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Sari's Thread Tracker

Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:55 pm

Sari's Thread Tracker

Table of Contents
i. Link to workship
ii. Past Threads
iii. Drabbles
1. Current Threads - Fort
2. Current Threads - HR
3. Current Threads - Semaca
4. Misc - Prizes, Adopts, NPCs, Mentors/Roommates

{x} Drabbles

List of Characters
Fort Weyr
-Weyrling N'taen of Garnet Vaheoth - Brown Taeling
-Weyrling Jas of Green Plemeth - Green Avry
-Tanner Anae of Green Mienneth - Blue Mimsy & Gold Brillig
-Weyrling M'ki of White Torikoth - Bronze Lord
-Candidate Syrene

High Reaches Weyr
-Weyrling Eolet of Garnet Ambreth
-Sailor E'syne of Green Himikoth
-Wherhandler Lys of Blue Lyssk - Garnet Ru & Blue Cross
-Wherling Eletsoria of Green Eletsorisk - Feline Seria

Semaca Weyr
-Wherhandler Eunomia of Brown Omiask
-Scribe Nahmyra of Blue Rauseth - Green Merry
-Weyrling K'xei of Green Euraroth
-Whiterider E'nyo of White Nohadoth - Green Mid
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Current Threads - Fort Weyr

Apprentice Healer N'taen of Garnet Vaheoth - Paladin Weyrling
-Actually Harmless Fun;; Vox

Journeyman Tanner Anae of Green Mienneth - Daylight
-A nice day for a swim;; Woky

Apprentice Woodcrafter Jas of Green Plemeth - Paladin Weyrling

Apprentice Healer M'ki of White Torikoth - Singular Weyrling
-Ready for Spring;; Faralyn

Candidate Syrene
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Current Threads - High Reaches Weyr

Apprentice Harper Eolet of Garnet Ambreth - Operas Weyrling

Wherhandler Lys of Blue Lyssk - Sunburst
-All this time;; Chrys

Apprentice Sailor E'syne of Green Himikoth - Starfall

Wherling Eletsoria of Green Eletsorisk - Scions Weyrling
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Current Threads - Semaca Weyr

Wherhandler Eunomia of Brown Omiask - Weyr guard

Journeyman Scribe Nahmyra of Blue Rauseth - Minuet Wing

Weyrling K'xei of Green Euraroth - Aegis Weyrling
-The Copycat Soapmaker;; Ollie

Dragonrider E'nyo of White Nohadoth - Minuet Wing
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Posting Prizes
Canine (Welcome) - Claimed, not used
Feline(Welcome) - Claimed, Seria (Eletsoria)
Runner (Welcome) - Claimed, Stride (Lucrezia, WIP)
Feline (0-99) - Claimed, given to Torti
Brown Firelizard (100-199) - Claimed, Taeling (Nataen)
Garnet Firelizard (200-299) - Claimed, Ru (Lys)

Link to workship that no one can see but Sari

1. Lys and Lyssk [Complete, 4 posts, Chrys letter/thread]
2. E'syne and Himikoth [Complete, 0 posts]
Images: [Nlelith] [Noraveth] [Yeutroth] [Nohadoth] [Mienneth]

Previously adopted: Blue Rauseth (Nahmyra), Brown Omiask (Eunomia), Green Plemeth (Jas), Blue Lyssk (Lys), Green Himikoth (E'syne)
Impressed on site: White Torikoth (M'ki), Green Eletsorisk (Eletsoria), Garnet Ambreth (Eolet), Green Euraroth (K'xei), Garnet Vaheoth (N'taen)

Old Workship Link

Roommates and Mentors
Fort Weyr
Available Mentors: Anae of Mienneth
Available Weyrlings: N'taen of Vaheoth, Jas of Plemeth

Weyrling M'ki of White Torikoth & Mentor Faralyn of Brown Grooth

High Reaches Weyr
Available Mentors: Lys of Lyssk
Available Weyrlings: Eolet of Ambreth, Eletsoria of Eletsorisk

Semaca Weyr
Available Mentors: Eunomia of Omiask, E'nyo of Nohadoth
Available Weyrlings: K'xei of Euraroth

Currently Ineligible
Dragonrider Nahmyra of Blue Rauseth (Semaca Weyr)

-A'hera and Blue Noraveth {x}
-V'dek and Green Nlelith {x}
-K'chori and Green Yeutroth {x}
-Rixikxa {x}
-Pyre and Blue Pyrsk (Dropped)
-Karou (Dropped)

Code: Select all
[size=72][center]- [url=]Thread Tracker[/url] -[/center][/size]
[size=72][table][tr][td][b]Fort Weyr[/b]
[url=]N'taen[/url] of [color=#9992a0]Garnet Vaheoth [#9992a0][/color]
[[color=#50360b]Brown Taeling[/color]]

[url=]Anae[/url] of [color=#71907d]Green Mienneth [#71907d][/color]
[[color=#2b9aef]Blue Mimsy[/color] & [color=#FFCD46]Gold Brillig[/color]]

[url=]Jas[/url] of [color=#00c147]Green Plemeth [#00c147][/color]
[[color=green]Green Avry[/color]]

[url=]M'ki[/url] of [color=#c6ccd3]White Torikoth [#c6ccd3][/color]
[[color=#7c3f00]Bronze Lord[/color]]

[td][b]High Reaches Weyr[/b]
[url=]Eolet[/url] of [color=#4E0B2A]Garnet Ambreth [#4E0B2A][/color]

[url=]Lys[/url] of [color=#213c89]Blue Lyssk [#213c89][/color]
[[color=#520b7e]Garnet Ru[/color] & [color=#000084]Blue Cross[/color]]

[url=]Eletsoria[/url] of [color=#71A14E]Green Eletsorisk [#71A14E][/color]
[Feline Seria][/td]
[td][b]Semaca Weyr[/b]
[url=]Nahmyra[/url]  of [color=#9ED9F2]Blue Rauseth [#9ED9F2][/color]
[[color=#4ead46]Green Merry[/color]]

[url=]K'xei[/url] of [color=#2CD992]Green Euraroth [#2CD992][/color]

[url=]E'nyo[/url] of [color=white]White Nohadoth [#ffffff][/color]
[[color=green]Green Mid[/color]]

[url=]Eunomia[/url] of [color=#5C3317]Brown Omiask [#5C3317][/color][/td][/tr][/table][/size]
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