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D'lena of brown Jaklath

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D'lena of brown Jaklath

D ' L E N A

"they thought you would change but your inner strength shined
they thought you would break but you never did cry
--"Limelight" boyinaband ft Cryaotic


RETIRE INFO: retire D'lena, adopt Jaklath
NAME: D'lena
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: demiromantic pansexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Summer 2740
AGE: thirty as of Winter 2770
OCCUPATION: brownrider
WING: Eclipse


EYES: black
HAIR: brown; long; braided to hips
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five foot six; solidly muscled with heels set deep in stubbornness
PLAY-BY: Q'orianka Kilcher


If she chose to utilize them, this brown rider could have a very intimidating black gaze. However, D'lena rarely meets the eyes of others. Her gaze is always just slightly off-center, generally pointed down or to the left. Her reluctance to meet eyes frequently leaves people convinced that she is rude, or arrogant, or shy. At seeming odds to this odd behavior, D'lena carries herself with enough confidence as to appear a few inches taller than the five feet and six inches that are her reality. Her shoulders are generally set back in good posture, and she does not shuffle her feet as though consistently nervous.

Many things have changed since her days at the Hall. Since her arrival at Fort, she has put aside the dresses and skirts she once wore, and switched to more practical trousers and boots. They are just now beginning to be comfortable, but D'lena would still much rather be wearing a dress. She has retained one vanity from her days at the Smithcraft Hall, and that is the length of her hair. She keeps her newly sun-streaked brown hair long, and maintains a tidy braid that runs from her crown to just past her hips. Only time will tell if practicality will convince her that there are more suitable hair styles for a dragon rider.

The only jewelry she wears appears to be a simple leather string, worn as a necklace. It holds a pair of forged metal rings, their simple design offset by an intricate texture. She keeps them tucked beneath her neckline, but can be seen clutching them in times of distress. Only one of the rings would fit any of her calloused fingers.


PERSONALITY: D'lena has always been a home maker. She will find a task that will put her world back to rights, and accomplish it without fanfare or notice. No job is less important than any others, and she is tidily efficient about completing things. If her world does not need reordering, though, it does not always occur to her to look for tasks outside of what pertains to her or hers. She can have very narrow focus at times.

That's why she does her best work with an overseer. She can lead, but she needs someone above her in turn. Her best position is as a second or third in command. That is where she is not too highly ranked as to cause anxiety, but also with enough authority that she is heeded. Teaching will never be her strong suit, but keeping order? That, she can do.

While no longer strictly in mourning, she has yet to regain the same fire that burned so brightly before. Once upon a time, she could command a kitchen when the Headwoman was needed elsewhere. While ordinarily soft-spoken, Des can produce quite a lot of noise when she needs others to listen to her. One day, she will command again. With Jaklath by her side, how could she not?

After all, it was Jaklath who allowed D'lena to make friends again. She had not had the heart to do more than eke out a miserable existence until Impression occurred. While she has yet to completely regain confidence, as dragons are completely outside of her experience, this once-cook now awakens with the ability to complete tasks. Even caring for her hair, her long-time vanity, had fallen by the wayside.

  • Birth mother - Genesis, early fifties, wherhandler to [blank] Genesk; Southern Boll
  • Foster mother - Dash, late forties, holder; Keroon Hold
  • Father - Klenfir, late fifties, journeyman harper; Keroon Hold
  • Half-siblings - three brothers, two sisters

SIGNIFICANT OTHER: -none currently-

Warnings :
  • Self Harm (fire lizard)
  • Death (non-graphic)
  • Depression

2739 || b i r t h

Deslena was born to a wher handler temporarily stationed at Keroon Hold. When her orders came to move, Genesis left her toddler with the Hold's harper. Some had speculated that the harper, Klenfir, was the child's father anyways. Genesis never addressed the rumors, and Klenfir never treated his adopted child any different than the other children under his care. Most of them really were his - he had married after a while, and Deslena grew up almost as twin to one of Dash's brood.

Keroon being known for its beast craft, Deslena grew up around animals. She, along with several other children her age, were put to work caring for the herds. They were never formally apprenticed, being holder children, but many of them learned how to train their charges. Dash's oldest turned out to have a great liking for the huge taurhines. Deslena, though, made friends with the fire lizards of the Hold. By ten, she had her heart set on Impressing one of her own.

