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[RUMOR] Disappointment

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[RUMOR] Disappointment

For all the concerns over Negan as weyrleader...he hasn't done much of...well, anything. He's kind of harmless. But maybe useless. Why don't we ever have weyrleaders with vision?
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And there it was, how many people were gonna call him useless when all he wanted was to keep things steady for a little while, huh? Weren't things good right now? Wasn't everything peachy-keen? Semaca's flooded, that's a bad time and a half over there, High Reaches ain't got a gold to save their lives... maybe they'll get an egg from another Weyr, but for now? Fort is fine, and Negan hasn't burned the place down. They should be grateful! But, they're complaining. Maybe its time to turn the place on its head, like they want him to, like they were scared of him doing in the first place.

You're losing it, man. You a blood thirsty gold hidden in human clothing or something?

He was picking at his food, thinking, not talking (out loud) for once. Shut it, Wireth, I'm forsking tired of people thinking I'm useless. I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out what I could to do shake things up without... absolutely destroying the entire weyr.

There's a lot of things that you could do, y'know-

And most ain't fun, and if it ain't worthwhile, I ain't doin' it. By Faranth, maybe I'll even do some good around here. I just need the perfect idea.
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Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:38 am

"Excuse me."

Tarquin was a fool but he was brave. And it took guts to approach Negan while he was in a foul mood. He settled down with food and just... "Are you Negan?" Tarquin was blunt as usual... bit he was TRYING to be respectful. "I... have heard rumors about you and I wanted to know if they were true."

Of course he had to phrase it like that. Shaffit Tarquin.

"not in a bad way! I just got here and I wanted to know if those people talking were just being awful. Like people can be." The sharding CHEEK of this boy... He wasn't scared at all, despite hearing of Negan's reputation...
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