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B'recal of garnet Xiometh

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B'recal of garnet Xiometh

B ' R E C A L

I'm inclined to think half mankind
thinks the other half is lying
Wouldn't be surprised to find
they're all in c a h o o t s
-- "Facade", from Jekyll and Hyde the musical


RETIRE INFO: Retire B'recal, adopt Xiometh
NAME: B'recal
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: panromantic polyamorous

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2738
AGE: thirty-two as of Winter 2770
OCCUPATION: Rider, Journeyman Harper
WING: Twilight, Faranth help him

HAIR: short, brown, spiky
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six foot one, lanky
PLAY-BY: Sam Witwer
While the weyr has several individuals who hold claim to greater height, B'recal still towers over most people. The illusion is helped by his rawboned frame, which seems to gangle even though he is powerful and broad. He dresses well, with clothing tastes similar to those born to their rank. He likes to present himself as a suave man with taste and rank.

And with a square jaw, defined features, and dark eyes set deep beneath thick brows? He pulls it off. He shaves regularly to maintain his look, and is very unhappy when he has more than stubble. 'Undignified', he calls it. That doesn't stop him from admiring others with beards. It's just not for him.


B'recal is warmth and heat and passion. He throws himself into his causes, and shows little restraint. Xiometh is quite aggravated with him, at times, because he does not always take the time to consult his dragon before doing something that she claims she could have done better. (Often, she could have done better.)

Reserved in company, B'recal craves intimacy. He prefers a very small inner circle, no more than five, of people he gets very close to. Sometimes his bed partners graduate to inner circle friends. Sometimes, he sleeps with his inner circle. But usually, he looks for bed mates outside of his group of friends. It's not fair to subject them to all of his intense passion.

Really, it's not fair to subject anyone to all of his passion, which is why B'recal channels a lot of his passions into creating. He's a rider, not a harper, now, but he still writes songs and poems on a near-daily basis. This occasionally gets him in trouble when he accidentally breaks into song during Threadfall.

  • Mother- Neclar of blue Lask and white Neclesk , early sixties, Ruatha
  • Father - Beslen, journeyman harper, deceased
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: none currently
Born as the oldest son to a pair of crafters, 'Bornecal' was quickly dubbed 'Bore-us-all'. He was a quiet, reserved child who preferred to play quietly by himself rather than deal with other children. That was true, until he fell in with a boy often referred to as his cousin, though no one could say which side of the family produced him. Bornecal quickly developed a more aggressive side, and emerged as a leader among the children.

His mother Impressed a blue wher when he was ten. She claimed it was an accident, but Neclar of Ruath had never been one to sit idly by and let life happen without her. She rarely claimed events to be accidents. Even Bornecal's conception, which was the very definition of an accident - was 'meant to be'.

Traveled to Ruatha with mother at age thirteen, to be closer to Neclar's family while she and Beslen were going through a rough patch. There, he fell under the tutelage of the Hold's Harper, and began formal study. Away from the bad influence of the cousin, Bornecal learned to channel his passions through creative outlets. Even though he began studies late, his teacher had high hopes for his career. There were plans to send him to the Harper Hall for formal learning, but it was not to be.

Although Searches came and went, Bornecal was always away from the dragons. He was eighteen when a dragon finally got a sniff of him, and the apprentice harper was spirited away to Fort. He didn't Impress immediately, and used the time to continue his studies. He was made a journeyman at the age of twenty-three.

A Turn before he aged out, Bornecal Impressed a small garnet fire lizard. He named her Shira, and slowly resigned himself to a life without a dragon. Then gold Macath Rose, and Bornecal prepared to Stand for his last clutch.

If Shira was a surprise, then imagine how surprised everyone was when the fifth egg of the Vault of Pandora clutch revealed a strikingly beautiful garnet. She stalked the line of girls on the Sands before latching onto Bornecal.

I do love a good crowd, don't you? It's especially great when they're here to see me. Well, me and my B'recal. Come on and let's get out of this sand. I can't disappoint these people!

Weyrling lessons quickly revealed that garnet Xiometh and brown Kajth could not be trusted to reliably work together. Actually, Kajth could not be expected to work with anyone except Doukajth, but that didn't stop rumors from circulating that Xiometh was the one who was difficult to work with. Neither of them were particularly pleased with that rumor.

Xiometh Rose, and was caught by brown Zansipath. His rider, M'rel, got along with B'recal quite well, and they decided to remain weyrmates until Xiometh's next Flight. Her Flight did not result in a clutch, much to B'recal's relief and Xiometh's confusion.
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  • Early Winter 2765 - B'recal pitches in to help newly promoted weyrleader Negan clean up the wreckage of a barn.
  • Late Winter 2765 - In an attempt to get his former mentor (Fraenkie of blue Vagneth) to relax, B'recal goes to visit Semaca. Fraenkie does not follow. Xiometh Rises, and picks a bronze from High Reaches - Spykth. She later clutches two glorious eggs, and looks after two more sired by her mate.
  • Early Spring 2766 - The Defenders of Solus clutch reveals that Xiometh has produced a glorious, if tetchy, garnet daughter, and a stolid brown son. She and B'recal leave them behind when they decide their vacation to be over and head back to Fort.
  • Early Summer 2766 - Shortly after their return, Br'nan and Xiometh go through a change in wingleadership. Their new wingleader S'bor has a conspiracy theory in regards to Harpers.
  • Twilight Sing/Harpergate
  • non clutching flight
  • Early Summer 2767 - Xiometh takes to the skies once more, and is caught by blue Syrenith. Later, she shares the Sands with blue Hinokath and garnet Neozeoth.
  • Late Summer 2767 - This second clutch reveals two more glorious children. White Taissath and Brown Langeth Impress in short order, although Langeth will bear careful watching.
  • 2768 - Nornth something or other
  • Spring 2770 - Horror of horrors, two eggs are stolen from Fort's Hatching Sands. The victim was a garnet Xiometh had shared the Sands with once before, which made the whole situation hit far too close to home for B'recal and Xiometh.
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NAME: Xiometh
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2763 (Raider)
AGE: seven as of Winter 2770



