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[Feast] The End Of The Hunt

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Hanzo - Genji, Kouichi

"It was either this or more of Velocith wailing at me about how he's an awful partner and how he should have been there instead of sleeping. He'll forget all about it in a day or so." He chuckled. "And I'm sure Father woud have been happy to see you impress. Why don't you introduce me to your batchmates...?" He could see that at least one had noticed him... He'd nod at Ludvith, though.

"Thank you, Ludvith, for choosing Genji. Had you not, this would have been a MUCH sadder affair." He said, reaching out to pat his head gently. "I'll introduce you to Velocith later..."
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Kouichi of Green Kuzoth - Hanzo, Genji

Kouichi chuckled, "Kuzoth wanted to meet the new dragons as well, but she understood she's gotten too big." After the two had finished speaking, he smiled at them, "Do you two mind if I sit down? My back has been hurting lately." He honestly didn't want to impose and would be happy to move away if either of them wanted him to.
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Genji of Bronze Ludvith-Hanzo, Kouichi

"Batchmates? Oh, I suppose I could..." He looked around at the rest of his class with a hum. "Though to be quite honest, I do not recognize all of them by name."

Ludvith seemed to preen at the attention, pressing his snout into Hanzo's hand with a pleased whorl in his eyes.

It would be an honor to meet him. I'm glad you see Genji's worth as I do. I will just have to convince him of it, it seems. I'm more than happy with my choice, and happier still that my choosing him will keep him happy.

Genji flustered, ducking his head and trying to hide the red tips of his ears in his scarf. He waved for Kouichi to sit, clearing his throat awkwardly.
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Kylan of Brown Logariuth - Flynn

I agree, Logariuth replied to his brother, but quieted to watch the other humans as they milled about.

Kylan politely acknowledged Hanji with a smile and a nod as he approached the group, but didn't interrupt the two as they began to speak. They didn't have anything particularly interesting to contribute. "Once we have a few days under our belts, I think the fuss will stop," Kylan murmured to Flynn, unsure if the other was bothered by the excess attention or not. They would prefer, honestly, to not have so many eyes on them. Just the regular amount was fine, thank you.
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Weyrling Xinia of Blue Yhargulth - Open

Xinia had managed to find herself a nice little dress that matched her eyes - fortunately it was one whose colour didn’t seem to clash too badly with her long strawberry blonde hair, or with her favourite wherhide jacket - and her new knots were proudly pinned in its prominent place on her jacket. Moonshine cheeped at her, as if though telling her to hurry up, or perhaps she was just complimenting her mistress’ clothes, as Xinia slid her feet into her comfortable boots and hurriedly rose to leave with dragon and flit in tow for the feast.

Finally. Let’s get outta here.

She raised a sarcastic eyebrow at her so-oiled-and-clean-he-was-practically-shiny blue.

...I didn’t even take that long, Yhargulth.

Exactly. Time to meet and greet, girl.

Xinia snorted, good-naturedly rolling her eyes at his sassiness, although she wasn’t quite sure what point the young dragon was trying to make. In any case, as they moved on, the heady feelings of pride and love for her new partner swelled up, practically fit to burst in her chest, as they at last entered the room in which the Feast was to take place. A huge grin was visible on Xinia’s freckled face, as they went to get themselves a tray of food before finding themselves a spot to sit.

Kreta of Blue Eseath - Open; tag Kylan of Brown Logariuth

Kreta spotted Kylan, and with a glad grin on her face and a tray full of some of her favourite delicacies in her hands, the deaf bluerider wandered over to give her congratulations.

When she’d arrived at the table, the brown-haired Ruathan adjusted her grip so she had her tray carefully balanced in one hand for a few moments, before reaching out to gently tap Kylan on their shoulder.

Once she had their attention, she found herself grinning even bigger as she made the one-handed version of a sign language gesture that she hoped would be understood as “congratulations!”, shortly followed by Kylan’s very own sign name. (Yes, she already gave them a sign name, but why wouldn’t she? Practically everybody in the Weyr had a sign name bestowed upon them by Kreta or someone else by now.. probably.)

Kreta also had her ever-present notepad ready in a pocket, of course, especially since her beloved Eseath was too big to fit in the lower caverns now, however as the deaf young adult had a full tray of food in her hands which she hadn’t put down; that notepad wasn’t coming out yet for the moment.

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Candidate Lilyana (firelizard Smoke)


Trewyra of Green Orbith (originally of Igen; Impressed in Semaca. Firelizard Nexus)
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Kylan of Brown Logariuth - Kreta

Having come to rest in his customary place upon Kylan's shoulder, Beep lifted his head and chirruped in greeting to Kreta as she approached, bobbing his head and attempting to get her to redirect her tap to scratch his tiny eyeridges instead. It was probably only that which kept Kylan from being startled by the contact, and they turned to see just who was trying to get their attention. Someone they knew, clearly, considering Beep hadn't warned them away.

Giving the other a smile, Kylan bowed their head and added a quiet verbal thank you. Noting the heavy tray, however, they pushed some of their things aside to make room if the bluerider would feel so inclined to join them. Thus far it was largely new weyrlings at the table, but at least Kylan hardly minded if others joined them.
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Gaelio of Green Vacuouth- tag Ein,

"Thank you, Ein," Gaelio said, his tone weighed down by exhaustion, but sincere nonetheless. He enveloped Ein in a desperately needed hug, ignoring the curious poke at his mind. The last day had been... rough. Vacuouth was strange. Sweet and endearing, yes, but she was still a bit of an oddball and he was having some trouble adjusting. She also seemed to love bugs, if the number he'd woken up to scuttling across the floor and her big grin had anything to go by. Kimaris had had fun hunting them, but goodness he was tired...

Hmm... friend? Vacuouth asked, bumping her nose against Gaelio's hand.

"Yes, this is Ein. He's my weyrmate," Gaelio said aloud for Ein's benefit. "He's my favorite person. Human person."

Oh. Hmm.... Scooting closer, Vacuouth sniffed at Ein's hand then bumped her nose against it. Hi.
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