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Sueness of brown Amuroth

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Sueness of brown Amuroth



NAME: Suenessa
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her
ORIENTATION: She has a big brother. So none. Not allowed. Um. Heteroish?

BIRTHDATE: Winter, 2746
AGE: 21, as of 2767
WING: Eclipse

EYES: Cheerful brown!
HAIR: A soft brunette that looks a bit dingy in certain lights, pin straight, flat, and static prone.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'7", long of limb, though proportionate.
PLAY-BY: Linsey Hoover
FULL APPEARANCE: Suenessa has soft features. She is pale of skin and rosy of cheek. Her face is an oval with little in the way of cheek bones or striking angles. Her nose is neither delicate nor prominent, blending in well with the rest of her face and her bottom lip is over-full. By comparison her eyes appear somewhat small for her face. Close together and slightly tilted, they are a warm, cheery brown, residing beneath dark, delicate sculpted eyebrows. All of this is framed by long, painfully straight hair, the weight of which drags it down at the roots, making it also flat. At times it is a wild display of static charged brown, occasionally appearing a sort of off grey-brown.

Average in height for a Pernese woman, or even a bit on the short side, Suenessa is of a height with her older brother. A delightful twist of fate that allows her to go toe to toe with him in quite the literal sense. She uses it to her advantage often when he is getting too bossy for her tolerance. Her torso is long, along with her arms and legs. Not quite lean, and definitely not scrawny, Suenessa has a strange sort of symmetry to her. Her fingers are a bit stubby, but her toes are strangely long and quite good at gripping.

PERSONALITY: Suenessa is quiet. She lives a quiet happy life for the most part. She does her work and lends whatever help to the Weyr she can, but she does it all with as little fanfare as possible. She enjoys helping with the children in the creche, though she gets quickly overwhelmed there. Her favorite work being in the gardens, or doing mending. Though mending can be a bit boring, it is at least quiet, which she likes. Suenessa is definitely not as driven as her brother. In fact, Suenessa isn't driven at all. She has a complete lack of ambition, happy to let one day blend into the other until she fades into anonymity. Moderately shy she isn't terribly good at making friends - something that isn't helped any by her troubles with actually trusting other people. She assumes everyone will randomly leave or suddenly die. However she is much to nice to blatantly ignore people, or not show some interest, kindness or attention to those around her. She is quite capable of taking care of herself, despite her wilting tendencies. She often goes toe to toe with her brother. But she isn't horribly confrontational. She'll let a lot of stuff slide unless she thinks it absolutely needs corrected, or she's just had enough. Otherwise she just tends to avoid, avoid, avoid.

Suelidan (father, deceased)
Keenarinessa (mother, deceased)
Keedan of white Kereth (older brother)
BIRTHPLACE: tiny Ruathan cothold
HISTORY: Up until age eight, Suenessa had a happy childhood. Her parents were kind and her community a closely knit one. But things, and people, are often different beneath the sun that they are in the darkness. Her idyllic childhood was shattered by sickness and the death of her parents, leaving her dependent on her ten year old brother. Their community could not sustain them, and as none there would have them, Keedan took them to Ruatha proper, where they had family. Who would also not have them. Suenessa spent most of that time scared and confused, yet too shell-shocked to express it properly.

They spent several years following whatever work Keedan could find. And then the Searchrider came and tried to take her last family from her, but Suenessa's brother never would have left her behind. So to the Weyr they went. It was big. Yet familiar in the way everyone took care of each other and worked together for the betterment of the community. Suenessa learned more of the skills had she had began to learn at her mother's knee. The girl was handy with a needle, and enjoyed grubbing around in the dirt - though she burnt anything she tried to cook. Even the cold dishes.

She missed her brother, who was busy with his Candidate and Harper lessons, but he still made time for her and they were not lost in the of Weyr life. Still, it took Suenessa a long time to stop waiting for everyone to turn their backs on them as others had done. A fear that was renewed with the High Reaches attacks and the deaths those attacks inflicted. And her brother's Impression to Kereth. Didn't riders stopping loving all others once their dragons came? A strange, childish fear that Kereth put ease to. The white was a kind and loving creature, even if she shared in Keedan's fervor for all things justice and right.

Eventually Suenessa herself was of age to join the ranks of Candidates though she wasn't in a rush to stand on the hatching sands. She'd seen what dragon war and threadfall could do. One of which had crippled her brother and nearly stolen his life. Still, she took the lessons as was expected and stood when asked.

  • Early Winter, 2764: Suenessa Impresses brown Amuroth!
  • Early Spring, 2766: Suenessa and Amuroth survive their first Threadfall without injury! They join the Eclipse Wing



NAME: Amuroth
BIRTHDATE Early Winter, 2764
AGE: 3 as of 2767

LENGTH: 44ft
HEIGHT: 11ft
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #d4925b
FULL APPEARANCE: A solid, sturdy brown who will grow into his gangly legs. He'll fill out as he grows older, even if he just looks all tiny and awkward. Amuroth is a pretty well-rounded brown, adept at speed and stamina, and there's something very calming about his presence. He's a dependable creature through and through, and no storm or Threadfall will keep him from flying. He is a light, coppery brown all over.

His accents are more of a reddish-mahogany, with the backs of his wings slightly lighter than the undersides. He has bands on his shoulders as if denoting his rank, with a dark brown mark on each hip that looks not unlike some knot, or maybe a fancy "A". There's lighter markings on his legs, making it look like he is wearing boots, and there is a fancy mask on his face, or that he shoved his nose and chin in flour, with darker marks tracing up his face and around his headknobs.

PERSONALITY: Amuroth is a dragon who is both full of a naive, childish wonder and is also very, very worn and weary at the same time. He appreciates the world around him, and can still find things that make him happy, but he is also aware of the burden on him as a dragon, that his role in life is to fight Thread until he can't anymore. It weighs heavily on his mind, and it tires him out. He is a protector, and he can't understand why people would continue to cause conflict. He seems innately aware of the events of the Interval War, and there is no part of him that wants to do anything but preserve peace. He worries, more than he should, about his clutchmates, and if one of them didn't come back from Threadfall, he would be utterly devastated.

To his human, he is a very solid and firm friend. He enjoy spending time with people, humans are one of his favorite things. His doubts are easily overridden when there are others around that he can talk with. He rarely hesitates. He has a very interesting relationship with Casvath and Artesiath, and will occasionally joke that his heart belongs to the two of them. He and Casvath may not always get along, and they will butt-heads and fight like nobody's business, but there is a very deep love between them. He and Noath act like they're old friends, veterans of wars they don't remember, but close nonetheless.

Voice: Amuroth sounds young and strong, his voice a pleasing male tone. He is very good at keeping his voice level in stressful situations.

Why me?: Strap in, Suenssa.
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