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N'star of green Phoenth

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N'star of green Phoenth

N ' S T A R
when you got skin in the game, you stay in the game
but you don't get a win unless you're playing the game
oh! you get love for it. you get hate for it
you get nothing if you wait for it

god help and forgive me
i wanna build something that's gonna outlive me


RETIRE INFO: Adopt, together or separate
NAME: N'star (Nolastarre; sometimes Star)
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Biromantic Demisexual

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2724
AGE: forty-three Turns as of Fall 2767
OCCUPATION: dragonless, rider
WING: Daylight

EYES: golden brown
HAIR: dark brown, rumpled and soft to the touch
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and nine inches; the sturdy build of someone who has worked hard their whole life
PLAY-BY: Robert Downey, Jr
Standing at five feet and nine inches, N'star is very solidly muscled. Unlike his holder or crafter counterpoints, very little of it has gone to seed. His age is evident in the streaks of silver in his brunet hair and neatly trimmed beard, though his only obvious wrinkles cluster around his eyes and the corners of his mouth. His good days, more abundant than bad days, the past few Turns - see him neatly dressed with clothes that are either new enough not to be patched, or patched so cleverly that the repair is invisible. He favors blues and browns, and tends towards cuts that make his legs look much longer than they are.

PERSONALITY: N'star is a man reinvented. He is a mess of contradictions and good intentions, an advocate of mind-healing. He is not free with personal information, but he can talk about dragons all the live long day. His favorite color of dragon is, oddly enough, blue.

One of the things that N'star carried over from his first time as a rider is his willingness to guest speak for the weyrling classes. He finds comfort in passing along the lessons he learned the hard way - sometimes fatally hard. He has become a vociferous pacifist in the time since he sobered up. War cost him his Carminath, his Ganla, and too many Turns of memory. Too many Turns of missed opportunity have made him want to change the world for the better.

On good days, he spends time with other people. He favors his clutchmates and those who Impressed after him more than riders whose dragons are older than Phoenth, but that is an unconscious bias. When many of them Impressed, he was in the worst place he's been. He doesn't like the memory.

But on bad days, the days when all he wants to do is crawl into a bottle, those are the days he needs something to do. His distractions vary - some days find him in the infirmary, doing the manual chores that require no great skill or training, just willingness. He spends time with the weyrfolk, and avoids butchery. That's not a place his head needs to go.

Mother - Rhasta, Master Harper
Father - Nem, Journeyman Smith
several children
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Ganla of green Bylanth deceased
  • Death
  • Alcohol abuse
Once upon a time, there was a woman named Rhasta, a daughter of the Harper Hall, and a man who went by the name of Nem, a smith just journeyman in rank. Their tale is no great romance, nor is it a tragedy. There was little scandal attached to Rhasta’s pregnancy, even when she refused to marry Nem. Nolastarre was born at conclusion of the usual gestation period, and a healthy weight that made his midwife smile. His teeth grew in right on schedule, and fell out a few Turns later.

Nola grew up at Fort Weyr, where his mother had been posted at the time of his birth, as part of the crèche in the Lower Caverns. He wasn't properly weyrborn, but his mother was, and he was in many ways the typical weyrbrat. As such, he was presented to hatchings as soon as he turned fifteen.

Luck was with him, that first clutch. The first egg to hatch revealed a medium-toned brown, who made a bee-line towards scrawny little Nolastarre.

Nolastarre? No, goodness no. No, you are L'sta, and I am your Carminath!

L'sta and Carminath were trained at the beginning of the war. They fought, and were good at what they did. Disturbingly good, to the point where Rhasta cut off all contact with her son. But Carminath was fighting for his life, and L'sta's life, and that had to be protected at all costs. Battles in which he had to defend other people went less well.

A bare Turn before the war would end, Carminath's phenomenal luck ran out. So did L'sta's. A faulty strap left L'sta tumbling to the ground during an assault, resulting in a broken arm and many bruises. Carminath turned to retrieve his rider, and was taken by surprise. For one bad inspection, L'sta lost his dragon, his rank, and his purpose.

Nolastarre lost himself to alcohol. He descended into a bottle hours after Carminath fled between, and didn't emerge for several Turns. He would have been banished to a hold, in hopes that being away from dragons would improve his condition, but a trial run only made him worse. His once-weyrmate, Ganla of green Bylanth, devoted a lot of time and energy towards helping the dragonless man. They had two children together, and had been friends even without dragonlust influencing them.