2754 || v i t a y a

At fourteen, Deslena Impressed green Vitaya. She had just a little bit to spend at a Gather, and one of the trader caravans had a clutch of fire lizard eggs for sale. The last day of the Gather saw the traders lowering their prices by a fraction of a mark, just enough to put a tiny egg in reach for a teenager. Vitaya hatched a few hours later.

Unlike many youngsters who managed to Impress a fire lizard, Deslena was expecting the difficulty. Baby lizards might eat meat instead of drinking milk, but she had nursed enough baby herd animals (mostly ovine, a few bovine) to know that the very young of a species needed quite a bit of care. It was the oiling that stymied her, and little Vitaya began to scratch wounds into her pale hide trying to soothe various itches. By the time Deslena figured out the issue, the green had permanent scar tissue along the worst spots. Those always would be sensitive to touch.

2757 || a n e v


At eighteen, she married Journeywoman Smith Anev, with white Kharee. Blonde Anev was twenty-five to Deslena's eighteen, and she was glorious. The caravan she traveled with passed through Keroon for the winter that Turn (2756), and Vitaya made friends with the smith's white fire lizard, Kharee. Their humans met roughly a month after they did, and Deslena was immediately awed by the tall blonde. They became friends very quickly, and then friends with benefits not long after that.

Thoughts only turned to marriage when the caravan made preparations to leave. Anev was headed back to her Hall of origin, having spent the past few Turns learning techniques in Nerat. Deslena figured that she could cook anywhere, given the skills she had been accumulating in the kitchen for the past Turn, and simply joined her lover for the journey.

For her part, Anev presented Deslena with a hand-wrought metal ring - an example of her workmanship and skill - a few days before she Turned seventeen. A brief negotiation later - in which quarters were discussed, children were contemplated, Masters were solicited, and Harpers were tracked down - saw the two exchanging vows seven days after Deslena celebrated the day of her birth.

2762 || e n d o f t h e w o r l d

At twenty-two, she became a widow.

The marriage had been one of contentment, for the most part. The worst thing there was to fight about had been a few assignment positions. Journeywoman and cook fit together like dancers, neither so much as glancing at another person in consideration. Some relationships might have become boring without conflict. Not so with these two, who were dedicated to hard work both professionally and domestically. Even their fire lizards remained best friends (which was quite the feat, given Vitaya's notorious moods).

It was the kind of partnership that could last a century, could both parties live that long. So when a holder took an interest in Deslena, she laughed it off. She was well-established in the Hall's kitchens, the Headwoman liked her, the Craftmaster liked her, and she had a wife whom she adored. What could a holder man possibly offer that she did not already have?

No one was laughing a month later, as Journeywoman and holder faced each other in a duel. Anev's size worked against her, and she was not a trained combatant. Death, at least, was swift. Too swift for Deslena to reach her wife before Kharee shrieked between. Since the fight was only supposed to be to First Blood, the holder was incarcerated before being shipped back to his home Hold.

Deslena remained at the Hall. Vitaya missed her next Flight.

2764 || l i f e g o e s o n

At twenty-four, she came to Fort Weyr. It was Telgar who first found her in Search, the Smithcraft Hall being bound to Telgar. Deslena did not take well to weyr life at first. The other candidates were far too nosy, and she disliked the weyrleader immediately.

So when Fort Weyr was in need of candidates, Deslena petitioned the candidate master to allow her to go to that Hatching, instead. She was transferred, and nearly requested an immediate return. The senior weyrwoman reminded her greatly of Anev, and always at the most inconvenient times. Vitaya straight up shunned all of the white fire lizards, punishing the inhabitants of her new home for not being the one she wanted.

2764 || j a k l a t h

At twenty-four, she Impressed Jaklath. There had been an altercation on the Sands, Deslena and another candidate. Before it got truly ugly, a brown hatched. Deslena barely noticed his arrival, until a voice thrust itself into her brain. It was a most uncomfortable sensation.

Well, hoedown redfruit barbeque, you're definitely the best pick of the litter, ain't ya? Des, you and I are gonna go far. I know it. Now, let's get your Jaklath some food.

