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Flying Unicorns

A place to put drabbles, one-shots, theme challenges, letters to other characters, and other assorted in-character bits.
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Flying Unicorns

[devoted Banagher/Mineva notes/letters thread for Fem and me, to avoid clogging up the Sent/Received thread]

Haro Two cheeps adorably at Mineva for treats as she sets down the latest note.

It'll be fall soon - the first fall we've been apart since we met. It won't be the same without you. I miss you. Come back soon.

Unicoth says hi, of course. She says she thinks you'll Impress this time. She wants to meet your dragon.

Even if you don't Impress, come back. There will be plenty of clutches at Fort.

Gotta go - I told you about the Threadfall debacle with our wing. It's still not quite sorted.

Midnight Wingrider Erian of Bronze Hammerloth + Garnet Timori
Midnight Wingrider Jeremiah of Brown Cogeath + Garnet Villetta
Midnight Wingrider Noa of Brown Argamath
Eclipse Wingsecond Kurue of Garnet Artesiath + Garnet Damaya
Eclipse Wingrider Rey of Blue Nuth + Brown Beebee
Aurora Wingrider Four of Green Marnith
Daylight Wingrider Leena of Green Verinth + White Nissa
Daylight Wingrider Tikra of Green Everieth
Aurora Wingrider Valkyrie of Green Ielleth
Daylight Wingrider Banagher of White Unicoth + Green Haro Two
Dragonless Gino + Gold Tristan
Moonshot Wingrider Amuro of Brown Casvath + Green Haro
Firestorm Wingrider Ryoma of Brown Zamth + Garnet Kagero
Moonshot Wingrider Suzaku of Brown Rath + Bronze Albion
Firestorm Wingrider Talien of Charoite Arellath
Starfall Wingleader Chekov of Blue Altieth + Bronze Wictor
Trouble Weyrling Honerva of Blue Aersth
Starfall Wingrider Anaiya of Green Adasheth + Feline Hobbes
Starfall Wingrider Y'guys of Green Atropoth
Firestorm Wingrider A'ric of White Impath + Gold Adria
Sunburst Wherhandler Emaran of Brown Almarask and Brown Emarsk + Green Numa
Windsong Wherhandler Moriko of Green Morsk and White Morisk
Chopin Squadrider Liyanel of Gold Nebulaeth + Blue Fisher + White Tater
Chopin Squadrider Saji of Bronze Veototh
Nocturne Wingrider T'challa of Bronze Lockoth
Weyrleader Cornelia of Garnet Guiloth + Bronze Strudel
Mazurka Squadrider Shallan of Blue Ophoth + White Pattern
Healer's Wingrider Barriss of Green Moorith
Weyrhealer Chalay of Green Oshuth + Bronze Imagundi
Healer's Wingrider Elend of Green Antoth
Weyr Guard Mara of Gold Marsk and Green Marask + Bronze Talon
Weyr Guard Chirrut of Quartz Chirrusk and White Chirsk
Guard Lieutenant Ahsoka of Garnet Ahsosk and White Ahsk + Blue Rex
Weyr Guard Anakin of Blue Anask and Brown Anakisk + Brown Hondo
Wherleader Fartoo of Blue Fartosk and Brown Fartsk + White Detoo + Brass Threepio
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Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:22 pm

Kishi huffs as she offers Banagher a letter, penned in Mineva's elegant hand, having accompanied a generously treat laden Haro Two back to Fort. She nips him for a treat.

My dearest Banagher,

My fondest to both you and Unicoth. I sincerely hope she is correct, being left standing is becoming wearisome, but I will persevere. There is much still to do at High Reaches; there is a Gold egg, you know, generously donated. I haven't such high aspirations, but I am both eager and concerned as to how this will change things at Reaches. I only hope that it will be for the better and not the worse.

I miss you terribly, but it is not time for me to return, not yet. Until then, I hope that you will think of me fondly and that we may be able to visit soon. Be careful during you Threadfall, you and Unicoth both, and I hope to see you soon.

With all my heart,
Fort Weyr
Uryuu of Bronze Frydrykth
Cress of Brown Lumiouth
Shigure of Blue Cyaleth | Tide
Akira of Green Auruth
Trowa of Green Yasogamith
Weyrling Keith of Blue Shinadoth
Candidate Gaelio | Kimaris
High Reaches Weyr
Cesare of Brown Fuuth
Y'su of Blue Brenlosath
V'dar of Green Liralith
Weyrling Izuku of Bronze Xistanorth
Candidate Mineva | Kshatriya
Semaca Weyr
Niriru of Bronze Ziodyneth
Minato of Blue Charoth
Crowe of White Eclith | Lunafreya
Soran of White Qanth | Exia
Karaze of Blue Karask
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