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Wheeee! [Dreamer]

The tallest peaks of the Weyr. There are frequent watch shifts, day and night. Many are on guard for when Thread falls again. The older Weyrlings occasionally like to race from peak to peak.
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Wheeee! [Dreamer]

N'phi, perched atop her dragon's back, flew across the peaks. "Soloveth, do you often think about the fact you were simply one season short of being able to mentor Serapheth's most recent clutch?" She lightly chuckled to herself. "Then again, I suppose you are used to being short." The dragon guffawed - he did not mind his rider's japes. In fact, he found it endearing. You chuckle now, mine, however... He didn't finish. "...However?" The dragon shook his head. "Ah, 'tis nothing."

In reality, Soloveth was looking down at the bottom of the peaks, where a softly-coloured blue was sitting - not just any blue, a lady blue. N'phi, there is a very lovely blue down there. I shall attempt to impress her. Oh no. He's going to do something stupid, thought the rider. Watch this. Soloveth perched himself on top of one of the peaks, and with a bouncing leap, he soared from peak to peak - speed that normally would not be possible for a brown, yet he took great advantage of his small size, and zoomed from one peak to another in smooth motions.

As he made his way down, he landed right in front of the Blue and her rider. Well, hello there.
"Soloveth, that's Kreta and Eseath, they're in our wing. You already know them, you silly sod." After musing to her dragon, N'phi looked at the other pair, with a smile and a gentle wave. "Greetings!"
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