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Charlotte of Green Golgoroth

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Charlotte of Green Golgoroth



“What’s a life, anyway? We’re born, we live a little while, and we die.”
-Charlotte, Charlotte's Web


NAME: Charlotte
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNS: Feminine (she/her/hers)
ORIENTATION: Heteroflexible

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2730
AGE: 43 as of Early Summer 2773
OCCUPATION: Greenrider
WING: Aurora

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 2", slender and dainty
PLAY-BY: Expy of Charlotte (Charlotte's Web); art by Lady of Hera picrew
Charlotte is a pretty woman. She stands at a below-average height of 5' 2" tall, with a slender body and a delicate touch. Her hair is as black as the moonless midnight sky, cut in a neat, short bob. Her eyes are a dark blue color, big and sparkling with intelligence and love for everyone. Charlotte tends to wear clothes with practicality in mind, in various shades of grey and heather-tones. When out of her flying gear, she enjoys wearing sweaters that leave her shoulders bare to the world, black slacks, and her standard boots.

Charlotte is a woman of intense compassion, to start. She is driven to help the downtrodden and the depressed in any way she can, whether it's something as simple as bringing a blanket to rescuing their family member from a dangerous situation. No matter what, she'll see to the happiness and safety of those around her. She is motherly and dedicated to her family and her friends, loyal to a fault, and devoted to serving others above herself. Charlotte will not tolerate a bully, and will always stand up in defense of others. Intelligent and graceful, Charlotte is like a guardian angel, ready to swoop in at a moments' notice to help others. She loves all living things, and everyone deserves to be accepted and loved, Charlotte thinks.

Unfortunately, Charlotte is human, and thus flawed. She is a very practical woman, to the point that she won't listen to other ideas once she decides on a course of action. She is not a cruel or cold person, but she is one who prefers doing something rather than stand around and talk about it. Why waste time and energy exchanging words when the job can get done in minutes? She takes great offense when the people she cares for are hurt, and won't hesitate to get vicious to defend them. Charlotte is wise, both with age and experience, but she doesn't take contradictory opinions well. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, yes, but they aren't entitled to start arguments for the sake of arguing. Either her way is correct, or this world is just too insane to bother with.

There are those who may attempt to turn away her offers of aid or try to dissuade her from her current plan of action, only to find her rigid and set in her ways. Charlotte finds it difficult to leave someone who needs her help, and finds it hard to accept a firm 'no'. Additionally, when she holds a grudge, she holds a grudge hard. Should you be the unlucky bastard who fought with her, Charlotte is likely to refuse to speak to you for at least several months, perhaps even Turns depending on the severity of the offense. All these traits of hers, rolled together, results in people viewing her in a negative light and even refusing to interact with her further. To Charlotte, this is the worst fate anyone could have: to be shunned, when all she wants to do is to help.

A summary: Charlotte is a kind and compassionate woman, but she is only human, and is thus flawed. She is filled with an intense drive to help others, but she can be stubborn with her methods, pushy, and a bit over-practical. She hopes to bring people together by making light of things they have in common, rather than their differences. Charlotte is devoted to her family, friends, and duty to Weyr and the people of Pern, but still knows to live her life to the maximum.

Unknown biological parents - status: unknown
Charlen - adoptive father - deceased - health complications due to old age
Meenlotte - adoptive mother - living
Wilbur - wherhandler - adopted son - living
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: None, but open!
HISTORY: TW: death/loss, emotional trauma
Charlotte had a simple and quiet beginning. Baby Charlotte had been placed at the doorstep of a middle-aged couple with nothing but the blanket wrapped around her. Charlen and Meenlotte adopted the child as their own, naming her a simple name that seemed to fit her: Charlotte.

Charlotte grew up with everything she could ever want: warmth, shelter, food, and the love of two parents. She played with the neighboring children all through her youth, tended a garden, and she was looked on with affection in her community. Even into adulthood, Charlotte decided to stay with her parents, simply caring too much to move on to elsewhere.

Charlotte was about 22 Turns when a Telgar Searchdragon arrived and selected her for Candidacy out of everyone else. She was immensely honored and accepted, bidding her parents farewell and traveling to Telgar Weyr. Several Turns pass, all disappointment after disappointment. A fellow Candidate, bred at the Weyr, picked on her for her failures after he himself Impressed bronze. It led to a lifelong resentment and a distrust of bronzeriders to this day. Then her fortunes turned, and Charlotte Impressed to a lovely green: Golgoroth. Charlotte was immediately fond of her green, ecstatic that she Impressed, and ready for the next chapter of her life with her Golgoroth.

