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King of Nothing [Sari]

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King of Nothing [Sari]

TW: Alcoholism

Elyron sat on his new bed in the Fort barracks and cried deep, true tears. For once, it didn't matter who saw. She was gone. His beloved Elysk, his precious queen. High Reaches had ruined her, with their misbegotten ideas and sanctimonious preaching. She had chosen that corrupted weyr and the chance to twine tails with a GREEN over him, her oldest and truest companion.

He didn't bother unpacking past the first skin of wine. His leg hurt, his mind felt impossibly cold and empty without Elysk's warmth and every time he thought of where he was, his head filled with memories of a battle long ended. He drank half the bottle, barely pausing for breath. If there had ever been a moment that called for oblivion...

Usually, when Elyron tried to drink outside the dining hall, Elyrosk made him work for it. He hid Elyron's wine in unexpected places or snatched the bottle from his hand and made him chase him. But today, Elyrosk just sat and watched, a blue flit and a white flit perched on one of his bright green wings.

Don't worry. Will stop again tomorrow, Elyrosk promised, sensing the turn in Elyron's thoughts. Elyrosk needed his handler functional enough to speak, after all, if they were to rise to power in this new weyr. But so long as Elyron was in a drunken stupor, or too hungover to walk, he couldn't go back to High Reaches and chase after Elysk. And right now, Elyrosk needed time to figure out how to keep his handler from trying.

It was the last favor he could do for his former sister wher.
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