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[Devils] Talking It Out

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Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:22 pm

[Devils] Talking It Out

Lexien's homework assignment was to talk to at least three other dragons and riders, or weyrlings. Practice that mindspeech! Several weyrlings are sitting in the common room trying to get the hang of it.
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Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:49 pm

Lou personally thought this was dumb. She knew how to speak to dragons. Dragons knew how to speak to her. But she SUPPOSED practice wouldn't hurt...

You really should be more supportive of your classmates. I'm going to be here to help them learn as needed. Joheith huffed, gently gnawing on her arm. I'm sure it'll help. Why don't you speak with my clutchmates?

"....Sure." Lou was tired of this one. How they had to be together. But she'd started to lapse from outright disgust and annoyance to quiet indifference. For now, she'd be looking to find any OTHER dragon to speak to. Anyone but THIS one...
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"Zaylith come on. You heard the assignment. We can't talk to others if you are lounging around in the room!" Zes'lan was trying, and failing, to get the brown to move. He was moving, just annoyingly slowly. She was starting to get impatient, which wasn't a far stretch for her. So, she got behind the brown and tried to push him from his bed.

Doll, what is this about? Zaylith looked at her, curiosity seeming to color his eyes. We must do this assignment. Must we? Or are you just wanting to get me moving. No answer came from her, but instead, she walked over to her desk and grabbed a little hidden treat that she kept for the brown.

Sometimes it worked. Right now, she was hoping that his favorite toy was going to work. She held the toy to him and watched as he saw it. Zaylith made no motion to move, so she just walked out of the room and to the common room, while the toy was in her hands. She knew that he was following her, because she could hear the protest walking the entire time.

Once she reached a couch, she sat down and looked over at Lou. "Hey there." She felt the toy leave her grasp and looked down to see Zaylith curled up and chewing on it them. Got you.
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You must. Raidoth reminded Bayard. Again. His tone brooked no argument. It would be done, or else. Neither had figured out exactly what that else was.

Bayard did not want to. He felt horribly shy about talking to other dragons. It didn't matter that all of these in the room were clutchmates of Raidoth. They were still other dragons. His face was tense. A tension that flowed down his neck and into his shoulders. Making the slump of his back rigid with defeat.

"Who is going first?" He asked the group, hoping someone not him would volunteer.

Bayard is. Raidoth announced to the room, eye tipping toward his rider.
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Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:36 pm

I bet I could pull that move off.

Kaniyath was watching Trispzest show off a triple-loop, taking studious notes for the time she would be allowed to take her own first flight. This business of being a weyrling was very disheartening, sometimes. There was so much that needed to be done, and she and Acxa were stuck in lessons.

"Not until you are much older. Zest, knock it off."

The blue did a few barrel rolls instead, coming to a very soft landing on Kaniyath's right paw. He was a skilled flier, and had found a rapt audience with the green.

Acxa was, in turn, avoiding the common room. Despite the rumors, her class mates didn't seem to be doing any better at getting along with their dragons. It made homework tedious. Acxa had never before wanted to shirk her responsibilities as much as she wanted to avoid practicing with the rest of the Devils.

Then let us do something, please. Acxa. We have homework.

Homework that couldn't be avoided forever, it seemed. Acxa collected her fire lizard, who sulkily wound his tail around her bicep instead of taking flight once again. She and Kaniyath entered the common room just as Bayard asked who was going first.

Acxa will be second, then.

Acxa gingerly took a seat in one of the armchairs. Kaniyath stretched her front legs in front of her, hind legs neatly tucked beneath herself in a near mirror-image of her position in their room.
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I'm surprised you're not pushing to go first, Quinn remarked idly. Louicyth certainly didn't hesitate to speak his mind to her- whether she wanted to hear it or not.

Truthfully, she was just as happy to be doing homework that for once didn't involve reading or writing anything.

Why would I wish to do that? True most of what my classmates' say will surely be insipid, but perhaps there will be a few words of some insight, Louicyth told her as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Quinn rolled her eyes. That sounded about right.

Joheith ought to go third, Louicyth advised instead, Surely he has something prescient to share.

"Do we even really need to take turns?" Quinn countered, "I think this is mostly for the dragons to practice, not for us. And they mostly seem pretty comfortable. Maybe they can"
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Joheith, who had been busy bothering Lou, looked up when he heard his name. We may not need to take turns, but it gives us a chance to be organized in our attempts. Learn from others if needed." He replied with a nod.

"....Hello." lou still didn't seem terribly happy. But she was really trying to seem cheerful when it came to her classmates. She'd had a rough start, that was understandable. But she couldn't mope forever. She had to pick herself back up, and get back on track to be a proper influence... "How is your dragon treating you."
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