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[Feast] The End Of The Hunt

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:55 am

[Feast] The End Of The Hunt

The first day and the first lesson has come and gone, now it is time for the feast! Come meet the new dragonets, and the future riders of Fort Weyr!
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Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:08 pm

Flynn of Green Nith

It appeared that Flynn was the first to arrive of the new candidates, walking into the dining hall quietly. Nith was following him, looking at the other before moving to rub against his hand. He smiled a bit, moving to rub her head gently before moving to sit down. He waited to eat, feeling a bit awkward to eat alone in a feast.
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Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:27 pm


Dragons were hatched, most of them healthy, and there were some good large ones and fighters in there! A great time overall, and B'rent was more than happy to join the festivities, even if he didn't make himself stand out too much. He had to convince Charlith he couldn't fit down there any longer, as the Blue wanted to meet the babies as well... but it wasn't too hard a job to do after the silly dragon tried anyway and almost got stuck.


Toki attended the feast more out of perceived obligation than actual desire. She needed to eat and drink something at least, and it was good to show token support for the former Candidates - especially those who were from High Reaches like Xinia, and wouldn't be going home - but mostly she just wanted to go sleep and prepare for the journey back. She sat down as by herself as she could manage, picking at the food.
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Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:36 pm

Genji of Bronze Ludvith

At one point, Genji had dreaded the feast following the hatching. Things could have been much different. He could be planning his move elsewhere, dragonless and out of time at Fort Weyr. Instead, Ludvith practically stuck to his side as he sat, head resting in his lap. He smiled, stroking his snout.

You worry. About Gascoigth, particularly. He observed.

Genji nodded. "Moreso, I have questions. But it would be rude to ask. I want to celebrate." He looked around at the gathering, smiling contently. Surely his brother would be here, despite his injury? He couldnt' think that Hanzo would miss a chance to celebrate as well, in this case.

He will come. It seems out of character for him to not.
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Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:34 pm

Kylan of Brown Logariuth - Genji & Flynn, sorta

Feasts were always such a grand affair. It had always been such an interesting thing when they were younger. They remembered trying to sneak over to get a look at the newborn dragons as many of them sat with their newly bonded riders. Their parents had never been particularly happy about it, but that was partly due to the fact that they would keep disappearing into the crowd. It would have been almost impossible for anything to happen to them, other than making themselves a nuisance to diners, but it was apparently still annoying to deal with.

Wading through the gathering crowd that parted for them and their brown, they made their way over the table with the most new Weyrlings sitting at it. Logariuth chose to sit at their feet rather than beside them like many of the other young dragonets, but Kylan didn't find themselves bothered. Instead, they smiled in greeting at Genji and Flynn. "Congratulations," they told them both, feeling a little silly only after the words had left their mouth.
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Flynn of Green Nith - Genji, Kylan

Flynn smiled at the other and nodded, bowing his head politely, "Thank you.. I did not really think I would impress a dragon, at least for a while." Nith snorted a bit, moving to nip at the other's hand a bit as he moved to stroke her. Flynn chuckled a bit, scratching her head gently and watching the dragon relax.

Kouichi of Green Kuzoth - Genji

Kouichi was honestly worried about the upcoming feast, mostly because of his worry towards Genji. After all, he had been worried about the other impressing. When he noticed the other, with a dragon next to him, he had a wide smile on his face and began to walk over, "Genji, congratulations!"
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Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:05 am

L'ru of Brown Ghermath - Open

L'ru had never felt this degree of pride before. Pride in himself, sure, but...pride in Ghermath, above all else. His dragon. Shards, that felt weird. To say he had a dragon. He wasn't alone anymore. He hadn't even thought about his theories since Impressing, his thoughts consumed with only Ghermath.

He made his way to the feast, head held high with Ghermath by his side, before looking around. He didn't...really know anyone very well. Despite being a Fortian weyrling, he hadn't exactly socialized much.

He paused, before making his way to the corner of the room. You do not wish to meet them? Ghermath asked.

Uh. I'll just wait a minute, I think, L'ru replied.
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Candidate Ein;; tag Gaelio of Green Vacuouth

This was not going to be like other feasts. Ein had grown to both dread and look forward to the deep cups and plentiful food that came after the bitter disappointment of another failed hatching. This time things would be different. This time, the bitter disappointment belonged only to himself.

Which meant Ein had to shoulder it alone. Live with his emotions instead of setting them aside to cater to Gaelio's. Because this time, victory belonged to one of them. The most deserving, in Ein's mind, but to only one. It was, quite plainly, a division. But they'd been divided before.

