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Jas of Green Plemeth

Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:07 pm

Jas of Green Plemeth

"As we walk in a straight line, down in the dirt with a landslide approaching
But nothing could ever stop us from stealing our own place in the sun
We will face the odds against us and run into the fear we run from."
-Starset, It has begun


RETIRE INFO: Retire rider
NAME: Jas (Jasdin)
GENDER: Nonbinary (Fluid gender expression and identity, but vaguely more agender than anything else, most of the time. Gender is weird and they want no part, mostly, but also they vacillate between identities quite frequently.)
PRONOUNS: they/them/their

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2743
AGE: 24 as of 2767
OCCUPATION: Weyrling, Apprentice Woodcrafter
WING: Weyrling

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Nearly black, but not quite
HEIGHT AND BUILD: Lanky/Tall, 6'2"
PLAY-BY: Shawn Dou
FULL APPEARANCE: Jas's gender is not immediately evident. They are relatively androgynous, and enjoy appearing as such. Occasionally, they will dress in clothing that is clearly meant for a man or a woman, but more often, they prefer to look a little ambiguous. That said, Jas's face, while narrow and delicate in features, is much more masculine. They wear their dark brown hair long, often trying out interesting and different styles with it. They love being fashionable, but their style is surprisingly practical. Aesthetic has its place, of course, and is clearly valued by the well-planned colors and aesthetic designs they wear, but every outfit is practical, nonetheless. They are a tall individual, with a lanky, almost awkward-looking form. Too long for their own body, they look as awkward as their dragon. Confident in stride and posture, of course, and self-assured, sure, but they're more likely to be described as 'scrawny' or 'gangly' than 'slender' or 'dainty.'

PERSONALITY: Jas is determined to succeed and work hard, even if the follow through is hard for them. Sure, they put in a lot of effort, but they get distracted so easily. They tend to lose interest in tasks that once held their attention rather easily. In addition, they either hyperfocus on one task, or do many things at once. Because of this, they rarely finish their projects and are all over the place. They need proper supports and help channeling their energy and excitement. They seem tireless, with too much energy. They rely heavily on instinct and impulse, preferring to act rather than think things through. This often gets them into trouble. That said, they seem very friendly.

They are always looking for something new and exciting, often in the form of thrill-seeking or facing challenges. They are endlessly curious, and want to know just about everything about everything. As a result, they take up random hobbies, skills, and crafts, obsessively learning about and engaging in them, before suddenly abandoning them for something new. As a result, they know a lot of random facts, and are a wealth of cursory knowledge and skill. They're very passionate and excited, and certainly a chatterbox. They have a lot of things they are consistently passionate about, such as animals, but most of their passions are fleeting yet intense.

Although Jas seems cheerful and optimistic, they have surprisingly low self-confidence. Beyond their own capabilities and their belief they can do anything, they don't think they are a likable person. While they rarely have time to mope, since they're always moving and doing, they can be surprisingly contemplative and broody when they do slow down. That said, Jas is quite resilient, and can bounce back from any funks quickly, and often has an underlying belief that things will turn out okay. While occasionally contrary, stubborn, or even argumentative, they usually have people's best interests in mind, and hold strong to their personal moral code, which they believe they must enforce at all costs. They always want to make their loved ones happy, but may not always understand where they are coming from, in their haste.

-S'cas/Sjancas (Father)
-Adei (Mother)
-Desjincas/Desji (Sister; 22/2 turns younger)
BIRTHPLACE: Fort Weyr, born and raised
HISTORY: Jas was born to a rider pair at Fort Weyr in 2743. While they were raised in the creche, their parents maintained a strong relationship with them. Despite being riders and crafters, despite the war going on, despite how busy S'cas and Adei were, they always made a sliver of time for Jas. They were lucky in this regard, but always wished they had more time with their parents.

Their little sister, Desjincas, was born in 2741, when they were 2 turns old. The two were very close from a young age. Desji was a ray of sunshine, anxious, but mature for her age, and often tried to keep Jas out of trouble. Jas was, in fact, a bit of a problem child. They got into a lot of trouble and couldn't sit still in lessons. Sometimes they'd be very engaged, only to abandon things midlesson. The only long-term lessons they maintained interest in was their craft. They occasionally got into fights with other children, mostly for the fun of it, and liked getting into things that they really shouldn't get into. They always enjoyed wearing clothing traditionally associated with both binary genders, and presented however they felt. They were relatively well accepted, and their parents and sister were more than happy to use the name Jas and pronouns they, when Jas reinvented themselves during their teenage turns.

