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Estellise of Green Murasath

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Estellise of Green Murasath

"I'll do my best!"


NAME: Estellise
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2749
AGE: 22 as of Summer 2771
OCCUPATION: Greenrider, Apprentice Healer
WING: Healer's Wing

EYES: Blue-Green
HAIR: Red-brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'5 and slender
PLAY-BY: Estellise (Tales of Vespiria)
Estellise is a reasonably attractive young woman, though more one might call cute rather than genuinely attractive. She has a young face and slightly larger eyes which are a blueish-green in shade. Her hair is kept short, no longer than her shoulders at the longest, and swept out of her face rather than tied back. She stands a little below average for Pernese women and has a rather petite build, making her look, at a glance, smaller than she is. This, couple with liking to wear loose-fitting clothing, gives her an almost childish illusion... which is really only exacerbated by her naïve personality. She likes to dress in soft colours, almost like pastels, or time-faded faded garments, where she can, so it's not too strange to see her in hand-me-downs on occasion.

Estellise is a kind person, someone good-natured and selfless, always putting others before herself. She is always kind to strangers, going so far as to thank anyone for something they have done or information they have provided, however minor or insignificant the transaction may have been. She loves reading and listening to harpers' tales, and will at every opportunity sit and listen even if it is a story she has already heard a hundred times before. Thanks to her Fortian upbringing, she has had plenty of opportunity to listen to Harpers and can recite many stories from them by rote.

With all this, however, she is genuinely inexperienced in the world as a whole. She has never left the Weyr in her life save for fighting Thread and gets her information from travelers--however true or false it may be. She has immense difficulty making decisions, especially big or critical ones, and is not the sort of person to go to in a crisis. She will stand up for herself and her friends, but dislikes arguments and fighting and will try to settle things peacefully whenever possible. This shows some of her naivete up front; not all situations can be resolved with everyone walking away happy. Or in one piece.

FAMILY: Various living relatives
Born to a pair of weyrfolk, Estellise was raised by two busy parents. Or rather, dumped into the creche as soon as she was weaned to be raised by the creche and visited by two busy parents. She was doted on as much as their busy schedule allowed and grew up quite familiar with both. Growing up in the Weyr, she was well-educated and reasonably liked by her peers, but her parents sheltered her as much as possible from the goings on of the world outside of the creche.

She has very little memory of the time before Threadfall, but was eleven when the first women bonded to Bronzes. Despite having been brought up in a Weyr, or perhaps because, she didn't see anything wrong with this development. In fact, she used to wish that she could bond to a bronze as well! Until Garnets hatched a turn later. Then she wanted a garnet--they were her favourite colours! And it just so happened, she was getting closer and closer to Candidate age. But until then, she would begin training as a healer apprentice--something nice to fall back on if she failed to Impress.

When standing for her second Hatching, she didn't Impress to a bronze. Or to a garnet. Instead, she bonded to a green. Luckily, Estellise wasn't disappointed or discouraged! Not at all; she loved her little green from the very moment their eyes met. After a traumatizing Touching and a dramatic hatching, she was plenty happy to have Impressed at all. She loved Murasath and wouldn't trade her for anything. It was almost enough to make her forget about the riders who had left the Weyr in protest to the treatment of the dragon who had cracked one of the eggs. Almost. She did think about them, hoping they were safe, but most of her time thereafter was devoted to Weyrling training. It was a pleasure to hear that they had established a settlement and seemed to be getting on well a turn later.

The Trailblazers clutch hatched in a show of blood, subsequently poisoned for their actions, and Estellise made the decision to pursue Healercraft again in earnest (though has yet to walk the tables due to her more important duties as a rider). The next few Turns were tumultuous, to say the least; Nornth ordered her chasers to murder each other, followed by being poisoned and killed, a dragon with an all-black hide hatched, and Fort was restored as the Peacekeepers. Then, eggs were stolen! By High Reaches, it seemed. As long as they were healthy, they might be able to return when they finished training--if Fort and High Reaches allowed them to.

Then, Weyrleader Z'osh commited treason! Grounding a portion of Fort's dragons--dragons whose Impression he doesn't believe in. While she doesn't understand why he can't be reasoned with, Estellise sees the injustice in grounding dragons for being different. She only hopes that things can be resolved peacefully, for everyone's sake...
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  • Early Fall 2771; Threadfall, Murasath gets a burn on the base of her tail. (Mild)
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NAME: Murasath
BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2764
AGE: 7 as of 2771

Dam: Gold Serapheth
Sire: Bronze Keramerth
Birthplace: Fort Weyr (Newtypes)


LENGTH: 30 ft
HEIGHT: 7.5 ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #248C67
FULL APPEARANCE: A larger green, not really the tallest but she is a sight to behold. Murasath is one incredibly fighter. She's quicker than she looks, all slender limbs and a long, narrow face. Her wings are pointed, strong and large. She isn't very agile, not very good at fancy flying one way or another. Her tactics include 'keep hitting the thing until the problem is solved' which... well, sort of works. She is a light, seafoamy green all over with some striking markings. The back of her wingsails are a light jade color, and the undersides are marked with darker jade colors, in sharp block patterns like a beautiful mosaic. The same color crosses over the top of her head, and a darker, deeper green goes down her knobs, on the bottoms of her feet, and over her nose. There is a large 'IV' marking on her left hip.

PERSONALITY: Murasath is a complicated dragon. Her memory is atrocious, she is lucky if she can remember 3 days without help from her rider. She does not like to be given orders, balking at the idea of being told what to do. She can be bitter and nothing angers her more than someone lying to her or trying to blackmail someone she cares about. Her anger is sharp and quick. She does like quiet places, to be somewhere that she can feel safe and calm. She does like small, cute things, especially kittens. Even her worst moods can be fixed by little kittens... and Bidath.

To her rider, Murasath is an incredible protector. Once she has set her mind to something, it is almost impossible to talk her out of it. She wants to make a world where everyone can be happy, where things don't have to be bad anymore. She is a terrible planner, but she tries very hard to think of new ways to make people smile. She loves late nights, watching the stars come out. She can't stand the thought of anyone she cares about getting hurt, and will respond with violence if such a thing happens. Still, at the end of the day she loves the world, she loves Pern, and she can't wait to see the world fully at peace.

Voice: Murasath sounds like a teenage girl, her voice rather light and happy, even at her worst.
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