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Anae of Green Mienneth

Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:53 pm

Anae of Green Mienneth

"Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you'll find a brain back there."


NAME: Anae
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Winter, 2742
AGE: 24 as of Summer 2767
OCCUPATION: Greenrider, Journeyman tanner
WING: Daylight Wing

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black and long
PLAY-BY: art by quibbs
FULL APPEARANCE: Anae is approximately 5'11" with an athletic build and lean muscle. She wears predominantly leathers and furs, mostly made by her own hand and showing some degree of craftsmanship. She also has a small belt knife by her side, and holds herself with an air of regality and formality. Anae often wears a neutral expression, though she will occasionally have a warm, loving smile--or a mischievous grin--with those she is close to. Although her hair is straight, she now wears it slightly disheveled and long enough to span the length of her back. Anae's facial features are sharp, almost wild. She is not pretty, but certainly has a unique, memorable appearance, startling, even fearsome or predatory. Her nose is sharp and slender, her lips thin, her cheekbones prominent. Her jaw is narrow and sharp, with a small, pale scar running along her jawline.

PERSONALITY: Independent, knowledgeable, social, sarcastic, teasing, mischievous, vengeful, distant, protective, temper

Anae is an independent woman. She has trouble asking for help. Although she doesn't hold others to these standards, being able to do things herself is a sense of pride for her, and when she can't do things herself, she feels as though she has failed. Luckily, she is relatively capable--emotionally strong, brave, and hardworking. Anae really believes that she doesn't need others--she remains closed off from most, keeping her emotions to herself, and trusting few. She fears another loss, or betrayal, or even just over-reliance. She makes a habit of seeking knowledge and reading anything she can get her hands on, and as a result, she knows a little bit about most subjects--but cannot claim to be an expert in any. Despite her tendencies, Anae is dutiful and serious at the core of her motivations, at least where it matters. Where it's less important, she may be a little more...loose. She's certainly not one for social conventions--when she does something for others, it's because she thinks it's right, not because it's expected. Anae has an exceptionally strong survival instinct, but will still prioritize others.

While not a true extrovert, Anae does enjoy being around people, and can be described as people-seeking and people-motivated. She's a sociable woman, who may not be the best at making friends (she's a bit awkward, and her sense of humor rubs some the wrong way), but certainly goes out of her way to be kind to others. She is, on occasion, cheerful, and certainly friendly enough--in her sarcastic way, at least. That said, she rarely gets close to others. She may have many casual friends, but it is hard for her to get close to people. It doesn't mean she doesn't care, though! At the heart of her social interactions, Anae is snarky and teasing. Her dry, sarcastic quips may sting, but she doesn't mean to hurt anyone--it's just her sense of humor. She absolutely loves teasing the rare few she is close to, and has a playful, wild, and even silly side. While not a troublemaker, per se, Anae likes causing trouble. She doesn't like getting caught, or causing harm, or making serious trouble, of course, but she sees rules as more...guidelines. If you can get away with breaking them, you should. She likes being different, going against the grain, and ignoring social customs--but all of her mischief is harmless, without consequences or harm, and her mischievous streak is less pervasive than her dragon would like.

While certainly the last person to harm another under normal circumstances, Anae has no qualms about harming those who she believe deserves it. She has a taste for vengeance, and if anyone wrongs her or her loved ones, she will hate them deeply, and sometimes even try to make life miserable for them. In this way, she can be a bit of a bully, but in her mind, it's always justified. She does hold grudges, and never seems to forgive. Certainly, she can be a very harsh woman. Additionally, she has a terrible temper. While only certain things set her off, these certain things can be minor. Her anger is boiling hot, with yelling and thrown insults. Some may know of her because of the physical fights she can get into. Despite this, she is extremely protective and loyal. Once you've gained her loyalty, she will be beside you until the end, and make sure no harm comes to you. She is determined and dependable, and believes in doing her duty to protect even those who she is not close to. She protects her Weyr. She protects the weak. She protects whoever needs it. Unless they make her angry, of course.

