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Darling baby brother [Fem]

The tallest peaks of the Weyr. There are frequent watch shifts, day and night. Many are on guard for when Thread falls again. The older Weyrlings occasionally like to race from peak to peak.
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Darling baby brother [Fem]

Meet Sy'rei and I at the fireheights. She wishes to see her darling baby brother... Asrakaerth reached out to Li'dyn, her voice a purr. She lay on the fireheights, sunning, as her rider leaned against her.

Z'osh had demoted them. The arrogance, the frustration. A weyr under Z'osh was not one that would ever favor Sy'rei. She was openly on Tuckal's side...and not just because the other woman was so lovely and powerful. More importantly, she could not go anywhere if Z'osh ruled the weyr. Hopefully Serapheth would find a way to banish the awful bronzerider.

She didn't betray any of these thoughts, not even when her "brother" arrived, joining her. "Ah, Li'dyn!" she said, rushing towards him to wrap him into a hug, as soon as he dismounted.
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Hmm, wonder what she wants, Vairrianth mused as she ferried Li'dyn up to the fireheights. Must be important if she wants to meet up here.

It's probably not important at all. She just likes to mess with me, Li'dyn replied grumpily. It was a short trip to the fireheights, so he didn't have long to ponder the meaning of the summons. He waited a moment for Vairrianth to touch down properly before dismounting and being promptly enveloped in a hug.

"Hey," He replied, frowning when his Green immediately abandoned him to go lay in the sun.
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