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The Weyrs Divided

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Note that we DO NOT allow any R-rated, mature, or 18+ sites to advertise with us, and such ads will be deleted.
Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:02 pm

The Weyrs Divided

Under new Management
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Betrayal! Murder! Istan's senior Weyrwoman, Eleni of Taishoth, was drugged while she guarded the Sands in her dragon's stead, and dragons from another Weyr - green and blue - kidnapped seven eggs, including the precious gold egg, likely to be Taishoth's last golden daughter. The tragedy overshadowed the spread of blue dragons Impressing to female riders, with several more instances in the reduced hatching.

Hardly two weeks later, the senior Weyrwoman of Telgar Weyr, Delsine of gold Fiazath, was also poisoned - only this time, it resulted in the death of her and her gold. Her death left the unpopular Weyrleader, P'az of bronze Branith, as the sole leader of the Weyr. Along with his five handpicked advisors - a group that, together with the Weyrleader, call themselves the Council of Six - P'az has sought to investigate the poisoning, rooting out a branded murderer among the weyrlings.

The cracks are Deepening. What will you make of them?

What we offer:
  • We are under new management:
    • General Mods: Blot and Karrikut
    • Telgar Mod: SomnolentAilurus
    • Ista Mod: Lan
  • Multiple areas of activity - Ista and Telgar Weyr.
  • Detailed lore and world-building that attempts to incorporate players' input and actions.
  • Non-sexuality based Impressions
  • Mutated dragons, white dragons, and non-canon colors to be established on-screen
  • Plots that rely heavily on player input and play
Upcoming Events:
  • Investigations into the eggnapping and murders
  • A maiden gold flight beginning July 11th (signups here)
  • The hatching of the first whites and more mutation dragons on September 5th (hatchlings will not have mutations that significantly decrease quality of life or shorten lifespans, unless requested by the player)
  • Advertisement drive with a custom fire-lizard for new members
Home - Rules - Plot
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