-Mother: Myranis
-Father: Maesan
-Little sister: Myrissa
BIRTHPLACE: Small cothold near Fort Hold
Anae was born and raised in a small cothold. She lived with her extended family--they had been living in the cothold for several generations. That said, she was never close to anyone except her younger sister, Myrissa, born two turns later. Myrissa was a shy, worried girl, who Anae felt the need to protect at all costs. Myrissa, a dependent person, latched on to her older sister fiercely in response. Myrissa was teased by some of their relatives at the cothold, and when Anae found out, she attempted to beat up the perpetrators, but she was the one who got beat up.

At that point, Anae decided to learn to fight. She taught herself how to throw punches and land kicks. When she grew older, she taught herself how to use a knife in a fight. While not the most effective fighter, due to being self-taught without an affinity for it, she is still relatively capable.

From a young age, the elder of the cothold, a journeyman tanner, taught Anae his craft. She displayed a natural aptitude--steady hands, careful work, and most importantly, interest. At the age of nine, she was sent to the crafthall, to learn from a master. She reached journeyman at 17 turns, eventually, and travelled to Fort Hold, where she worked. While she was there, she befriended a tailor journeyman, Seihina, who had been born, raised, and taught in her hold. She fell in love, and Seihina began to teach Anae the basics of the tailor craft. As a result, Anae has knowledge of the basics of tailoring, but not as much as even an apprentice.

Their relationship was intense and passionate, and for one turn, the two were more focused on spending time together than their crafts--beyond spending time with each other while working on their crafts. Anae tried to teach Seihina hers, but the woman had no taste for it, and couldn't stand to do it, even if she tried. Anae's troublemaking streak was calmed by Seihina, as she was more focused on her girlfriend than anything like that. At the age of 18, Anae--and Seihina--were searched to Fort Weyr, much to their excitement. Anae's fascination with dragonkind began around this time. At one point, Seihina gave Anae a fire lizard egg, clutched from her own green flit, which Anae named Mimsy.

At their first hatching, at the age of 18, Anae Impressed. Mienneth chose her decisively, spurning the other candidates, even going so far as to nip at one. Seihina did not Impress, but was quite happy for Anae. Weyrlinghood meant the two had less time together, and they started growing more distant. Eventually, Seihina was offered the chance to train to become a master at her hall, and took the offer. They had a teary farewell, but have kept in contact via written letters on occasion, transported by fire lizards. The letters, however, grew more and more infrequent, as the girls became busier and busier.

Similarly, Anae heard little from her family, since her travels. She tried to return to the cothold, after her Weyrlinghood, but found the cothold empty, almost ghastly so. No one lived there, and she does not know what happened. In truth, the plague swept over the cothold, leaving few survivors, and the few who did survive--including Myrissa and her parents--lived as craftless drudges at Fort Hold, and soon became isolated by Evander's policies.

Anae certainly kept up with Weyr politics, as soon as she arrived, but nothing ever seemed to affect her personally. Fort was an interesting enough Weyr, and she had no interest in High Reaches, even after Golre's death. That said, she was intrigued by the new Semaca Weyr, but didn't personally consider it worth her time.

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Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:55 pm



NAME: Mienneth
BIRTHDATE Spring 2761
AGE: 6 as of 2767

LENGTH: 26 ft
HEIGHT: 6.6 ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #71907d
FULL APPEARANCE: Mienneth is a small green. While not tiny for her color, she is certainly on the small size. Much of her length is tail, however, and much of her height is leg, giving her a long and lean appearance. That said, her wings are quite large for her size, but they are narrow and long. She is a quick and agile, especially in the air, with a high degree of maneuverability. Long, lean, and well-proportioned, Mienneth is a beautiful creature, with regal facial features and an elegant shape. Her coloring is a bit faded, a mild grayish-green, but her elegant markings are a bright, yet soft, shade of mint. Despite being petite, even delicate, Mienneth has quite a vicious personality. In fact, how she acts seems at odds with how she looks, resulting in confusion when such a small, sweet-looking dragon lashes out. She carries herself with a sense of regality, but her posture is not especially formal or proud. Nothing about her body language expresses who she really is--unless she's angry, that is.

Her mindvoice is dry, often relatively monotone, with a heavy layer of sarcasm. It is a bit nasally, but still a dainty, feminine voice.

