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[Touching] The Death Of Sleep

A large, hot, sandy cavern that opens to the sky. There are stone seats and large ledges for humans and dragons to come watch the events.
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Candidate Glory-Tarquin
The footsteps make her pause, tilt her head up to listen to them. Two people upstairs... where are the- ah, there they are. She glanced back at the picture, then to Tarquin.

"Maybe whoever that is can tell us." She inclines her head to the stairs, approaching them. So far the scariest thing in this place had been pictures. She doesn't quite think those bug people are what are upstairs, but.... She sure hopes she's right about that. "Coming?"

Candidate Genji
"Are you... not alive, currently?" And how would one go from what he assumed to be human to.... this? Though this thing was completely unnatural in every way, it sure seemed... alive to Genji. Speaking, moving, he couldn't tell if it was breathing exactly... Whatever fate this was, they way the creature spoke... he had every suspicion it was worse than death.

The names it spoke didn't sound familiar, but spoke of immeasurable grief. For them? Well, the atrocities they were seeing... he was just surprised this creature felt such pain for them, two strangers lost in an unfamiliar place.

Candidate Cricket-Lazu
"Aha, way ahead of you!" She scrambled up the ladder, but not without looking behind her to make sure Lazu got up it as well. She was shaking by the time she reached the top, adrenaline wearing off now that there were hopefully safe from... whatever was making that horrible, bone chilling howl.

They were dogs. Shards, Cricket hoped they were dogs.

"Wh- no, we told you we aren't!" She backpedaled a little, but the man was decidedly much less threatening than... what she assumed were the beasts. The dogs, whatever they were... "Are those the beasts? And do they have dogs with them? If this place is supposed to be left to those things, why are you still here? Isn't it dangerous?"
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Flynn - Hunter's Dream

He was admittedly surprised to see a place like this in his dreams. Normally.. it was something else. As the woman approached him and curtsied, he bowed respectfully, "Oh no, it is quite alright." He looked at her as she spoke before blinking a bit.

What in the world was a clock tower?

He followed her silently, looking around. The environment felt so strange.. perhaps because he was in a dream.

"I hope you do not mind me asking, but what is a clock tower? I've never heard of one before and I do not wish to get lost." He smiled gently to the woman.
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Xinia - the two trios, Odeon Chapel

“Uh.. Okay. I’m Xinia, and since we three have now shared our names, may we ask you your names?”

Xinia reluctantly, but boldly added; momentarily startled by the old roughened female voice belonging to the beak-faced feathered one - the candidate was surprised because she had started to think that perhaps they were mute or something - as the group entered the nearest of the strange buildings.

So they were safe here, huh..

Safe? From what?

Poor Xinia was almost itching to get answers, though she had briefly consoled herself with the thought that she finally had an answer, at least, to the question of what a ‘chapel’ was - this beautiful, yet oddly soulless and candlelit place that they stood in now, must’ve been what the pale lady had named The Odeon Chapel, or so she assumed - even though they still had so many questions unanswered.

Outside of the Dream, her unconscious self twitched momentarily in the cot, and then Moonshine quietly popped out of between - seemingly on cue - only to reassuringly sneak in like a feline into the unoccupied space by her chest. The candidate automatically curled around the gold flit, and seemed to relax a little more in slumber the same moment her dream self entered the chapel; though it could be argued that a rather perplexed expression was still visible for a while on the young woman’s delicate face.

(Unfortunately the gold flit could not follow, this time, into the place where the mind and spirit of her owner had gone inside the realm of dreams, but at least she could guard/keep her mistress’ physical body company for the rest of the night.)

Back inside the Dream, distracted by her bizarrely elaborate and ornate surroundings, the strawberry blonde’s wandering attention was quickly returned to the conversation when the feathered one replied to Khulan’s question; that old and weathered tired female voice naming cities, towns, and places that she was sure she had never in her entire life ever heard of. It all meant nothing to her, nor, she was sure, did it mean anything to her two Dream companions. Xinia briefly glanced at Deviya and Khulan for an instant, their faces seeming to confirm her suspicions.

