the poor, aka themselves. Sometimes they had food, sometimes they didn't, they lived on what they could take until what they had taken had run out. It took him a while, but Reign had gotten good at living from raid to raid.

It was a cold day when his sister, Deviya, was born. Four years after him, Winter sometime, someplace. He made a promise to her then that he'd protect her no matter what. As they grew up, he always gave up a little bit of his food for her. If someone got too angry with her, he'd make sure they'd back off and regret crossing her, even if they were within the same group. He protected his sister with his life, made it a point to get stronger to do so. At every turn that he could, Reign tried to make her life better than what he saw it to be.

Reign fell deeper in with the bandit life of the group as they got older. Deviya was better suited to sneaking around, but Reign, he was their decoy. He was their infiltrator, the guy who misdirects everyone, going into the holds and stalling those he met until the rest of the gang could take as much as their thieving hands could take with them. If they caught him or the others in the act, he could make his way out. He had a knife. He knew how to use it. He'd used it a fair amount. It got to the point that, when he and his sister were bored and there was little work to be done, they'd find a tree and carve a little target into it. Throwing knives to see who could get the bullseye first passed time, they had lots of it.

The leader of the bandits had pushed them a little too far. He'd threatened Deviya's life once, and that was one too many times. He'd killed people in front of both of their young eyes, their parents uncaring if they saw it or not. Devi said that she didn't wanna be with the bandits anymore, that she was scared, and that made Reign take matters into his own hands. They left that night, stealing what they could from who they once called family before disappearing.

They got roped in with a group of traders, a group far more legit with a far better reputation than the one their motley crew of bandits had. Reign put his sweet-talking skills to good use, scamming people out of their supplies or money far better than what was expected of him. He taught his sister some of his tricks, but not all, and the two were a duo to be reckoned with. They found a newfound sense of family within the group, and they knew that they were better off there than with their real parents.

With a group with a better reputation, the knowledge that two kids were within the group was out in the air. When the day came that more candidates were needed, they were Searched. He and his sister were of age, old enough to both stand as candidates and to be taken from the life of scamming that they'd been living since they could remember. Deviya didn't want to go, so that made for an angry Reign. If she didn't want to go, then they wouldn't go, that was final in his mind. But, there was a dragon. The dragon could hurt his him, hurt Devi. He made a deal with his sister, they'd go with the rider and then they'd run away the next day. Run back to their family.

They went with the rider, but they stayed at Fort Weyr as candidates. There was a ton of food, they could eat more, they didn't have to rely on a good haul to set them up for a few weeks. They didn't have to fight to get what they wanted. Yeah, there were chores that needed to be done, but they were nothing compared to what they'd done before. For once, it was less about existing and more about living. Reign asked his sister if she wanted to leave and go back home to traders, she asked him if he was absolutely crazy in return. They'd build themselves back at the Weyr, even if sometimes Reign felt as if he'd be better back out being a trader or a bandit.
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Reign! Reeiign!! I'm here! I'm here! Oh shoot, Zaylith and Joheith are here already. I can't believe I'm late!


NAME: Asakurth
AGE: 3 as of 2771


LENGTH: 30ft
HEIGHT: 7.5ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #61c82e
Large and very in-charge, Asakurth is a bigger green with a bigger personality. She is a light, spring-green all over. Her markings are almost-neon bright green, in bands over her neck and headknobs. There are bright green crescents over her face, neck, and hips. Her legs have intricate light and dark green markings, like bracers and fine carvings. Her hind feet are darker green, and the same darker color is over the backs of her wingsails. On the insides of her wings are a darker, emerald-colored lines tracing over her like a dried river or maybe a spider web.

Absolutely in-charge, Asakurth could more or less run the clutch if she wanted. So far, she usually just scolds Zaylith into doing his work instead of trying to pawn it off onto Joheith. She is endlessly curious, with a good nose for both trouble and all sorts of interesting things. She is optimistic and she throws herself into every job ahead of her, 1000% energy and power. She can be overwhelming, and she acknowledges that her style of "need to know everything at all times" can be exhausting to people.

To her bonded, Asakurth dials it back to maybe a 4 or 5, but overall she still has to get into pretty much everything. Everyone must pass her approval, she has to know if they're shady or if something is wrong. But she can be astoundingly sweet, and very kind. She rarely seems to have a bad day. She enjoys having something to do, an gets antsy if she doesn't. She likes 'her boys' (being Joheith and Zaylith), and always keeps an eye on them. They're her best friends, even if she won't admit it.

VOICE: Asakurth's voice is chipper, strong and pleasant.

WHY ME?: Guess who won't put up with all this smooth charmer oooo stuff? Asakurth. It'll be hilarious. Trust me.

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