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Agenothree's Atrocities

A place to put drabbles, one-shots, theme challenges, letters to other characters, and other assorted in-character bits.
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The "Lady" and The Grackle
Eloise found herself venturing from the sanctuary of her quarters during her free-time, drawn out by the allure of a trader stopping in the Weyr to sell their wares. For this was the first occurrence of a trader in the Weyr for her, Eloise decided she ought to see if any goods appealed to her. She was in need of sturdier garb to wear around the Weyr as she went about her duties. The garments she'd brought from home, excluding her best Gather wear, wouldn't last the rigors of life in the Weyr for much longer.

Eloise ran her fingers along this pair of pants and that good skirt, mentally tallying what marks she'd allotted to her spending budget. What could she buy? What did she need? What would be truly useful, and what would be mere trivial indulgences? A loud squawk caught her attention, drawing her gaze to a large iridescent bird in a cage, sitting on a stand all of its own. The bird ruffled its feathers and squawked again, bobbing its head up and down. Giving a soft snort of amusement, the Candidate wandered over.

The bird eyed her, then cawed at her while bobbing its head up and down in some odd little dance. Eloise couldn't help but chuckle, continuing to observe the creature, intrigued. She'd never seen a bird of its kind before, yet another thing the life of a Holder didn't give her...and yet another facet of life to explore. Eloise gently greeted the animal, a gentle tone to her voice. "Hello there." The bird mimicked the drawl of the "O" in the word "hello", burbling the sound deep in his throat.

Eloise laughed at the bird's antics. She was thoroughly charmed, and unashamed to admit it. Many a Holder would likely be horrified to see her, a refined young lady of good Holder breeding, with a plain looking bird such as this creature on her arm. Well, she wasn't known for breaking the norm for nothing. "How much for this delightful creature?" the Candidate asked the vendor. She'd have this bird for a companion, for she found him to be quite a lovely animal, and well-trained, if his humorous antics and friendliness were anything to go by.

In the end, Eloise walked away with the bird, his cage, and everything he could ever need and want...and without a mark to spare. Those clothes from home could get worn out for all she cared. They were just clothes, and she'd already set aside her favorites to be worn sparingly. Clothes were replaceable, material goods. This Candidate had what she wanted here in her hands.
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