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Heard & Witnessed

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Heard & Witnessed

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Towards the end of the 9th Pass, AIVAS was resurfaced on the southern continent of Pern, lifting with it old plans to forever eradicate the pest known as Thread that fell as the Red Star passed by their home planet. The Red Star, a parasitic planet itself, was moved out of its orbit to stop the passes and eliminate the threat of their mortal enemy. The 10th Interval started, and for 200 long turns, the pernese held their breaths until the next Pass was to start.

Once the turn 2758 came…

… And nothing happened.

It seemed that AIVAS’ predictions had come true. Thread was to no longer plague the planet as all who had feared. There were those who refused to believe it, and as the turns went on, those with the fearful beliefs were held as nothing more than fear-mongers. Peace was settling in. Disputes broke out and resolved between Weyr and Hold as everyone found a new place to settle with the sudden lack of duty dragonriders held. Golds clutched less, the Weyrs slowly thinned out as dragons took to their own paths outside the protection of their walls.

But it was sometime around the middle of what would have been the 11th Pass when the people of Pern started to witness the strange happenings around them. The tides began to retract further from the Southern coastlines, while the tides began to creep up on the Northern continent. Where there were dry crops now have shifted to large rice fields, else the people risk starvation. Dragon sports began to crop up in clutches in different Weyrs, and soon began to pop up in clutches everywhere -- with wild colors in whers and firelizards following shortly behind. In the depths of the oceans, something stirs and churns the waters. Dark shapes seem to slip below the surface, especially around boats in danger upon the waters.

Now, in 3507, as the world begins to leave what would be the 11th Interval and what would have been the 12th pass, the state of Pern is creeping into utter chaos.

  • Fort Weyr has but one young, inexperienced gold left who has yet to rise, with an old, bitter bronze to take the mantle and refuse any help offered to them. Rising tides have reached the edge of the old Weyr in need of repair.
  • Igen Weyr is creeping into the hot season amidst a desert. Resources are badly needed, but barters flow freely in any attempts to comfort the people.
  • Telgar Weyr stands at the top of the world, with the frozen wastes still trying to chase them out as the summer creeps in. Their limited growing season has just begun as the ice and snow melts, and a heavily-gravid Gold Khamaith has graced Telgar Weyr with a healthy clutch! (17 PC Eggs)


Heard & Witnessed is a Dragonriders of Pern AU, set after AIVAS’ launch of the red star. The long stretch of peace has turned the world upside down -- almost literally. With the planet on the verge of tearing itself apart, both figuratively and literally, only time will tell if there’s still time to save it.

What we offer:

-No Gender/Sexuality-based Impressions
-LGBTQA+ Friendly
-Multiple non-canon colors and mutation friendly.
-Multiple PC Weyrs for a wide arrangement of playstyle and plots.
-Multi-layered plot with opportunity everywhere
-Candidate swap!
-Something out on the ocean horizon…?
-Ranked positions open! Queen contests on the horizon.
-Clutch on the sands at Telgar Weyr with a confirmed queen! 17 PC eggs! Touching is due to start June 28th, with the hatching to start July 12th. Candidates are eligible until July 11th.

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