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Briayse of Garnet Briaysk

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Briayse of Garnet Briaysk

"Disrespect is tired. Shade is old. Sipping 'tea' isn't cute. But loving, supporting, giving, being grateful and perpetuating light, is."


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt/Character - Retire
NAME: Briayse, some people call her Bri or Bria
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2743
AGE: Aged 24 as of 2767
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler
WING: Dawn Squad

EYES: Brown eyes
HAIR: Medium length blonde hair styled a la Jamie Lee Curtis circa Halloween (1978)
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5"3, short and wispy. Her cheeks still have some leftover baby fat.
PLAY-BY: Kat Graham
FULL APPEARANCE: Briayse is short, frail, thin, with chubby cheeks (never really lost her baby fat there) and a bright smile. Her face is long and her chin is round, her eyes are also round and look bright with happiness. Her nose is a little crooked from childhood fights. Her skin is a light brown and she has a small beauty mark by her right eye. She takes great pride in her (somewhat sharp) nails and keeps them cut and styled to her liking.

Briayse has a few small scars littered mostly on her arms and fingers, she has two larger ones on her back that she hides rather well, and a scar of a bite from human teeth that never really healed on her left shoulder. Her knuckles are a little discolored, slightly paler than the rest of her skin, from picked scar tissue that kept wearing away at the skin there.

She likes wearing bright colors and takes any excuse possible to wear a dress possible. Briayse craves looking prim and proper and she is desperate to make a good impression with how she looks. If not wearing dresses, she will wear skirts or bellbottom-esque pants and poofy shirts/blouses. Her clothes are always clean, near-immaculate, void of wrinkles or stains. Briayse wears a necklace that is essentially a pretty blue colored rock (not even a gem) tied with string, her little brother found the rock, made the necklace and gave it to her as a gift.

PERSONALITY: Briayse is a gentle woman, too kind and anxious to every truly voice her opinions or tell others to stop their wrongdoings (save for drastic times when drastic measures are needed). She thrives off of being a good person and feels off if she has done or said anything that could be misconstrued as rude, aggressive or passive-aggressive. She is an expert of white lies and is not one to hurt feelings on purpose.

Despite her calm and gentle disposition, Briayse is afflicted with a case of back-of-the-mind-vanity. She wants to be the prettiest, the most visually appealing to the eye, and she works towards that by trying to look the nicest out of all the people around her. She is very talented in the field of sewing and designing clothes, and (if she can find any sort of fabric that she likes) she has made some of her own clothes. To her consciousness, vanity and looks aren't a big deal, but to the little voice corrupting that bigger voice, they are.

If she doesn't look good, she doesn't feel good, and if she doesn't feel good, her good demeanor might slip. Sometimes, despite her better judgment, she'll get a bit sassier and snap at people, but she doesn't mean to. If she does this, the recipient can expect a visitation and apology from the girl as soon as she realizes what she's done. She has kept her anger under wraps for many years and she plans to keep doing so for many many years more.

FAMILY: Briot (Father, deceased), Layseri (Mother), Layri (Older sister), Serio (Older sister), Aysio (Older sister), Rioser (Younger brother)
BIRTHPLACE: A minor cothold beholden to Fort
HISTORY: (Trigger warning for childhood abuse!)
Briayse was the fouth youngest of five somewhat very angry and very poor children. Her father had died accidentally in a fishing accident, falling off the boat and not being saved in time. Her mother couldn't deal with the loss of her husband, nor could she keep up with the five needy little children running around, and she gradually fell into a despondent state. Due to her mother's near disappearance from both her and her sibling's lives, the oldest, Thiata took over as the head of the household but was never respected as she should have been. They all wanted to be in charge, none of them agreeing, doing anything to cause disputes between each other. Because of this, Briayse was used to being lied to, interrogated for no reason, yelled and screamed at, and blamed for things that she didn't do. As a little girl, she was rude, she looked dirty, she was always tired, a shell ready for the next round of arguments or battles between the group of five. She slept with one eye open so to speak, almost always on edge and jittery. Luckily for the family, this was not to last.

As time went on, more time than they'd like to admit that they needed, the siblings gradually calmed down, made their peace with each other. They forgave but never truly forgot. Sometimes a raised voice or a fast-moving limb could trigger a response from sibling to sibling, but for the majority, they all became close and stopped fighting for the better of their health, both mental and physical. They knew that they could not go on fighting and fighting, and while sometimes past wounds still burnt, things got better. They bettered themselves. Horrified by what she was when she was little, horrified by what she could potentially become, Briayse took a complete 180 with her personality. With some effort, she cleaned up her act. She gradually became nicer and nicer, desperately trying to erase any past memory of herself that made her want to vomit with kind actions and a smile. Her plot of self-change eventually worked, to her delight, and she became a person that she would have admired and tailed after when she was a little girl.

As soon as she could, she left her little cothold and fled to the Fort hoping for a better life even after her change. Taking up little jobs wherever she could to get a handle of life there, she eventually got the hang of it. Little jobs here and there were not enough for her, they were no way to make a living, big jobs would be too much, and dragon riding seemed too much of a hassle. But, for some reason, a part of her said that wherhandling would be right up her alley. Deciding to become a wher candidate was risky, but just enough of a risk that she was glad to take it. At one particular wher hatching, an egg was rolled over her way. Excited and ready for her new job and life ahead, she welcomed the garnet wher, Briaysk, with pride and joy.
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NAME: Briaysk
BIRTHDATE Winter, 2763
AGE: 4 turns as of 2767

RUNS/FLIGHTS: 1 per turn

LENGTH: 14.2 ft
HEIGHT: 5.2 ft
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #231035
FULL APPEARANCE: Briaysk is on the longer and taller side of Garnet Whers, but that isn't to say that she is the tallest or the longest. The contrast of her bright fuschia and dark purple colouring is striking to those who see her. Someone once commented that the fuschia almost looks like someone took a brush of paint to the wher and drew lines back and forth and left some spatters in a few places.

PERSONALITY: With a disposition of a harsh mother who desperately craves her children to succeed, Briaysk bosses (or attempts to boss) around those who get in the way of her handler's potential success. Constantly putting down those dragons or whers who say their rider/handler is better than their own, she constantly spouts out Briayse's achievements (as small as they may be) as the greatest achievements in the history of Pern.

When she is not spouting false advertisements for the girl, Briaysk is still an acquired taste. Overly sweet and desperately attempting to be charming, she gently rambles her way through nearly every conversation she can get through.

VOICE: Briaysk's voice is calm, soothing, peaceful, yet has a rough undertone to it.
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