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Solaria Weyr - Canon Pern, 12 years old!

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Solaria Guest
Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:10 am

Solaria Weyr - Canon Pern, 12 years old!

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It is the middle of the 8th Pass on Pern. Relationships between the North and South are healing, but still rocky. How exactly did Solaria's Weyrwoman Reva suddenly convince the Northern Weyrs to come to a trade agreement?

Ketrin Hold's Lord Renaire will soon be married, though rumours are flying about his wife-to-be. Does Lady Sabrinn have a dragonrider lover? Does she have ulterior motives for being at Ketrin?

Come join Solaria Weyr! Enjoy a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, rich game history and our character driven plot lines. Don’t be a stranger! Stop on by and say ‘hi’ in our cbox. All of our members are friendly, love to answer questions, and suggest characters available for adoption.

With gold Femaith soon to clutch, we will also be looking for candidates! If you're interested in Impressing a dragon written specifically for your character by a fantastic Search Committee, now's a great time to join us!
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