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K'ian of Bronze Romeoth

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K'ian of Bronze Romeoth

K ' I A N


"Thrills don't come for free, the price you pay for dreams. In a sea of strangers, I can't find me anymore."


NAME: K'ian
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2740
AGE: Twenty seven as of Fall 2767
WING: Midnight

EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Brown and wavy, usually kept to just above his shoulders.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'4''; he's built, but not terribly muscley.
PLAY-BY: Jared Padalecki


FULL APPEARANCE: The first thing someone might notice about K'ian is that he's pretty tall. Taller than your average dragonrider. He's tall and broad, with wide shoulders. He has muscles, incredibly obvious muscles, but he isn't super bulky. His hair is brown and wavy and it kept longer, usually no longer than just above his shoulders. Most of the time his hair only gets slight trims. His facial hair is usually kept shaved close, if not clean off at times. His eyes are hazel and his skin is usually slightly tanned.

Not one for formalities, K'ian prefers comfort over all else. He isn't one for dressing up or stuffy events, and he doesn't particularly care what he wears. He walks with the causal confidence of someone who knows who he is and what he has to do.

PERSONALITY: K'ian is an incredibly easy guy to get along with. He has a way with words and a charisma that is undeniable. He's funny with a good sense of humor. K'ian is almost always making a joke. It's difficult for him to take anything seriously. He tends to not take sides, but ultimately he tries to do what id right above all else. He's genuinely a very nice guy if not a little goofy at times.

He prefers to be around people rather than being alone. Being alone is actually one of K'ian's greatest fears. He's a social butterfly, knowing just what to say to someone to get on their good side. He isn't afraid of interaction and confrontation is just one of those. Though he prefers things to go the way he wants them to, he isn't afraid of a fight. He loves to spar, especially if it's a good natured fight, but when it comes to fights, he'll take what he can get. But he can be loud. Ant opinionated. So he usually gets into fights quite often.

K'ian is extremely loyal. He doesn't get truly close to many people because he's secretly very insecure, but those he does get close to have an undying ally until the end. He doesn't get angry very easily, generally being a very mellow guy, and it takes a lot to piss him off. When he does get all riled up, it's like a volcano blowing up. He has a tendency to be lazy, but knows when something is serious enough to garner his attention. He isn't usually reckless, preferring to take a seat back and planning a course of action before just jumping into something. He trusts easily though, almost blindly in what he believes in.

FAMILY: Kason (father)
Sianandra (mother)
HISTORY: K'ian was born Kassian. His parents moved to the weyr from the hold for a better life. His father was a harper and his mother a healer. Both had some pretty bad opinions about dragonriders as a whole. They didn't want Kassian to stand in any of the hatchings. Instead, they wanted him to follow one of their footprints. Of course, he was a stubborn teenage boy, and instead of doing what he was told, he rebelled. Of course he was still under his parents' rule, so there was only so much he could do. They sent him to healer hall, but he never took any of it seriously. After he got kicked out, they tried sending him to harper hall...but he hated it. He acted out, he did whatever he had to do to get sent home.

Right back to the weyr.

He had different dreams than his parents. He'd always loved dragons, and dreamed about becoming a dragonrider, and when he was old enough, against his parents' wishes, he stood. He impressed his second hatching to an awkward, leggy bronze who was too busy flirting with one of his sisters to notice that everyone had impressed around him. The bronze strutted right up to Kassian, now K'ian, and told him plainly, I wanted you the entire time, myhuman. My K'ian.

It didn't matter if Romeoth had wanted K'ian the entire time or if he'd just been too busy flirting and everyone else was taken, they were now stuck with each other. They went through weyrlinghood having a good time, of course not everyone appreciated their easy going attitude and a lot of the more serious bronzeriders didn't like him, but K'ian and Romeoth didn't care. This was their weyr and they were going to serve it to the best of their abilities.

Of course, they didn't know how corrupt the leadership of the weyr really was, and when K'ian finally found out about the drugging and imprisonment of a goldpair. It went against everything he stood for. His resolve, and intense loyalty to the weyr was wavering, cracking like a mask. Revealing the ugliness of Benden's inner workings. But this was his home, and for all its failings, there were many things about Benden that he still loved.

Still, he couldn't stand being a part of an institution that would drug and imprison an innocent girl and her dragon, so when the opportunity came to transfer to Fort, he took it happily under the guise of flying Fort's youngest gold. He didn't really have any illusions to win, nor did he particularly want the power and responsibility that came with being Junior Weyrleader, but it at least got him away from Benden, and Romeoth...well Romeoth was happy with whatever K'ian wanted to do.
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I just can't wait to see how this one ends.


NAME: Romeoth
BIRTHDATE Summer 2756
AGE: Eleven as of 2767

LENGTH: 54 feet
HEIGHT: 14 feet
WINGSPAN: 80 feet
COLOR: Bronze
FULL APPEARANCE: Romeoth isn't a particularly intimidating bronze, as far as size goes. When it comes to length and sheer mass, he's smaller than some other bronzes. He's quite tall though, leggy and awkward. He looks like he never quite got out that awkward teenage stage. He has massive wings in comparison for his size, however. He doesn't have as much stamina as some of the bigger dragons of his color, but he makes up for it in agility. He'll never match blue or green agility, and he can't do many of the tight aerial maneuvers that some of the bronzes and garnets do, but he does well.

As far as coloration go, Romeoth is mostly a deep ruddy red all over his body. A pale sand cover covers his face and spreads across his body in graceful swirls, almost like smoke, or fire lapping at his hide. There is a darker brown color on his legs and tail and on the leading edges of his wings. He of course has the metallic sheen that all of his color possesses but it's immensely obvious right after he's been oiled and is laying out in the sun, he nearly glows, like fire.

PERSONALITY: Romeoth is as laid back as his rider. He prefers to give everyone a chance and doesn't tend to make snap judgements about others. He believes, above all else, in having fun. To that end, everything he does is about having an awesome time. He's an insatiable flirt, and will flirt with whichever dragon he can, no matter the color or the gender. Sometimes he means it, sometimes he doesn't, but good luck telling which is which. The bronze has an effervescent love of life, and is keen on doing absolutely everything he can to its fullest. He'll even tease and flirt with male dragons during a chase...which isn't the greatest strategy to winning a flight, but it isn't the winning that Romeoth cares about, it's the ride.

Still, beneath all that, he is a bronze. He is ambitious where K'ian is not, but it's subtle, and he'll always be pushing his rider to be his best self, even if that's all hidden beneath the teasing jabs the two exchange with each other. He pushes himself to be better, and he'll do the same with his rider.
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