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In Every Sky

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In Every Sky

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Pern has been at rest for a little over 200 years. The world has always followed cycles of expansion and contraction but since the end of the Tenth Pass, it has taken advantage of the break from Threadfall to expand wildly. New factions have risen and new settlements built, the population sprawling into areas far beyond Southern Weyr, including the eastern and western isles. Ista weathered the Interval much as it always has, keeping to its island, where its leaders have been content to meddle more discreetly on the world stage while others vie for influence on the mainland.

Now, however, trouble is brewing closer to home

There are signs that Thread is coming back. Tensions are rising between the ambitious leader of Red Sands Hold, perched on the cliffs to the North of the Island, and the venerable Ista Hold to the South. With the recent discovery of a vein of valued ore in Red Sands territories, eyes are turning their way.

At Ista, the Senior Weyrleader of thirty Turns, has recently retired. Their rationale was that they wanted to give the weyr time to adjust to the new leadership before the arrival of the Pass, and their successor time to settle into the new role. From a political standpoint timing could hardly be worse. It's getting increasingly difficult to navigate the Thread-tangled skies of Pernese politics and although the Weyr is trying to keep focused on preparing for the Pass, it's only a matter of time until they get caught up.

How will they navigate the oncoming storm?

A clutch of 14 on the Sands
AU Pern with multiple playable species
Worldbuilding opportunities
No gender or sexuality based Impressions
Flexible dragon caste system
No post or activity requirements
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