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Woky's Art Shop

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Woky's Art Shop

Hello hello! Want some custom art for your dragon or wher? Here I am!

Because it's custom art, you will have to pay! I accept Paypal only. These prices are specific to TPA, site members get the discount.

Things I offer
Single pic of your dragon or wher - $35 USD
Example 1 - Garnet Georsath
Example 2 - Blue Hinokath
Example 3 - Gold Wyzeth

Full-color scene of your dragon or wher - $50 USD
Note: multiple characters will cost extra
Example 1 - Blue Kreith
Example 2 - Bronze Damocleth vs Blue Isith

Single headshot (template) - Pay What You Want
Example 1 - Calm/Regal
Example 2 - Riot

Anything more than 1 chibi - $5/per chibi
Note: If you're just spreading out your chibi requests so you don't have to pay, I will stop drawing for you.
Ie; if you request one, and then wait just until I finish to request another. I'm not an art machine.
Example 1 - A ton of them
Example 2 - More of them
Example 3 - Seriously I did so many

Personal Size Chart - $5/per chart
Note: This only is for single-person/dragon charts, using this template. I do not open requests for size charts often as I get bogged down very quickly.
Personal size chart example

If you are interested, hit me up on Discord.
Fort Weyr
Senior Weyrwoman Tuckal of Gold Serapheth
[White Journey]
Wa'en of Brown Galahath
Weyrlingmaster Lexien of Brown Mikazuchith
N'eth of Green Azoth
Alphinaud of Green Koth
Vartin of Amethyst Vartisk
and Garnet Varsk
[Bone Otani]
Journeyman Scribe Urianger
Semaca Weyr
Hecate of Almandine Cabadath
Aymeric of Garnet Thanatoth
Persephone of Green Amauroth
[Brown Bitey]
Quatre of Green Wynleth
[White Sandrock]
Dragonless Time
High Reaches Weyr
G'li of Bronze Ereborth
Clovis of Blue Artoriath
Exia of Blue Seieth
Lelouch of Blue Isith
[Gold Banshee]
Stahl of Blue Kinlath
Majima of Brown Majimask
Datte of White Tarith
JM Healer Vallauris
[Gold Aether]
Holder Xander
[Blue Laslow]
[Green Peri]
Candidate Mori
Candidate Zohtto
Weyrbrat Viola
[Garnet Ultima]
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