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[RUMOR] Topsy-Turvy

The tallest peaks of the Weyr. There are frequent watch shifts, day and night. Many are on guard for when Thread falls again. The older Weyrlings occasionally like to race from peak to peak.
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Wed Apr 22, 2020 9:08 pm

Elyron not hit, yes? Fyrrowen uninjured? Elyron close enough to punch. So who believe Elyron fight? Elyrosk asked. It was a gamble, that the goldhandler wouldn't back Fyrrowen up, but what was life without a bit of risk? Still waiting for apology.

"Just leave it, Elyrosk," Elyron growled. Fyrrowen's words would just be more lies, cheap and meaningless. He didn't need an apology. He needed this weyr made right.

"Thank you, goldhandler," Elyron said to Ryoko. This conversation was proof of why greenhandlers should not rule. They were impulsive and pugilistic.

Why even a WOMAN goldhandler was better equipped for reasoned debate over politics than a greenhandler.
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Fyrrowen shrugged, scowling towards the goldhandler. "I'm done. I wanted to punch his smug face. I punched his smug face. That's all."

Fyrrowen have right idea. Consequence to Elyron stupid. Not fight. One punch, that all. Still...he should have done it where no one was able to see. And also, maybe, just a tad harder. Was Elyron's nose broken? Rowesk hoped his nose was broken...

She considered the consequences to punching Elyron, but decided they were not enough to worry her. Did best thing. Forsk Elyron. Don't apologize. Her thought to her handler was met with a grin, as he looked over to her.

Wouldn't dream of it.

"See, Elyrosk? He doesn't want my apology anyways. Not that I'd give him one. He deserved it." Fyrrowen crossed his arms, shrugging. He even offered the pair a cocky grin, the look of a man who just did not have the wisdom to care, who almost hoped that Elyron would swing another punch.

He was satisfied, but he'd hardly deny a fistfight...
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