He has slowly drawn her out of her Turns-long depression, and while it will take still more time before D'lena resembles her old self, she is much improved.
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  • Early Spring 2765 - After a mortifying engagement with Thread in which D'lena dropped a sack of firestone on another weyrling's face, she Impressed to a second green fire lizard in a tiny store room. She named the little one 'Khiori'.
  • Early Fall 2765 - Their second engagement with Thread led to a very light burn on the front of Jaklath's neck. Jaklath sulks about it until omething more traumatizing comes up.
  • Fall 2765 - After the attack on Serapheth's second clutch, D'lena devotes her spare time to guarding the Trailblazer clutch. She is standing guard when the chaos unfolds, talking with one of her clutchmates.
  • Late Fall 2765 - An attack on the weyrwoman leads D'lena to join forces with a healer and another rider to stem the bleeding.
  • Winter 2765 - D'lena is present for the hatching of unique Chrysocolla Gemma, Impressed to her clutchmate T'rin of brown Celeth. Khiori hunts for the newborn, and D'lena is uncharacteristically grossed out by her kill. Or maybe it's where that kill ended up?
  • Winter 2765 - Jaklath chases green Mikanoth through a storm. He is unsuccessful, but burns his wingtip in the aftermath of lightning.
  • Early Spring 2766 - The worst that happens in Threadfall is that Jaklath briefly ends up in the wrong part of formation. No harm comes of it.
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Well, hoedown redfruit barbeque, you're definitely the best pick of the litter, ain't ya? Des, you and I are gonna go far. I know it. Now, let's get your Jaklath some food.


NAME: Jaklath
BIRTHDATE Late Winter 2763
AGE: seven as of Winter 2770

LENGTH: fifty feet (50 ft)
HEIGHT: twelve feet six inches (12.5 ft)
WINGSPAN: seventy-five feet (75 ft)
COLOR: brown
HEX CODE: #d88934

FULL APPEARANCE: If there was ever any need to confirm what a 'big, sturdy brown' looked like, no one need look further than Jaklath. He has sturdy limbs combined with a strong chest, and plenty of stamina to go with it. Those sturdy legs mean that he has a very nasty kick, should he need to use them. Anyone on the receiving end of such a blow might suffer a few broken bones, and it would be an exceptional wher that managed to keep its feet under such an onslaught.

His size puts him quite firmly in the category of 'large' for a brown, but he does evenly match up with some of the smaller bronzes. That impressive stamina of his could keep him in the air for days, outlasting several of his higher ranked brethren. Winning a gold flight would not be out of the question, should he be persuaded to take part. The issue would be more how suitable a gold dragon might find him rather than his ability to keep up with her enraged Flight.

All over his body he is coated with an even, autumn brown pigment. The only variations in color occur along his underside, which is a much darker hue, and markings on his wings in a much lighter shade than his main. Between the autumn brown of his body and the deeper tone of his underbelly lies a thin line of the same just-shy-of-parchment brown that marks his wings. Those markings lie in curling waves and dark pearl circles, evenly dispersed.

PERSONALITY: Almost as if to highlight the stereotypes of 'brown', Jaklath is quite dependable. He has a passion for completing hard physical labor, even if that labor is not entirely suited for dragonkin. If filling this need means that another person has less to worry about, it's good enough for Jaklath. On occasion, this means doing tasks that some deem demeaning to a dragon. He doesn't care. The work has to be done, so why shouldn't he be the one to do it? Nothing needs to be fancy, it just needs to be done, and the finer things in life pass him by without comment.

Passion is one of Jaklath's defining traits. His rider found an instant friend as soon as Impression occurred, and he became family faster than a fy-by could blink. Love is a favorite emotion, and he enjoys pouring love into his siblings and his rider. He is dependable in a way that few beings are in this uncertain time, and he takes pride in a job well done.

So much passion means that sometimes he needs to be reined in. He is most content when he has completed the ‘right’ amount of work, and slightly anxious if he believes he has somehow slacked off. Someone must remind him to ease back and rest, because how can he help if he has exhausted himself needlessly? If a scale of effort was placed between zero and one hundred percent applied effort, Jaklath believes in doing one hundred percent. However, he understands that he has a slightly different idea of what constitutes 'one hundred percent'. Most beings call his rendition 'one hundred and ten percent', or even higher. He certainly cannot be faulted for enthusiasm.

He can be faulted for his honesty. Jaklath prides himself on his honesty, and abhors liars. This sometimes causes conflict, because Jaklath is also quite the deadpan snarker when he wants to be. Someone unfamiliar with his mannerisms might take offense, taking something said in snark as something said in all seriousness.

