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[Event] Snowfall

The tallest peaks of the Weyr. There are frequent watch shifts, day and night. Many are on guard for when Thread falls again. The older Weyrlings occasionally like to race from peak to peak.
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[Event] Snowfall

It's snowing, it's definitely winter. Wet, soggy winter.
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Standing on Kakarith's shoulders, Asherah gazed down at the Weyr in quiet contemplation as the first snow of the season wafted down around them both. It was Kakarith to notice the flakes first, and the pair of them had gone ot the highest point in the Weyr to watch it fall. This would be their first winter in their new home, and while Fort wasn't anywhere near Ista. It was already warmer here, even if it was snowing.

"Do you think it'll stick?" he queried to no one in particular, though his bonded huffed out a warm breath of steam into the air. Leaning over, he rested his chest against the dragon's warm neck beside his ridges, head coming to rest between his headknobs as the dragon stretched out his neck toward the ground and let his leaning rider slide up a bit. Had he been stretched out over the Bowl, it would have been risky--but there was no danger of falling far here. His hands lifted to rest beneath his chin, creating a buffer between his head and Kakarith's. "Winter bids so poorly for us all but the snow will never cease to be beautiful."
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Genji positively despised this. Winter was one thing, but when it decided to start off soggy like this.... the least the weather could do was stay cold enough that the snow didn't melt! But as of now, the daytime sun turned everything to slush. He was already two scarves deep, covered up to his ears, but he still wasn't warm enough to warrant going anywhere outside for an extended period of time. Inside was dry and decidedly not as miserable.

"Miserable indeed." he mumbled to himself through the scarf he wrapped high over his nose. Less miserable, maybe, but definitely not pleasant.
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A blue blur would zip and zoom his way through the cold air, fluttering and kicking up a lot of cold slush and snow. What the- Hanzo! You said no one would be here in this weather! Velocith pouted, letting his rider up and off.

"I did not say that. I simply said that it was unlikely that there would be people here." A pause. "...Least of all you, Genji. What are you doing up here...?"

Hmph! Well, who are you guys then? The blue would ask the bronze and his rider. I don't recall ever actually talking to either of you, and I'd remember that, I have a very good memory! A lie. So who are you two then, huh? I want names!
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Having one companion on the fireheights hadn't been much of a bother, even if he hadn't really been expecting to see anyone up here. He did feel a little pity for him, he looked even more miserable than some of the people who had gotten to experience their first winter at High Reaches. Poor man. He startled when something blue dashed through his vision, squeezing Kakarith's neck in his alarm. The dragon himself merely rumbled, slowly lifting his head back up and letting his rider slip back down onto his--well, back.

Alarm apparent on his face as the blue suddenly began his speech, it was Kakarith who gently began to speak to the new arrival before Asherah could properly speak out. Tucking his forepaws up against his chest, almost taking on a feline "loaf" look to keep warm, the bronze politely dipped his head. My name is Kakarith, and this is my dear Asherah. We arrived here recently from High Reaches.
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Genji had to sidestep the slush Velocith kicked up, giving a displeased grumble. Why was he here? He could be inside, in his bed, warm. But instead he was out here...

"I thought it would be less... wet. I wanted to watch the first snow." He hunched his shoulders, more of his face disappearing into his scarf. "I do not think I own enough warm clothing to warrant it, though. I am rather miserable."
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