PERSONALITY: sarcastic, disdainful, contrary, hardworking, dedicated, prideful, condescending, arrogant, protective, temper

To say Mienneth has a sarcastic streak is the understatement of the pass. She's constantly making snarky remarks, often insulting people. It's a shame dragons can't roll their eyes, or she'd be rolling them on every rare occasion she didn't have a quip prepared. She's extremely condescending and disdainful, thinking everyone is an idiot--except her bonded. Even those she cares about are morons--just...endearing ones. If 'Sarcasm' is Mienneth's middle name, 'Contrary' is her last. She always disagrees with anything anyone but Anae says. Not that she won't do her duties--she'll just argue until the herdbeasts come home. You think it's this way? Clearly, you're wrong and an idiot because it's actually THAT way.

Despite this, she is surprisingly hardworking and dedicated--to her Weyr, to her loved ones, and especially, to Anae. She will do anything to see her loved ones and Weyr blossom. Of course, her Weyr is the best--as is her mate, her best friend, Anae, etc. She's got a sense of pride--both in herself, and in those she cares for. Of course, they're still idiots, but they're the best idiots. Naturally, she is incredibly protective, as is Anae. She will fight tooth and nail for others, sometimes even those she doesn't know. A fair, just dragon, Mienneth believes that those weaker and stupider than her (everyone) need to be protected. Despite the arrogance from which this stems, it results in her acting for the good of others--or at least what she perceives to be the good of others.

Like her rider, Mienneth has a terrifying temper. When she gets mad, she will throw a fit, leaving emotional destruction in her wake. Sometimes, she will even break objects or destroy places, within reason, but she never hurts any person or creature. When angry, she's out to hurt people. If she knows someone's vulnerabilities, she usually avoids them in her sarcasm and insults--but when angry, they're fair game, and even actively preyed upon. She gets frustrated and annoyed very easily, but her full temper is a bit more rare. Sure, she'd like to get her way all the time, and people are frustrating, but they're not worth losing her mind over. Sometimes, things aren't fair, and when it matters, she's very willing to create havoc. Unfortunately, her rider doesn't control her much, as they're both usually angry together, but anyone they care deeply about can calm them down.
Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:56 pm



NAME: Mimsy
BIRTHDATE Winter 2760
AGE: 7 as of 2767

HEX CODE: #2b9aef
FULL APPEARANCE: Mimsy is handsomely colored, a brilliant sky blue for the base of his hide. His wings fade into a darker color, almost like midnight, and a few soft circles of pale blue line his wingsails. The same pale blue colors his face and all four of his clawed feet. In size, he is certainly a large blue--in length, height, and width. He's adorably chubby, and his wings are a bit too small, proportionally, for his body. In terms of shape, he is not the prettiest--but he's certainly a cutie.

PERSONALITY: Mimsy is a dedicated, devoted creature. He's strictly no nonsense, but dedicated enough to his bonded that he will tolerate her nonsense. He may even participate, for the sake of Anae. He dislikes things that aren't real--made up words, fantasy and fiction, you name it. He has a penchant for investigation, and is quite good at finding the 'truth' of situations. Mimsy takes himself too seriously, and fancies himself a bit of a detective, and as a result, he tries to figure out the 'truth' of even the most mundane situations. Who took the last snack? Where did Mienneth go for the last five minutes? Who did Anae see when she went to the kitchens? He's very nosy and enmeshed in his bonded's life, but doesn't want to be told things. No, he wants to figure it out himself. He's quite bright, if not a bit naive and gullible.
Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:45 pm



NAME: Brillig
BIRTHDATE Late fall 2767
AGE: <1 as of 2767

LENGTH: Medium
FULL APPEARANCE: Pale gold and orangey-gold intermingle on this lady's hide. Although her markings are regal and profess her as a gold, Brillig is a tiny one. Or, rather, she's quite short. With little, awkward-looking legs, compared to a long body, she is not exactly the most graceful of firelizards. She's thick and solidly built, a hardy little thing.

PERSONALITY: Loud and ready to have fun, Brillig is an excited troublemaker who couldn't take anything seriously if her life depended on it. She's rowdy, often causing a fuss, and doesn't seem to care how her actions affect others. Luckily, she's not very subtle about it. She makes messes, steals things (usually snatching it from their hands), and even gets into fights, on occasion. At least she doesn't have malicious intent, and just wants to have fun. It's fun for everyone, right?
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