Ganla and Bylanth were casualties of Golre's last attack on Fort, and it was feared that Nolastarre would never recover without her. But for all that he tried to drink himself to death, the former brownrider never asked for the fatal dose of fellis that so many begged for.

It was a miracle when he made a valiant attempt at sobriety in the months that followed. The struggle was difficult - many things sent him back into the bottle, from a dragon flying overhead to the sight of candidate knots - but for the first time in five Turns, Nolastarre was actively working towards rejoining society.

Being on the Sands was a complete accident. Nolastarre hadn't been near the Hatching Ground since one horrific incident, not long after losing Carminath - the closest he'd come to actually following his dragon. In truth, he hadn't meant to be on the actual Sands themselves. But when a butcher shoved a bucket of meat in his hands and told him to take it to Lexien, he decided that he could do that. Take the bucket to Lexien, and scurry away from the sands before the eggs started hatching. He couldn't handle a hatching, not yet.

But when he delivered the bucket and turned around, there was a little flame-licked green sitting in front of him.

Well, now! Don't you need some looking after? Bring that meat over here, I am most ravenous. N'star and Phoenth are going to go far, I can already tell.

And some people? For some people, that would have been the final nail in the coffin. Hearing another dragon in their head, where one used to live, would have spelled the end of everything. For N'star, it was a new chance at life. He and Phoenth were good for each other. She steadied him back into humanity, and he helped her learn her own greatness.

The recent upheaval has rocked N'star to his core. He swore off any and all mind altering substances - from the obvious things like wine and fellis to the more subtle klah - but getting through this time of change has tipped him closer to the bottle than he's been since before Phoenth hatched.

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  • Winter 2765 - N'star kept himself busy with the weyrlings. He volunteered as live model for several of the lessons.
  • Seekers, dragonless discussions
  • Lexien's reImpression
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NAME: Phoenth
BIRTHDATE Spring 2762
AGE: four as of Spring 2766



LENGTH: twenty-seven feet
HEIGHT: six feet and nine inches
WINGSPAN: forty feet and six inches
COLOR: green
HEX CODE: #1aa127
FULL APPEARANCE: Phoenth is a hot green. Literally. She radiates heat, even in the dead of winter. She does not seem to notice or be bothered by it, but she is always very warm. She is a medium sized green and very fast in the air. She prefers to perch and preen herself, taking care of herself. She is slender, with a long neck and long legs and a rather petite body. She may have problems carrying very large people, but once she's in the air it will be hard to catch her, even in a flight. She is a bright green all over, with a darker, forest-green mask over her face and dots under her eye. There are splash marks on her wings, like she was splashed with paint. Her underside is licked with light green 'flames' as if she is warning people that she is very warm.

PERSONALITY: Phoenth is an extremely serious green. She has a very firm sense of duty, and needing to do things proper. She is a leader through and through, firm and serious. Perhaps not serious all the time, as she has rare moments where she has a desire to preen her human. She decides who she wants to fight for and has an excellent sense of how things work. She learns very quickly, and has a memory of five days instead of three. She has a very clear understanding of rank and order, and is fairly certain that she can and will be stronger than many give her credit for. She is going to do great things and no one will be able to stop her. Actually, she might encourage them to try. She'll definitely show them that she's better than anyone.

To her human, Phoenth will try to instill the same sense of duty. Fort is theirs, they need to do their best to make it thrive. She may not be the most emotional Green, but she may be a bit cold to her human, especially if she is working. She will never call them 'mine', finding such titles trivial. First name basis with everyone, that is her policy. This is not to say she is unfeeling or unmoving, but she is very sure of her duties, and she wants those done first. When not on duty, there is definitely a smarmy, almost joking streak to her. She's quick-witted and definitely isn't afraid to mouth off to someone if she thinks they're doing their work wrong.

VOICE: Phoenth has a soft, ladylike voice. She speaks forcefully, despite how soft her tone may be.


Clutch: The Melody in the Mist
Dam: Green Quth (Lexien)
Sire: Brown Teveth (Bucky)
Hatching Number: one of three
Impression Number: one of four
Details: Despite being laid late, Phoenth was the first of Quth's eggs to hatch. She had to seek her rider out, because he was not facing the eggs. Impression was swift and decisive.


Borrowed Skybird
A straggler, laid late, there is concern over if this egg will even hatch. However, it seems to be hardened just as quick, and despite the oddness of the shell, Quth still regards it as her own. This egg feels of fire, warmth and strength.
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