Sometime after their 10th birthday, in 2753, they became an apprentice woodcrafter, after they'd impatiently harassed the master at the Weyr to let them start early on and off for a couple turns. They loved woodworking, even if they'd abandon projects before finishing them more often than not. Two turns later, the interval war ended, and they assumed their parents would be safe--not thinking about the delicate politics or upcoming threadfall, not for two turns. Shortly after thread started falling, their father's harness got hit by thread, resulting in minor injury and S'cas nearly falling from his dragon. Worried, Jas spent a few months trying to learn leatherworking, to protect others from this problem, despite having neither the aptitude nor interest for it, and despite no one letting them double up on apprenticeship.

At 15, they started standing, and managed to keep up with their craft. At 17, they were given a fire lizard egg for their birthday. At 18, war began between High Reaches and Fort, and Jas insisted on learning to fight to protect others. Once again, though, no one would let them be a candidate, crafter, and a guard. They found an old, retired guard/dragonrider to teach them, one who they still have a mentorship relationship with. They'd come back with bumps and bruises, and people thought it was extremely odd, but they insisted on that for about a turn. Their fighting style, straightforward and relying on brute strength, did not work well with their more quick, evasive build. Around this time, Desji became a candidate.

After forgetting about their unofficial guard training within a turn, things ended up settling down. When Semaca Weyr was established, Jas wanted to go there more than anything. Although they tried to convince Desji to go with them, they knew they had to stay and protect their sister. Desji was too attached to Fort, but Jas hasn't given up. As they hit 24, they were getting close to losing their ability to stand at Fort--which they knew they could use to convince Desji to go to Semaca. Despite their distrust of the Benden Bronzes, Nornth's flight, which should have been happy, was tragic; they still wanted to touch the eggs, and were disappointed when that wasn't allowed, but had thought little of it. When the eggs hatched, they struggled to Impress, taking too long. A lovely green hatched, but she seemed more curious than afraid--before walking up to Jas and Impressing.

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NAME: Plemeth
BIRTHDATE Winter 2767 [Paladins]
AGE: <1 as of 2767


LENGTH: 25 ft
HEIGHT: 6 ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #00c147
FULL APPEARANCE: A small green. That's the short of it, a small green. Plemeth is small and compact, and speedy to compensate. Unfortunately she isn't always coordinated enough to really show it off. She's all awkward angles and won't really grow into them. She is a pale green with her only real color being bright, almost neon-green over her wingsails and on markings. She has bold stripes and bars of a desaturated green over her face, neck, body, and tail. There are great bars on the edges of her wingsails, lined with neon greens.

Endlessly curious describes Plemeth to a fault. She has a need to know how everything works, and she is incredibly smart. She picks up on concepts quickly, even if she isn't always ready to do things and needs practice, she understands them. She is very resourceful, and she balances out a lot of her siblings without any issue. Plemeth is as much of a dork as her siblings can be, even if she likes to pretend she is refined and above it all.

To her rider, Plemeth is somewhere between a friend and a little sister. She is very devoted and likes to get into everything. And she has to make sure she knows what they're doing, and she might need to just take it upon herself to explain things in the most complicated way possible. She means well, and sometimes she worries that she isn't good enough. Everyone else seems to have their lives sorted out, but she doesn't and it weighs on her.

Light and full of youth, Plemeth sounds fairly androgynous and chipper.

The Touch of the Void Clutch
Nornth's first clutch

Egg: Hidden Seed
Class: Paladins
Inspiration: Pidge
Info: Be careful. My world is dangerous.
A small, pale brown egg.
Dam: Gold Nornth
Sire: Steel Anderoth
Number: Hatched and Impressed 5 out of 15.
Details: The hatching was slow and wrong, with each dragon confused, afraid, and/or drained, from the lack of a touching. Plemeth observed the candidates, but didn't take long to pick Jas.
Location: Fort Weyr

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NAME: Avry
BIRTHDATE Summer 2760
AGE: 7 as of 2767

COLOR: Green
FULL APPEARANCE: A deep emerald in color, Avry is a handsome fire lizard, to be sure. Lighter greens dance over her hide, especially the undersails of her wings. She is delicate, petite, and compact, with a regal grace and elegance that one would expect from such a fire lizard. While she looks--and is--a bit fragile, she is exceptionally quick and agile. She is also quite flexible, able to squeeze her way through obstacles with ease, which often results in her getting places she shouldn't.

PERSONALITY: Avry is exceptionally flighty and forgetful. While she has long-term memory, she focuses on the wrong things, and entirely forgets about what others deem important. She is easily distracted and cannot remember anything, it seems, and is rather poor at delivering messages or completing tasks for her handler. Not that she doesn't care! She idealizes Jas, and wants to do well by her, she's just too...spontaneous, easily bored, unpredictable...whatever you want to call it. She's irresponsible, not from a lack of desire to do so, but because she just simply...isn't responsible. Oh well, no harm done! She's easygoing enough not to mind, after all. Despite this, she is sweet and kind, and wants to please others.
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