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[Hatching] Divine Resonance

A large, hot, sandy cavern that opens to the sky. There are stone seats and large ledges for humans and dragons to come watch the events.
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Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:16 pm

Mulder of White Gyoshith

Mulder watched as the brown and blue hatchlings Impressed without incident. That was good. Everything was safe, and just as it should be. The next egg was wobbling--probably another brown, if the size of the shell was any indication. And it usually was. That would be good for Fort, even if certain elements of leadership would probably still be pissy about their existence.

Except... that wasn't a brown. That wasn't even a large white. He was small, and almost stubby. Certainly graceless, and... making squeaking noises while he walked? That was... weird. Mulder felt almost bad for whoever Impressed him, if that was going to be a lifelong habit. It was cute now, but that was definitely going to be annoying very quickly.

The squat little white walked around before finally hopping up to put his paws on Mulder's leg. Oh no. The squeaking.

Aha! I have found you. Today is the day of our meeting yes yes? You are here for me and I am here for you yes yes!

Mulder rubbed his eyes. He had to be mistaken. Maybe he was hallucinating the voice. And the whirling rainbow of the white's eyes. Or maybe the squeaks were his imagination. Or maybe the white had simply spoken to the wrong person.

You are Mulder, yes yes?

Oh. No. That was definitely him. "Uh... yes yes?"

Good! Take your Gyoshith to the food! We have much work to do you and I, yes yes! He hopped from foot to foot, practically bouncing as he squeaked incessantly.

Mulder rubbed his eyes again. This was going to be a very, very long day.
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Candidate Mercy;; Mite

"Not like that." Mercy hissed, trying to catch Mite's head and turn it back around. Didn't the girl know how anything worked? Mercy sighed. People were so difficult! She always had to do so much work to get them to do what she wanted. "But no, I don't think that's what he is supposed to do at all." She frowned at the garnet mother thoughtfully. Temporath, she thought, the dragon's name was.

"No. I didn't notice any anyway." Mercy looked too, however, because she hadn't really looked before. She just assumed, conflating the issue with garnets in her mind into a world wide issue that she somehow needed to work into her plans to be.. what? The best? Have the best?

Would that be hard?

Tucking her hands behind her back in order to look more proper, Mercy joined Mite in admiring the hatchlings. None of which showed any interest in them. "Very pretty." She agreed. Did people view whites the same as the garnets? She was pretty sure she still saw them flying thread. What was the difference? "Maybe we'll have better luck next time."

She hoped so. And that it was something better than a garnet clutch of just five eggs.
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Candidate Mite - Mercy
"Not like what?" Mite asked, entirely oblivious to what she had done wrong. She was just looking! How else was she supposed to look? Still, she didn't seem put off by Mercy's hiss, instead smiling at the girl with...oh, oh Faranth no. Is that...admiration? Admiration of Mercy? Oh. Oh no.

The rest of the eggs hatched without much ado...and without any dragons giving her even a look. Still, she brightened. "Next time, yeah!" Mercy seemed so cool and nice, at least to Mite. Surely, Mercy would Impress soon enough.

Maze of Garnet Temporaeth - Weyr as a whole, Cyr'a, Asherah, Arachoth/Tezcath/Gyoshith
With all the praise for Temporaeth's babies--and praise for Maze for keeping them safe--the garnetrider had little to say. Her dragon gave Cyr'a a solemn nod at the woman's thumbs up, but Maze just shrugged. "We didn't do anything special. But they are great. Look at them. Five of them."

Or at least five. Only 2 had hatched so far--a green and a brown. They were followed by a handsome, playful blue, but the dragon inside Silk Net took it's time. Little one...there will be time for your theatrics later. Finally, Temporaeth gave the little egg a nudge, revealing the adorable blue inside.

Maze let Cyr'a and Asherah chat a bit, not caring to interject much, as she and Temporaeth watched. Arachoth, little dragonet of mine...Please, do be careful. You are wonderful, do not forget of your heritage. The adorable white hatched next, and Temporaeth's hum deepened at his squeaking. Ah...lovely Gyoshith. May yours treat you with the respect you deserve. You will always be my child. Next was a blue, who seemed angry, but finally Impressed. Remember to be yourself, little Tezcath, but I hope you do not find difficulties.

And then, they had hatched. Her babies. Proudly, Temporaeth addressed the weyr. Do not forget this day, dragons of Fort Weyr! Prepare for the greatness of my children! For it was true. They would be great, and they would make her proud.
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