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D'eryn of Green Hachimath

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D'eryn of Green Hachimath

"That was the trick - to keep punching, no matter what."


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Character - Retire
NAME: D'eryn, born Dileryn
GENDER: Genderfluid, born female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers and He/Him/His

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2747
AGE: 23 as of 2770
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Aurora Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde and cut into a pixie style
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"0, thin but with noticeable muscle definition
PLAY-BY: Valory Curry
D'eryn has a round face, a small nose, pale skin, and long eyelashes. She has very androgynous features. Her bangs often fall in front of her left eye, so she's taken to either letting them or styling all of her hair back depending on her mood. She has a nice, toothy smile that she often hides behind a warm upward turn of the corners of her lips. She doesn't have many freckles, but she does have a light sweeping of them across her shoulders. She has a small number of scars on her back, but not enough to note.

He enjoys wearing more 'masculine' based clothes, never dresses, never skirts. Leather jackets and pants or bust. When he feels more assigned to the male gender, D'eryn feels lucky as he is flat-chested which he uses to his advantage. Depending on the gender he feels more assigned to on a given day, he will either wear tight or flowy shirts. He has a penchant for brown and blue clothing, and often has a pair of goggles on herself wherever he goes.

D'eryn is strong-willed and impulsive, yet, she very kind and caring at heart. She is capable of standing her ground in fights and arguments alike, and does not give up against obstacles. Though she prides herself on being tough, D'eryn has been known to show much empathy as well as sympathy. As she got older, D'eryn has become a bit more serious but is still willing to do the unthinkable when the job is needed.

D'eryn is also very smart and a quick thinker. He has shown himself to be able to find solutions to most problems she faces. However, D'eryn also tends to be somewhat arrogant, believing that he is better than some. He dislikes sitting around discussing issues, preferring to act instead of wasting time debating or deliberating. He is also quite sarcastic, occasionally turning a serious situation awkward, or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

FAMILY: Artemis of Bronze Sharpeth (father, deceased), Alessan (mother, alive), Jaspert of Blue Leviath (older brother, alive)
Dileryn always felt more masculine than feminine, yet she could not deny that she still felt like a girl. As she got older, she realized that she was both female and male at the same time, but sometimes one or the other at different times. She continually switched between pronouns depending on who she felt at that time. Her family was more than accepting. Dileryn was glad to have a decently tight-knit family.

Dileryn was always much closer to his father than his mother, he idolized him. He thought that if he became a dragonrider, he'd be just like him. Big, strong, brave, smart, important, the whole nine yards. But, even the strongest of idols can fall. Dileryn was crushed when his father was killed during Threadfall, but that risk was just what came in the job description. That didn't mean that it hurt any less. He decided that, when he was old enough, he would stand as a candidate. There was nothing else for him to do. His father was gone, but his need to live up to his legacy still stood strong.

She was sixteen and on the stands, her second year. All she wanted was for one of the dragons to be hers, that's all she hoped for. Luckily, her wish was granted. She Impressed to Hachimath, a motherly no-nonsense sort of green that Dileryn was glad to have around. She took the honorific of D'eryn. Finally feeling as if she made her father proud, she stayed at Fort and put her heart and soul into protecting the people from Thread.

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Name: Hachimath
Birth season: Late Fall 2763
Age: 7 turns as of 2770


Color: Green
Hex Code: #3EA055
Length: 32ft
Height: 8ft
Wingspan: 50ft

Full appearance:
On the larger end for greens, Hachimath is a lovely creature. Her wings are large like sails, larger than they should be for her size, and she is a little awkward. If they are not tucked at her sides, she is prone to tripping on them, and she may be slightly clumsy. Once she manages balance, she will be a rather dainty sort of creature, and graceful once she has her bearings. She should grow out of her awkward stage once she has learned to fly. She's a bright, jade-green all over, and her markings are a lighter, not quite neon sort of green. There's two large bands on her neck and tail, and a big swish over her nose and mouth. The bands all have little dots accenting them.

Hachimath is a rather serene green. She is the first to rush into the sky if there is a raid, and she is very passionate about defending the weyr and the dragons therein. She is a green that all but commands respect due to her pride and attention to her duty, but she does not demand respect from those around her. She would rather let her reputation speak for herself, and she will work to ensure that her reputation is nothing but good around the weyr. She is not a cruel or prideful creature, but one who finds passion in work and protecting her home.

To her bonded, Hachimath would rather let them do their own thing. It is not that she does not want to be involved, she would rather not meddle if they have a plan. She will be gentle with her encouragement, and try not to raise her voice unless they are about to do something that she thinks is foolish, like attempting to fly on her back without riding straps. However, she can be quite a drill sergeant if her bonded has chores or other duties to attend to.

Voice: A smooth, serene voice, Hachimath sounds much like a mother when she speaks - gentle and caring.

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