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Hatchling walkthrough

Information on colors, growth, and other topics regarding dragons and whers can be found here!
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Hatchling walkthrough

So, you're new and you've just come in for a hatching, and even better, you've impressed! Great! Here's what you do:

STEP 1: Make sure you have everything

You'll get something that looks like this below:

[Dragon Image]
Name: Dragon name
Color: Their color
Hex Code: Their special hex code!
Final size -
Length: from nose tip to tail
Height: from tip to shoulder
Wingspan: from wingtip to wingtip

There will be a medium to large-sized paragraph here explaining your dragon's physical appearance - their colors, markings, how they walk, if they're runty, etc etc.

There will be two paragraphs here about what your dragon acts like. The first is general, the second paragraph is how they act around their human, and sometimes around their siblings too.

Voice: There will be a few sentences here as to what your dragon speaks like and how they sound.

Why me? This is all for you! This part tells you why the dragon picked your candidate. It isn't required to add to your candidate's profile, but you can add it if you want.

STEP 2: Get the Creature App and add it to your Candidate Bio

You can find the code Here. It's the second post, just copy the code and paste it to your candidate. Most people edit the Candidate Questionnaire post and replace it with their dragon.

STEP 3: Add in the dragon's information in the correct spots

Put your dragonet's name here
[img*]Remove the asterisks and add your dragon's picture, either by just using Right Click > Open in new tab or saving the picture to your own photobucket or imgur. Tinypic is not recommended[/*img]


NAME: Put their name here
AGE: Their age on hatching is Newborn, and will be updated on the sidebar
BIRTH SEASON AND TURN: Season and Turn are on the sidebar

LENGTH: Put their length here
HEIGHT: Put their height here
WINGSPAN: Put their wingspan here
COLOR: Add their color here: Gold, Bronze, Blue, Etc etc
HEX CODE: Hex code goes here, either copied or using [COLOR*=Hex code number]Hex code number[/COLOR]
Copy and paste the full appearance here!

Copy and paste the personality and voice here!

STEP 4: Tell Woky you're done

Once you're done, let Woky know, and your candidate will officially be listed as a weyrling!
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