This place was definitely not anywhere on Pern, that was for sure!

...This has to be more than just a Dream, isn’t it?

At the brown leathered one’s comment that her trio might be from another dream, Xinia replied slowly, the perplexed look on her freckled face unknowingly mirroring the physical one for a moment, “I... I think you may actually be right, at that.”

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Lorum - Gehrman
A strange little house. Wouldn't it be vulnerable to threadfall? He reached into his pocket, eager to scribble down what he'd seen, maybe draw a quick image of the strange little building--but as it turns out, his book was not with him, in this dream. Figured.

As they entered, however, he forgot his own writings--books! His eyes lit up, and he almost didn't notice the man at first. At the man's gesture, however, he peeled his eyes away from the books, the strange tools, the odd items, to look at the man. In a peculiar chair, the man was smiling. He did not seem fond of the woman, which was strange. He looked pleasant, but maybe one of them, if not both of them, were up to something. Probably both of them.

"Are you Gehrman?" he responded, though he could assume the answer. "What is this place? Why did you want to see me? And...what are all these books?" He couldn't help it--his curiosity was piqued by both the man, and by his books. What strange tales would they weave, in this strange dream world? Still, Lorum approached, a bit cautious, but too fascinated to be too on guard.

((May edit with Nyrida, if Woky is about to post.))
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Candidate Gaelio- tag Nyrida

Byergenwerth? Rom? What, or where, were they? He'd never heard these names before, neither waking or in dream. Not for the first time he wished Ein was with him, having to stop his fingers from searching for the younger man's hand, but Ein wasn't here in this dream (or was he?) so he would have to forge on alone. Well, not entirely alone.

"It's nice to meet you, Nyrida. I am Gaelio," He said, the tension in his voice lessening as he spoke with his fellow candidate. He'd seen her around, briefly, but had yet to make her acquaintance as she was a transfer. No time like the present. "I wish we could have met under less... spooky circumstances, but I think we should heed the lady's direction," He added as he started toward the headstone, pausing a moment to make sure Nyrida was following. It would be rude of him to leave her.
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Nyrida - Gaelio
Nyrida's reply was simple, as she followed after Gaelio. "Indeed." Gaelio seemed to relax a little, and although Nyrida wasn't sure if it was the company or the adjustment from the initial shock, she figured she would keep up the conversation.

...If she could just figure out how to do that, of course.

Before she could think of what to say, they found themselves on a platform. The was there, just as the woman had said. Were they to enter the sea? She'd said so, seemed a poor idea to trust strange women in dreams.

She spotted a man nearby. He didn't seem to see them, and from the way his eyes looked, she guessed he might be blind. No focusing on them, no noticing them. She gave Gaelio a silent gesture, before slowly approaching the man. Her steps were slow and quiet, but she did not mask them. "Hello," she said, finally, awkwardly. Were they meant to go to the sea? It would be wise to stop by the man, perhaps, before taking a leap of faith...
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Ysayle eyed Tuckal and Serapheth with doubt. She'd been a candidate for eight Turns, had seen firsthand the chaos of Serapheth and Nornth's births and hatchings...but this was new. And seemed rather nonsensical. They'd already touched the eggs, after all. But if Serapheth thought it would help the hatchlings find their bondeds...and Ysayle had been waiting so long...

Ysayle took the cot that seemed the most isolated from the other candidates, wrapping herself tightly in a blanket and falling into a deep sleep almost immediately. She'd learned the art of falling and staying asleep as a young girl, before the horror had happened, and it hadn't deserted her.
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Kylan was certainly a bold one. Either growing up around dragons made one more willing to take risks, or they were simply a strange specimen themselves, but they seemed a bit weary of Pasca's hesitation. It made sense, though, so they would concede. They knew this was a dream, for there was no way their waking mind could fathom such things truly existing. There was no instant travel from one place to another without the skill of a dragon. Or wher. There was no snow that was not cold and no runnerbeasts that went from living to ages-dead in the blink of an eye.