Then terrible news arrived, turning Charlotte's world upside down: 1) Charlotte was barren; completely, utterly barren. And 2) Charlotte's father had passed away in her absence.

Charlotte was devastated. She had always wanted children of her own; to raise a child with love, and to provide her beloved parents with grandchildren. But now? That dream was in the gutter, and her father gone too. But through it all, Golgoroth was there, a devoted friend to aid in these troubling times. She went home to attend the funeral and to be with her mother through her grief. When Meenlotte was able to return from grief, Charlotte returned to her duties; to Telgar Weyr.

Charlotte wandered in a haze...until Wilbur entered her life. The boy was just as lost as she was, having never known his father and lost both his mother and his many siblings in one fell swoop in a deadly fire. The Weyr took Wilbur in, and Charlotte took the boy under her wing. Golgoroth was very pleased by the newest addition, caring for Wilbur very deeply as well. Charlotte and Wilbur became very close, a mother-son relationship blooming from their mutual pain. When he became of age, Wilbur entered Candidacy, much to Charlotte's delight. After failing to Impress at several dragon Hatchings, Wilbur stood at a wher Hatching and managed to bond to a blue wher.

Needless to say, Charlotte was filled with pride and joy at her adopted son's success. He was finally happy, bonded to a lovely wher, and assured a place in the Weyr. She and Golgoroth were together and happy in Telgar...until they weren't. Problems were brewing. Charlotte's wing was suffering terribly, as Thread claimed many lives one Fall. Charlotte and Golgoroth found themselves adrift as the Wing struggled to reform and find new members. Charlotte and Golgoroth temporarily transferred to another wing, and continued fighting Thread, but...the greenpair found they simply...didn't fit in anymore.

It was time. Wilbur was all grown up, with a significant other and wher. They were happy together...and Charlotte's work was done. Promising to write letters and bidding her son a loving farewell, Charlotte and Golgoroth transferred to where they felt they were needed most: Fort Weyr. Would things be different here? They'd have to wait and see what came.

  • Early Fall 2772: Golgoroth rises and chooses brown Jaklath.
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NAME: Golgoroth
BIRTHDATE Late Spring 2757
AGE: 15 as of Early Summer 2772



LENGTH: 31.75 ft
HEIGHT: 7 ft
WINGSPAN: 44.5 ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #495e42
FULL APPEARANCE: Gologroth is on the larger end of green size, built less for speed and more for staying power. She's built like an ox, sturdy and steady in flight, albeit a bit slower than her companions. She is a blend of various green tones. Her legs and the top sails of her wings are a dark evergreen shade, with bright green coating half her face, her sides, and down her tail. The rest of her is a pale, almost white shade of green; it covers the other half of her face, her chest, belly, inner wingsails, and under her tail.

PERSONALITY: Golgoroth is a quiet green by nature, preferring to observe rather than make a hasty declaration. She is not at all timid or shy, however, and will certainly speak her mind when the time is right. Golgoroth wishes to lift others above their worries and their strifes in her own way: tough love. Her methods may seem brusque, but her heart is in the right place. She strives to be the best she can, protecting others to the best of her abilities. Golgoroth is notably stubborn, and won't hesitate to spit a sharp comment to those that annoy here. Yet she can be remarkably patient at times, especially toward children and dragonets.

To her rider, Golgoroth is a constant companion and a true friend. She and Charlotte share a love of people and a desire to protect others, though it manifests differently between the two of them; a physical protection in Golgoroth, and an emotional protection in Charlotte. Golgoroth is that dragon who is devoted to seeing out the Fall, no matter the cost to herself. It is for others that she sacrifices everything and gives it her all. Dutiful and honorable, she cares for Charlotte deeply, and isn't afraid to show it. What's someone gonna do about it, huh? That's right: complain. Then Golgoroth will bluntly tell them where to stick it.

Voice: Golgoroth has a pleasant voice, a feminine tenor filled with warmth and affection. When enraged or shouting orders, her voice deepens and becomes almost raspy sounding.
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