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Sunrise Meal [Arc]

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Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:03 pm

Sunrise Meal [Arc]

Things had been going... better, the past several months. Esther hadn't felt like anything less than a complete human in a long time. Not one unshaped by everything that had happened, but whole; wounds had scarred over, still tight if she thought about them, but enough that sometimes she could go days at a time without thinking about it. And when she did, she could handle it.

But some things hadn't come back. Sociability. She still hated to feel like she was being stared at. To half the Weyr, she was still the former Weyrleader who'd lost everything. They thought Krugith was somehow a replacement, even though she wasn't; she hadn't filled the empty places, she'd only smoothed the rough edges, let the hole's walls heal, but not come together. They pitied her, knowing nothing more about her than those things which had occurred in public. As though pity could somehow fix anything.

So she avoided the Dining Hall at crowded mealtimes, preferring to go when things were quiet. When there weren't awkward questions, or uncomfortable stares, real or imagined. Late night dinners, and early breakfasts. Today, she was eating breakfast before the sun rose above the horizon.

She sat at one of the long tables, picking at a plate of eggs. Both little Monster and Slip perched on the bench next to her, waiting expectantly for food. Immensely impatiently, in the irascible, pudgy little gold's case. Slip was more circumspect, trying to act cute, though her feeling of greed was still more than a little evident. Esther knew she shouldn't give in to them, but she slipped them occasional bites anyway.

Difficult creatures, she thought, earning an amused chuckle from Krugith.

They would not expect it if you did not continually feed them, you know.

... I know.

She smiled, a bit crookedly, and took another bite of her eggs. She wasn't really overly fond of scrambled eggs, and these were especially dry and rubbery for some reason. An unfortunate start to her morning.
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Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:42 pm

Relli had been a wherhandler long enough that her nocturnal schedule no longer seemed unnatural. It was a different rhythm, but a rhythm all the same. She ate her dinners before the sunrise, with her fellow handlers and a handful of early-rising riders and weyrfolk, come for their breakfast and klah.

She'd seen Esther there before, in these quiet candlemarks when most of the weyr was still asleep. Today, the greenrider sat alone, as she often did, with only a pair of hungry firelizards for company.

Maybe she preferred her morning solitude or maybe most of the weyr didn't know how to approach her, a woman who had been a weyrleader and the first female bronzerider, who had lost her first dragon and still bore the scars of many threadfalls, who rarely spoke and who was one of the weyrwoman's most loyal riders.

Esther picked at her food. She needed to eat more. She was a tall woman and Relli knew that the life of a rider was a physically demanding one. But it wasn't Relli's place to mind her nutrition. They weren't even acquaintances, after all, just a handler and a rider, who'd rarely had a reason to speak.

Instead she just gave her a smile and asked, "Would you care for some company?"
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Esther looked up at the voice. A wherhandler, older than her, though she didn't know her. A newer arrival then, though "newer" was rather... relative these days. She hadn't paid much attention to who was in most of the wings or squads for quite a long while. She hardly knew anyone outside of Aurora Wing, aside from those she'd known before.

There it was again. "Before". Everything was automatically divided.

After a moment of surprise that was evident in her expression, she nodded. She wasn't sure if she necessarily wanted company, but she wasn't opposed either. Besides, anyone who wasn't giving her strange looks was automatically far more welcome than... well, most of Midnight Wing.
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