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K'ryn of Green Ekavieth

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K'ryn of Green Ekavieth



"It's never easy...but if we turn our backs on our principles, we stop being human."
-Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager,


NAME: K'ryn; originally Kathryn, sometimes called Kat
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNS: Feminine (she/her/hers)
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, but who has that kind of time?

BIRTHDATE: Early Summer 2728
AGE: 44 as of Early Winter 2772
OCCUPATION: Greenrider
WING: Aurora

EYES: Dark Blue
HAIR: Auburn Red
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 5"; slim, with dainty hands
PLAY-BY: Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway)
K'ryn is a mere 5' 5" in height with a slim build to her, but that doesn't mean she should be discounted or overlooked. Her hair is a bright auburn red, and she alternates between letting her hair grow long and keeping it out of the way in a neat bun, or trimmed short and neat. Currently, she wears her hair short, in a respectful cut. Her eyes are a dark blue in hue, bright with intelligence and sharp when glaring.

When it comes to her clothing, K'ryn isn't picky. So long as it's functional and doesn't make her look as though she'd been living under a rock for several Turns, it's perfectly fine. Typically, she wears something along the lines of black slacks and a red top with her boots. She is fond of the color red. She's never far from her fighting gear, a habit developed out of past experience with bad periods of Threadfall.

PERSONALITY: TW: mention of depression/guilty feelings
K'ryn is, above all, dedicated to her duties as a dragonrider. Ever since she was a child, her main goal has been to help people as best as she can, and being a dragonrider is her ultimate dream come true. Brave and loyal, she will always place others before herself. However, K'ryn holds herself to the dragonrider principles she has been taught, and will follow orders given to her to the letter. That said, she isn't above bending them a little. K'ryn has a strong moral compass and immense empathy for others, and if her orders stands in the way of her goals, she'll find a way to skirt the edge around it and find a loophole which would allow her to proceed unchallenged.

K'ryn has a tactical mind, high intellect, and sharp wit, but don't come to her seeking advice on anything remotely outside of her work, for she can become utterly lost in the subtleties of most relationships of the sort. Romance especially eludes her, yet flattery and wooing often amuses her. K'ryn is sociable to an extent, but rarely can she attach a true friend. She often comes across as blunt and a little untouchable, but she is a very compassionate woman, who cares deeply for all people in any situation or avenue of life. Yet another notable trait of K'ryn's is her stubborn streak, with a hint of impulsivity and recklessness thrown in. If she sees that a hefty reward comes with some risks, she'll take her chances, with her stubbornness backing her up that fiercely drives her to never back down.

Even today, K'ryn struggles with feelings of guilt. Depression is a heavy blanket across her shoulders, and everything she keeps inside. Never does she truly let others see her damaged core, for she must remain strong for others around her. Should anything bad occur, she blames it on herself and her actions, and seeks ways to make it right, which could put herself at risk. Occasionally, she can become self-righteous, blind to what alternatives those around her suggest. When in these self-righteous ruts, she becomes very sensitive to criticism and rarely sees reason. Additionally, K'ryn sometimes becomes so absorbed in her personal goals and bad feelings that they nearly consume her, driving her to extremes that are unlike her usual self. When she returns to herself, K'ryn is often regretful of her actions and seeks to make amends, and the cycle goes on.

P'ard - bluerider - father - deceased (Threadfall)
G'hen - greenrider - mother - alive
Phoebe - younger sister - alive - open tie!
HISTORY: TW: death/grieving, difficulty coping/overcoming trauma
Kathryn was born, like many children of Weyrs, of flightlust. Raised mostly by the creche, with little contact with her busy parents, the girl lived a simple life among the Weyr children. She made friends where she did, performed well in her lessons, and never shirked her chores, but otherwise remained largely unnoticed - just the way she liked it. Over time, she grew out of her antisocial ways, blossoming into the beginnings of her future adult self: a dragonrider

As time went on, Kathryn matured into a bright young woman, excelling in her studies and eager to serve her Weyr as a rider. The war exploded across Pern, rattling the nerves of some, but not Kathryn. She would become a Candidate, Impress, and fight for her Weyr. As soon as she proved eligible, she immediately signed up for Candidacy and waited. And waited. And waited. Many a time, she thought she'd walk from those Sands in triumph, but many a time she was disappointed. It didn't matter what color - bronze, brown, garnet, blue, green, white - all found her unacceptable and passed her by.

It was the summer of her 24th Turn when Kathryn found herself upon the Hatching Sands once more, in sharp control of her hope. Why would this be any different from the last countless Hatching? Keeping to the back to graciously allow the newer Candidates a place near the front, she waited for it to be over. But today was her lucky day. Ahem! a voice dragged Kathryn out of her thoughts. Am I welcome here, or would you prefer one of my silly, wherry-brained sisters?

Ekavieth was everything Kathryn - now K'ryn - could ever want: a strong green with a penchant for efficiency and order. She knew they would go far together, and was immensely joyful. They entered weyrling classes with pride, graduating with distinction into their first fighting wing. Everything was well and good, and K'ryn was happy and content. Until things started going wrong. When K'yrn was about 40 Turns, her father - P'ard of Blue Torpeth - fell in Threadfall one day.

K'ryn found herself spiraling, unable to come to terms with what had happened. People who were mere acquaintances and those she had known and loved alike had died as time went on, unnoticed in the business of life, while she had survived and now remained to pick up what was left after the loss of P'ard. To her, nothing but ashes remained. It left her crippled with despair and in emotional turmoil. Yet Ekavieth was with her every step of the way, until K'ryn finally found the strength to heave herself out of the darkness she'd been in and emerge anew - nearly two Turns later.

Yet the aftermath remained. So many Turns spent here at Ista, fighting Thread, and now the thought of flying familiar skies against it left K'ryn quaking in her boots. What if she lost someone she loved again? What if... What if her Ekavieth fell prey to the ravages of Thread? Then the green herself suggested that they transfer elsewhere; to recover in a new place and find their feet once more. Deciding that was the best option available to them, K'ryn filed for transfer and, once it was accepted, said her goodbyes and left for Fort Weyr.
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NAME: Ekavieth (eh-KAH-vee-ehth)
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2752
AGE: 20 as of Early Winter 2772



LENGTH: 28 ft.
HEIGHT: 7 ft.
WINGSPAN: 42 ft.
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #123326
FULL APPEARANCE: Ekavieth’s hide resembles the night sky as much as any green dragon’s can, a tapestry of pale green spots like stars overlaid on a deep forest-green backdrop. While most of her hide resembles a clear night sky, stars unshrouded, her wings have faint hazy patterns reminiscent of a cloudy night. Her hide is the main thing that stands out about her, though; otherwise, she’s just about average for size, built for speed like many of her color. She holds herself proudly, with confidence rather than arrogance.

PERSONALITY: Ekavieth is a consummate partner. Though she is a dragon, and the workings of her mind are not human, she nonetheless does her best to support her rider, giving advice and comfort. She’s good about asking which one her rider would prefer in a given situation. She has a soft spot for her rider, but holds everyone else, herself included, to an incredibly high standard. Ekavieth is not good at making friends or being social, and even her flights are affairs of efficient business rather than the fun escapades some other dragons enjoy.

Ekavieth also has an odd penchant for klah. She doesn’t actually drink it, but really likes the smell for some reason. She’s not quite sure why.

Voice: Ekavieth’s voice is a low alto, brusque but not harsh.

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