"She is very lovely." He offered, smile a little lackluster, eyes a little drawn at the corners, but he didn't lie. She was lovely because she was Gaelio's. Cause of the divide or not. Ein would let nothing, not even himself, diminish Gaelio's triumph.
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Genji of Bronze Ludvith- Kylan, Kouichi, Flynn

Oh, so many people congratulating him... He returned Kylan's smile, recalling some of their early morning talks. Talks that stemmed from his worries about whether he would end up here or not. Maybe it was a little poetic that they both ended up impressing this time.

"Thank you. And congratulations to you as well."

Logariuth, welcome. Ludvith greeted the brown, not lifting his head from Genji's lap.

No sooner had his dragon greeted his brother than someone else called his name, making him look up. He gave Kouichi a weary smile. "Haaah... thank you. It seems like quite a few people are congratulating me."
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Kouichi of Green Kuzoth - Genji

"It's kind of awkward, right?" He sat down near him with a smile, "I actually almost left the feast because of people congratulating me.." He rubbed the back of his neck, before looking at his dragon.

"What's his name, Genji? ...If you don't mind me asking.." The other was happy the other had impressed and was a bit relieved. He had heard stories of people who failed to impress and thus, despite their desire to become dragonriders, were unable to.
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Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:40 pm

Kylan of Brown Logariuth - Genji, Flynn, Kouichi

Kylan smiled, relaxing a little as both individuals replied to their comment. Luckily, neither of them noted aloud the sort of irony to what they'd said. "Nobody can really predict when they might Impress," they chuckled, humming softly, "Was this your first time standing?" It was definitely theirs, though they'd been to Hatchings in the past as a member of the Weyr. Well--not Fort Weyr, but Telgar. Hatchings were similar enough, at least.

Welcome to you as well, dear friend. I was wondering when you might join us in the woken realm, Logariuth replied calmly to his brother. Forgive my distraction on the sands.

Surprisingly calm despite the attention being heaped upon them by the Weyr as a whole, they bowed their head politely toward Genji. "It's a little overwhelming, isn't it..."
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Genji of Bronze Ludvith-Kouichi, Kylan

"This is Ludvith!" He replied, putting his hand on the bronze's head and briefly drawing his attention. His eyes swirled happily at his bonded, and he blinked at Kouichi.

A pleasure to meet you. Ludvith hummed, before returning his attention to the brown dragon beside him. There's nothing to forgive. This woken realm is new to all of us. Quite a big change. Though, I think I prefer it here."

"Very overwhelming." Genji breathed. "I feel like we will be the center of attention for quite some time. Perhaps it will not be as overwhelming as time goes on. But right now I can't say I am used to it."
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Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:43 pm

Hanzo -Genji, open

He was tired. Velocith had wailed about wanting to stay with him after he came back with his wounds. But hed shoved his snout back into his bedding, laughing. Of course Velocith would be beside himself. But it wasnt like hed get mauled again. And if he did, well... THEN hed let the blue accompany him everywhere.

The blue paced outside, looking worried as he kept tabs on his rider... Hanzo was dressed well enough, claw wounds bandaged up... he was still in some pain but he should be celebrating! Genji wasnt going to leave... he was going to stay!

And... he had a bronze.

He looked aroumd, finally seeing his brother. "Genji." he approached, smiling tiredly and giving him a one armed hug. "Congratulations. Father would be proud."
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Kouichi of Green Kuzoth/Flynn of Green Nith - Genji, Hanzo, Kylan

Kouichi smiled, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ludvith." As he listened to the others comment, he smiled a bit.

Flynn walked over, sitting down near them, "I must admit it is a bit overwhelming." Nith snickered a bit, looking at Flynn as she proceeded to climb onto the table and approach the other two dragons.

As Hanzo approached, Kouichi blinked and remained quiet. He did smile a bit when Hanzo spoke and mentioned a father. Was Hanzo related to Genji?

Honestly, it warmed his heart a bit, remembering his interactions with his own brother.

Oh, he wondered where he was now, to be honest.
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Genji of Bronze Ludvith-Hanzo

He looked up hearing his name, unable to help it when his face split into a bright smile. He returned the hug, careful of his brother's injured arm, and buried his face in his shoulder. His movements disturbed Ludvith, who lifted his head from Genji's lap to look at them.

"Do you really think so...?" He asked, looking up at Hanzo. He looked tired. "You did not need to come celebrate if you were tired. But... I am glad you came." He smiled, looking down to Ludvith who regarded them both quietly. "Hanzo, this is Ludvith."

Pleasure to meet you, Hanzo. Genji was worried you might not show up, despite what he says. Genji sputtered a bit, only getting an amused whirl of color from Ludvith's good eye.
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