Yes, this was a dream. They had no doubts, and even less that something may somehow harm them. Why they had not woken upon this realization, however, was not something they had yet considered. Usually they would do so immediately.

Hair on the back of their neck stood on end. Kylan froze in place, the crunching of bone causing a shiver to run up their spine. It was a familiar enough noise, but was never something they--or probably anyone--would like to hear. They turned, and actually wilted slightly at the massive figure looming over them. Although it doesn't sound angry with them, it's still absolutely massive.

In the end, all they could manage was a fairly dumbfounded (and also quite dumb) "...What?"
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Lazu - Cricket, this old guy

She had kept her eyes averted. She'd not looked the beasts in the eye. Lazu was scared, but she'd never show it to anyone. Not when it could mean the difference between life and death.

Once Cricket was up and away, she'd climb up after her. Lazu hauled herself up onto the top of the tower, panting and staring at this man..."Yeah! We're not hunting anything," She huffed. "Who're you, old man? You up here to hide from the beasts?"

Tarquin - Glory

"yeah we should ask what's going on here." He suggested, following after Glory. Honestly, this place was creepy but... he wasn't TOO bothered. Nothing had tried to hurt them thus far! It should be fine... right?"


Those were a lot of words she'd never heard used before. "I travelled a lot when I was younger. Never heard of any of the places you just mentioned..." She mused, squinting as she thought it over. "Another dream...? You can't expect us to think that the world we came from was just a dream...? We're all asleep now, this is a dream... right?"
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Fishing Hamlet- Alphinaud

You keep walking, on and on and on. The water splashes around your feet. The strange Fishmen do glance at you. Some appear to be kneeling before piles of bones in worship. Coral grows on the walls and strange lights are scattered around the path.

Ahead, there is a ladder that goes down and down and down. There are giant seashells on the ground below. Something that looks almost like a woman but grey and warped is visible peeking out from inside one.

Her eyes appear to be fixed on a tunnel. You cannot see where it goes. The beach, maybe?

Dhavir- Alfred at Odeon Chapel

Dhavir blinked in surprise. Alfred had never heard of Fort Weyr. How was that possible? Even the smallest of cotholds knew of Fort Weyr and its dragons that protected all of them.

"Fort Weyr is the place where I live," Dhavir explained, "It's home to dragons and their riders, but ordinary people live there too. Cooks and weavers and harpers and drudges. I need to return there but I'm not sure how."

Fort Weyr was strange and foreign and often overwhelming, but it was less...unsettling than this world. Dhavir had no doubt which of the two she preferred. Nothing terrible had happened to her here, but somewhere deep down, she still didn't like this strange land.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too," Dhavir said politely. Alfred seemed more human than the doll had, "I'm not sure why the Doll sent me here, only that she was very insistent I came. Why are you here? Where is here?"

Dhavir wasn't sure she really wanted to know but not knowing what lurked outside was even worse. She couldn't not try and look.

Pasca- Cainhurst, Kylan

Pasca gulped and took a long step back. Corpses shouldn't get up and walk, even big, scary corpses with sharp blades. It was just unnatural. But a little bit of weirdness wasn't going to make her lose her senses.

She snorted at his words, "Yeah, nice try, bud. We weren't born yesterday. We're not splitting up. We cross together or not at all."

Pasca knew plenty of things. Lesson one of the wilds: People who split up got killed. Or worse. Whatever trap the corpse was trying to lay, she wasn't falling for it.

"Don't listen to him, Kylan," Pasca told the shocked looking candidate. Maybe she should be more taken back, but this was survival and there was no room for panic here, "He's trying to separate us so he can do...something. I'm not sure what but I doubt it's anything we're going to like."
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"Deviya is right. Where we're from isn't a dream, it's a real place. This is the one that has to be a dream."

