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Ozma of Brown Akioth

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Ozma of Brown Akioth

"Is the price of safety worth the price of freedom?"


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Ozma
PRONOUNS: Masculine
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Pansexual

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2746
AGE: 24 as of Early Summer 2770
OCCUPATION: Wingleader
WING: Eclipse Wing

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'6" and Average
FULL APPEARANCE: Ozma is quite tall, with shaggy brown hair and soft brown eyes. He usually keeps his outfits quite simple, such as a green tunic and brown pants or a purple and grey smock with black pants. His riding gear is green with yellow accent colors.

PERSONALITY: Ozma is a noble soul, often working hard to ensure others are safe. He is a generally friendly to everyone he meets, often much calmer on the ground than in the air. He is more open around his friends, often telling them about any doubts he has and often going out of his way to help them. He is a bookwormish kind of guy, often preferring to read quietly to himself when he is not training or preparing. He was always a protective older brother to Ozpin, often staying by his side and spending a lot of his time with the other even at school. He is a very family orientated man, a caring one as well.

However, when he is in loved with someone, he seems to devote a lot of his time towards them and will often listen to them, despite if their plans are good or not. He tends to push himself while training and during threadfall; this also leads him to make bad decisions in wanting to keep his wing safe. He prioritizes keeping his wing safe and keeping them alive instead of getting hurt. He does this by not flying as aggressively as they should, afraid that they will be hurt if he led them wrong. This can endanger other wings as a result.

Unnamed Parents
Ozpin: Twin Brother
Ozma had been thirteen when Golre declared war on Fort Weyr.

He remembered his childhood easily. It had been nice. He learned with the other children and his brother, Ozpin. He watched as the dragonriders trained and prepared for threadfall. He lived a good and happy life, planning on becoming a candidate. His parents were kind weyrfolks. They raised their sons together, often inspiring them to do good in the world. Ozma took after them a lot.

Now, defenses were in place and he worried about what would happen if the dragons managed to attack civilians. Luckily, Golre was killed after two seasons and the war ended. Things quickly got back to normal, with Fort Weyr moving to help High Reaches recover after the war.

In two years, Ozma entered candidacy. He did not expect to impress that following season of Winter. At first, the hatching went calmly, until the gold Serapheth hatched and attacked a brown who had hatched at the same time.

The gold was relentless, as if she was trying to kill the brown. She even mauled another candidate, Noleon, after he touched her and claimed she was his. The brown had survived, but had severe damage and it looked, at least to Ozma, that the dragon wouldn't have been able to ride again. He would later hear that, after the hatching, Noleon died from his injuries.

He was distracted, honestly feeling worried for the two candidates who had gotten hurt, and only snapping out of it by the time an egg hatched that contained two browns. One of the browns walked to him from the egg.

Since that day, Ozma and Akioth were a team and, after two years, they joined Eclipse Wing.

Ozma showed his skills and strengths handily in the wing, Akioth showing off his skills as well. Eventually, their skills were recognized and they were chosen to be the wingleader pair of the wing.

When a clutch in Spring of 2770 disappeared and reappeared in High Reaches, Ozma was naturally mad at what happened.

As was the rest of the weyr.
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NAME: Akioth
BIRTHDATE Winter 2761
AGE: 8 as of Early Summer 2770

LENGTH: 54 ft
HEIGHT: 15 ft
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #5E2605
FULL APPEARANCE: An absolute monster of a brown. Akioth is positively giant. He rivals Bronzes in size, especially when fully grown. He towers over almost all other dragons, being utterly massive at the shoulder, with a great wingspan to boot. He is graceful despite his size, and built for war. He is a dark brown, with lighter highlights. His headknobs are almost white, gradually fading back to his usual color. He has lighter, stripe-like patters on his face and down his neck, and lighter 'bracers' on his forelegs. The undersides of his wings are brighter, with brushlike markings going down his sides. His back toes are a lighter color, gradually scaling back into his normal color.

PERSONALITY: Akioth presents himself as a prince. Outwardly, he is very charming, and extremely charismatic. If given the chance, he is capable of insulting and complimenting in the same breath, and it is not hard for him to whip others into a frenzy. However, he is incredibly manipulative, and has his sights set on ruling all of Pern. And why not? He is great and grand enough to do it, especially with his monster size. He is the most manipulative dragon in the clutch, and definitely the one to watch out for.

To his bonded, Akioth will spare no pity. He will be just as manipulative of them as he is of everyone else. He will charm them just as he charms everyone else, and use them as a means to an end. When confronted with someone who resists, who does not fall to his charms, he becomes angered, and will not hesitate to attack them. He and Anth were close, in their manipulations or their monstrosity. They quietly would tear into one another in the most pleasing and charming tones.

Voice: True to his nature, Akioth's voice is smooth, calming, and rather charming.
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