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Guard duty with the angry chihuahua [Atlas]

The tallest peaks of the Weyr. There are frequent watch shifts, day and night. Many are on guard for when Thread falls again. The older Weyrlings occasionally like to race from peak to peak.
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Guard duty with the angry chihuahua [Atlas]

It was time for Peiko's turn on the fireheights. Of the rider duties, this was her least favorite. It was boring, and she often had company. And that company? Often annoying as forsk. As Tuncath landed, letting Peiko slip off of his neck, his rider surveyed the area. Someone was here, already. Guard duty with Negan? He wasn't exactly the most pleasant person, someone that Peiko didn't enjoy being around. Not that she had to be around him often. She only even knew his name from his reputation, after all.

She scowled at him, before giving him a small, reluctant nod of acknowledgement. "So I guess you're on the fireheights with me today, old man?" she asked, her crotchety nature showing in her voice.

Greetings, Tuncath said, but offered no more. No apology for his rider, no further pleasantries. A simple nod to the pair, and nothing more. Peiko recognized that saying hello was probably the polite thing to do, as her dragon had done. She did not give a forsk.
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Negan wasn't partial to guard duty. It was boring as all forsk, and he knew it. He'd just have to get through it and deal with whoever was there with him. It'd be fine if one of two things happened, either a) he was stuck there with a friend, or b) both he and the other guy both kept their mouths shut and ignored each other.

When his fellow guard arrived, however, he knew that neither of those things were going to happen. He didn't know the kid who'd shown up, and she'd already called him old. Great start. Great start. "I was here first, so you're stuck here with me, kid. Just don't tick me off and we should be good for however long we're here for." He stood with his arms crossed, leaning back against Wireth. He was just waiting for something to go wrong at this point.

Hey, Wireth said back to the other dragon. He wasn't looking for a fight- er, wasn't looking for a fight right now. He just wanted to do his damn job and get this boring block of time over with.
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