She thought so, at least. The three strangers were more than a little intimidating though, and she wasn't particularly keen on pressing the matter much further. The way they carried themselves, she was fairly certain any of the three of them could snap her in half if they really wanted to.


"If you think we don't belong here, then send us back,"[/b] Mulder insisted. "And if you won't, or can't, then at least explain what in [i]Faranth's name is going on here, because thus far at least no one has offered us any answers, and I for one am getting sick of it."

He really didn't like feeling out of the loop. It was more than a little disconcerting, especially since he got the feeling that he was trapped here.


The relief Soonyhano felt upon being set back on solid ground was more immense than the being that had picked him up.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he admitted. Belonged to another what? Monster? That was an unsettling thought; he wasn't certain he wanted to belong to any monsters at all.
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Candidate Loriney

Insomnia. Loriney had trouble sleeping on the best of days, when his mind was too busy whirling with thoughts to rest, but he certainly wasn’t go to nod off easy lying on an uncomfortable cot in the middle of the Hatching sands. What kind of sleepover was this anyway, with everyone actually sleeping quietly in their cots? Where were the games and snacks? He desperately wanted to complain, but he didn’t want to get eaten by Serapheth. He cracked one eye open and looked around at the lucky little candidates snoozing around him. How did they do it so easily?

He sighed, rolled over, and closed his eyes again. Loriney visualized a calm, sunny beach with ocean waves crashing. Not that he’d ever been to a place like that, but he liked to think about it when he couldn’t sleep.

Finally he slept...and found himself standing in front of a mysterious pale woman. “Hello. I’m Loriney,” he greeted her politely. This was just a dream after all.
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Lazu and Cricket - Old Yharnam

The old man chuckles. You do not feel comforted.

"Those beasts were all once human. We stayed, the last of us here, to protect them. Now it's just me left." He seems a little sad, but he is the only one here. The only one left.

Glory and Tarquin - Byrgenwerth

The stairs lead you through many more books, many more countless shelves. You see large rooms, with chairs and desks all facing once direction.

You see something you think is a person. It is not a person. It makes a moaning sound at you, but pays you no more mind as you make your way upstairs.

Mulder and Genji - Hunter's Nightmare

The thing, you know it has a name but what is it... shakes its head. Or you still hope that is a head. You don't know.

"You may still leave, and still wake. There is no reason this dream cannot set you free. You do not belong here, children..." There is a strange desire in this thing to help, to protect, to do something useful still, even in its twisted state.

Deviya, Khulan, and Xinia - Odeon Chapel

The three of them all seem... fine. The crow keeps checking the exits. There are no doors. Why are there no doors? Isn't it safe to have them? But there are no monsters, no beasts here.

The one in leathers seems to be the most agreeable.

He is the one who speaks. "We're all hunters. I am Henryk, that's Eileen the Crow, and my partner, Father Gascoigne."

The names are alien. But they are familiar. You feel like you knew Eileen and Gascoigne's names before they were spoken. Were these... they could not be dragons, could they...?

Soonyhano - Hunter's Dream

The thing does not leave. It instead stays, and lingers. It looks at you, and then beyond you. Or maybe through you.

Yours will be found. Not here. Beyond. In the pyre.

Kylan and Pasca - Cainhurst

The king in yellow is not bothered. Or if he is, you do not know. Or can tell. The air is cold, and he is barely moving.

"Only one can be chosen." He speaks again.

Dhavir - Odeon Chapel

Alfred does not look like he knows what you're talking about, but he is smiling.

"Dragons? None of those here. There's only beasts on the night of the hunt." He taps his foot idly, looking around. This sounds fine. "I'm here to pay respects to my mentor, Logarius. He was the finest of us, you know. I am not sure why the doll would have sent you to me"

Galileo and Nyrida - Byrgenwerth

The old man does not speak. Or maybe he cannot.

All he does is motion to the ledge. The moon is large, and the ocean below froths and churns. There is nowhere to go but to walk off, is there?