The Defenders of Solus Clutch - Late Spring 2766
sands shared with Gold Nuuth, Green Savanth, and Garnet Guiloth
Sire: Bronze Spykth (D'rue)
Majesty of the Sun - Garnet Ambraliath
Keeper of the Blade - Brown Rath
Green Kasheth x Bronze Spykth, also watched over
Five Virtues - Green Eboeth
Aura of Justice - Blue Kidulth

The Haunted Home Clutch - Late Summer 2767
sands shared with Garnet Neozeoth
Sire: Blue Syrenith (Misty)
Missing Massacre - Brown Langeth
Sweet Innocence - White Taissath

LENGTH: forty feet (40 ft)
HEIGHT: nine feet (9 ft)
WINGSPAN: fifty-five feet (55 ft)
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #54345b
Xiometh is... well, she would call herself perfect. She's around the average range of garnet, and she looks like someone carefully painted her entire body. It is something she prides herself on. She is rather lithe and slender, with narrow wings and a whip-thin tail and a round face. She carries herself as if she is a regal human, dainty steps. She is a deep, royal purple all over, with her face a pale lavender, the same pale color over her wingsails with a bright pinkish color streaking over them like flames. She has a lighter purple collar over her neck and chest, the same color on her legs and paws. Her face looks like she is wearing makeup, a little dusting of 'shadow' over her eyes.

Xiometh presents herself as a smooth-talking, suave, amazing sort of dragon who can do anything and make it look easy. She's charming, is very good at faking any sort of charisma she needs, and is incredibly intelligent. However, she is also a giant dork. The smooth, suave garnet? Yeah, she only does that when she's in front of anyone who is not her bonded. When in private, she's a massive nerd who likes ballads and trying to play with toys. She thinks she can build things, but she's a dragon and dexterity is not her strong suit. She is a great dragon for brainstorming, and if there's an unconventional or unexpected way to do things, she'll probably be the one to think about it. She's not shy by any means, she's bold and outgoing with a smile in her eyes.

To her human, Xiometh is all about building them up, upping their confidence, and letting them grow and discover who they are. She isn't going to coddle them, but she won't tear them down if they make mistakes. She wants them to learn, to become who they want to be... but only if that person isn't a massive dick. She has no tolerance for bullies or assholes, and her suave persona will drop pretty fast if she has to chew someone out. She may be playful with Kajth now and again, but make no mistake, she hates that dragon's guts more than anything else in the world. Xiometh can be pushy now and then, and she's got a stubborn streak a mile wide.

Voice: Xiometh sounds like she is always 1000% suave, her voice in public deep and sultry... and when she's alone with her rider, she somehow gains a more casual, light-hearted and slightly Terran Southern accent.


Clutch: The Vaults of Pandora (Raiders)
Dam: Gold Macath (Danse)
Sire: Brown Espinneth (Kats)
Hatching Number: five of fifteen
Impression Number: five of fifteen
Details: Xiometh had a most dramatic hatching, and she was immediately graceful as soon as her feet hit the Sands. She investigated all the girls present before Impressing to Bornecal. She named him 'B'recal' as she Impressed.

Confident Reasons
Awww, whatta cutie. Feels like a charmer to me- Danse, come have a look, I bet you'd get along well with this one, and it's got a heart on it, see?
A large purple egg with a small pink heart on the lower right side. There is something a little enchanting and very welcoming about this egg, as if the dragonet inside is inviting you to stay and have a few drinks.
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NAME: Shira
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2762
AGE: eight as of Winter 2770

Dainty and petite. Shira is a small garnet, with the small wingspan to go with it. She is a shockingly vibrant shade of red, as opposed to the more lavender shades of her larger counterpart. Nearly completely without marks, Shira has one glove on her left forefoot, just a few shades darker than the rest of her. Barely noticeable.

Even her harness blends with her hide. It tells the observer that her human is a garnet rider bonded to Fort Weyr, but the only color that pops is the brown twisted into what serves as her neckband. She is a bright pop of color in any background, even around other garnets.

Shira is B'recal's spoiled little princess. She has never wanted for anything, not food or love or care or toys. As such, she is quite a demanding little thing. Her smallest fancies have always been indulged, and woe betide the person or dragon to deny her anything!

It's hard to tell how she feels about any given person with her easily won and lost favor. There are a few people she truly adores, but even they are not immune to her temper. B'recal sometimes calls her 'Wrathful Flipper', and the name is apt.
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