VOICE: Jaklath speaks in a very pronounced, slow drawl that highlights his elongated vowels and sometimes skipped consonants. Nothing he will ever say is quick, and to further exacerbate the issue, he has a liking for odd analogies. Sometimes his analogies (such as 'easier than line dancing with a tunnelsnake' or 'don't teach your granddam to chew leather') distract his conversational partner to the point of actual confusion. It does not help that he likes to pick up new words, phrases, and sayings whenever he has the chance, and he does not always use them the way they were intended to be used.


Clutch: The Elements of Harmony (Serapheth's maiden)
Dam: Gold Serapheth (Tuckal)
Sire: Brown Vaugnairth (Re'laur)
Hatching Number: ten of twelve
Details: Despite using a leisurely stroll to get from eggs to candidates, Impression was very quick and clean.
Why: Because you two will be good for each other.

The Element of Honesty Egg
Such a shell! Odd how it does not shine. I think there will be someone interesting inside.
A big orange egg with a couple redfruit! This egg looks like a silly bit of fun, and maybe it is! This egg feels like a good friend, as if someone is reuniting after a long absence. The dragonet inside is probably quite a buddy.
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NAME: Vitaya (chess - stalemate)
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2754
AGE: sixteen as of Winter 2770

SIZE: tiny
COLOR: green
Vitaya is a tiny, pale green. The only variation to her coloring occurs on her hind legs and tail, where the most subtle of striping occurs in a shade of green just barely darker than the rest of her hide. She just barely manages twelve inches from nose to tail, and most of that length seems to be tail. This unusually long tail gives her a slightly elevated base talent for steering in the air, which gives her just the tiniest of edges in a Flight.

Her wings have well-healed scar tissue along the leading edge, although first glance makes it difficult to tell whether it is tooth marks or Threadscore. The degree of healing tilts the possibility towards tooth marks. Despite heavy oiling, Vitaya also has scarring along her ribs, and one spot on her chest where she rubbed her skin off. These are the places that itch most, and an observant person might find great favor by rubbing her scars.

She can frequently be seen heading around the weyr wearing a delicate leather harness. It is constructed of three strands of leather, two in differing shades of brown and the third in black. They are braided together, with the colors denoting the both the current location and vocation of her Impressed person. Her size limits the type of objects she can successfully carry to messages, and the thin harness holds a blue cloth pouch along her sternum that can hold a note.

PERSONALITY: Like her person, Vitaya often seems just a little bit lost. She flies a little more to the left, as if expecting someone to be on her right. She waits an extra breath before landing, and often looks for a fire lizard that is not there. In a fit of pique, she might not land at all. When not actively completing a task, she seeks solace with Jaklath, nesting on his back. Her favorite spot seems to be just between his eyes, looking for all the world like a third eye.

Vitaya is prone to fits of moodiness, and can get very clingy. She squawks when her perch is denied her, such as when D’lena is actively participating in lessons. She does not like the actual lessons, but she does not object to the company of the Weyrling Master. When banished from her person while unhappy, she’ll settle as close as she dares to the person in charge. The only person she likes to contact is her own, but she will accept petting and caresses.

Some greens are known to be very flirty. Some are known to be gregarious. Vitaya mostly has a reputation of being sulky. She has not made many friends among the fire lizards of the weyr, and cannot always be convinced to go cavorting with the friends she has made. The strangest things seem to upset her, and D’lena is the only one who can consistently calm her back down.



NAME: Khiori
BIRTHDATE Early Spring 2765
AGE: five as of Early Winter 2770

SIZE: medium
COLOR: green
HEX CODE: #196e3f
FULL APPEARANCE: Khiori is a vivid, but light, shade of green across her whole body. She bears darker markings, all in the same shade of green. Paired ribbons twirl at seeming random across her wings, and her front paws are marked, as if someone had made a pair of gloves small enough for a fire lizard. That same color marks spots around her eyes, giving her a masked look, and a dot on her nose like a canine.

In her youth, Khiori will always be a little pudgier than adult fire lizards, and she will never turn down a meal.

Almost as if in direct opposition to Vitaya, who can best be categorized by what she hates, Khiori craves attention. She is happiest when the spotlight is on her, and she will do just about anything to make that happen. Khiori loves things, all things, and especially all foods. She has her best behavior for whoever has a tidbit for her, or a bit of oil left over, or even just some scritches.
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