Lorum - Hunter's Dream

The old man chuckles.

"I am Gehrman, the First Hunter. I watch over this dream." He does not mention the doll. There are many things he can teach you, but you are not sure if he is really going to. "But you are no hunter. You are here for another purpose... something to come from a cracking shell."

Flynn - Astral Clocktower

The doll does not answer.

Before you, through the fog, is a large building. Taller than any hold or hall, as tall as a spire. There is a large strange face on the front, and hands that are ticking. When you go inside, there are stairs, and things which you think were human. They are too thin, with heads that seem to be large, pulsating balls of flesh. They do not seem to notice you.

One of them asks if you have seen its eyes. You cannot even see its face.

There are stairs, you must ascend them.

Loriney and Ysayle - Hunter's Dream

The fog clears, and there is a woman in rather plain clothes looking at you. She smiles.

"Welcome to the dream." She says, curtsying at you both. She does not look normal. Too pale. Too distant. Her eyes do not seem to have light behind them. You cannot figure out why or how she is here. Is she sick?

She looks at you both, and finally motions.

"Ysayle, please, go to the upper ward, at the Altar of Despair, to meet the Daughter of the Cosmos." She motions to one of the headstone.

She does not hesitate before moving.

"Loriney, please, come with me. Flora will wish to see you." She starts walking down a path, towards the open gate. Towards where Soonyhano and the great thing is.

Alphinaud - Fishing Hamlet

There was something to this he really didn't like. But what choice did he really have? There were only tunnels, and... things that looked almost human. But they were not. They were fish. And he hated it. He was sure he would never be able to eat another fish ever again.

He gripped the ladder, and went down.

And down.

Into the depths. Into the dark.

He shudders, with cold, and with fear. The tunnel ahead is dark, but he starts through it. He goes, he must.
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Lorum - Gehrman
Lorum swallowed back his many questions, the many things he wanted to know. Gehrman wouldn't--couldn't!--answer all of them. No, for once, he had to be careful about what he asked. Instead, he listened, even with questions swirling around his head. When Gehrman mentioned the eggs, however, Lorum couldn't help but blurt some out. "This is the reason Serapheth wanted us to sleep on the sands, isn't it? This dream--what will it tell us? What is the purpose? What could this--any of this--possibly have to do with the shells on the sands of Fort?" Something, that was for sure. If the old man's words could be trusted, if Lorum's intuition and logic were correct (which they always were), then...there must be something to gain from this dream.

Something he couldn't gain in the waking world.

Lorum had a vague idea of what was going on, but he was left with more questions than answers. "Well...I'm here for that purpose, I suppose. What happens next?" Would the man answer his questions? What would happen? Then, as an afterthought...

"Oh. Gehrman. I'm Lorum."

Nyrida - Gaelio, Byrgenwerth
Nyrida really did not like the idea of falling into dark, churning water under the light of an ominous moon. Still...she supposed that she ought to do as the Doll bade her, a sentiment echoed by the man, it seemed. "Thank you..." she said politely, trailing off. She looked once more to the ocean, then to Gaelio, then to the man. Perhaps it would not be a bad decision, but her gut told her that this would only end badly--dream or no.

Maybe that was just a side effect from thinking everything could only end badly.

"Well...I suppose there is nowhere else to go. Shall we?" She moved to the ledge, pausing. Without regard as to whether Gaelio moved before her, after her, or not at all, she took a deep breath. Focusing ahead, staring at the moon, she took a step off of the ledge, plummeting into the water. A leap of faith, taken by one who lacked faith entirely.
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Candidate Flynn

Flynn watched the fog seemed to part and stared up at the large tower. He had never seen anything like that before and soon, he stopped when he heard someone ask about their eyes. He bowed politely, "I'm afraid I have not. However, when I am finished, I will join you to help find them if you were unable to."

With that, he opened the door to the spire and looked at the stairs. With a deep breath, he began to climb the stairs.
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