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Yggdrasil of white Silsk and blue Yggdrask

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Yggdrasil of white Silsk and blue Yggdrask



All your life, people will tell you who you are.
At some point, you have to strike back with the truth.
No. This is who I am.
You don't get to decide that for me.


RETIRE INFO: Retire Yggdrasil and Silsk, reuse Silsk's art if desired, adopt Yggdrask
NAME: Yggdrasil
GENDER: Agender
PRONOUNS: zhe/zher/zhers
ORIENTATION: Asexual aromantic

BIRTHDATE: Late Fall 2739
AGE: twenty-nine as of Late Summer 2769
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: wherhandler, big sister, schemer, unofficial archivist

EYES: green, slightly crazed with the obvious signs of sleep deprivation
HAIR: longer than it should be, darker than it should be. Dark brown by birth, made nearly black by the herbs zhe uses
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and nine inches, built to withstand a blow
PLAY-BY: Katie McGrath

Yggdrasil is a mess. On zher good days, zher long hair is always well put together. Zhe likes soft curls and simple ornamentation. Zher dark brown hair is even darker than it should be, on account of the solutions and herbs she uses to counteract the damage done by her bad days. However, on zher bad days? On bad days, Yggdrasil's hair is a rat's nest. It doesn't spring up overnight, but the slide from 'doing own hair everyday' to 'complete disaster' can be so subtle that no one can pinpoint when it started.

Zhe likes to dress as if zhe has access to a Lady Holder's closet. Zhe has a distaste for neutral tones, but cuts a striking figure in black. Vivid hues make up the most of zher wardrobe, chosen with care more often than not. This does not detract from zher blazing green eyes, which often seem more than a little crazed. Heavy bruising beneath long lashes speak
of zher chronic insomnia.


If Yggdrasil had things zher way, zhe would be the most effective political player on Pern. Zhe has a vision for zher world, and zhe is the best person to enact this vision. A schemer with aspirations, Yggdrasil could do great things.

But zher biggest drawback is that zhe is inconsistent. Zhe has moods that zhe cannot snap zherself out of, and zhe is frequently frustrated with zherself. It shouldn't be so hard to get through zher day to day life, zhe is convinced, but that doesn't make it any easier. Zher worst enemy is zherself. The thing zhe has the most difficulty with is stepping back from a situation to see the bigger picture. Therefore, zhe often sabotages zher plans because zhe does not always see all the parts.

Zhe has a lot of insight on the parts zhe does see, and zher ideas are fairly sound. Some of them are a bit lofty, but zhe has hope. Zhe did not get this far to give up now.

FAMILY: Little Sister - Endilette of blue Ettesk, wherhandler, Fort Hold

mental illness

All the best stories begin with the words 'Once Upon A Time'. No one ever said that Yggdrasil was part of the best story, though. Zhe was not born to greatness, zhe was a pawn. Yggdrasil was raised to marry above zher station in a bid to gain power for her parents. Sometimes, zhe wondered if zhe had ever been loved.

But zhe threw a wrench in the works when zhe confessed to not feeling sexual attraction. Not feeling romantic attraction. Not so much as being attached to the gender zhe was assigned. In the ensuing fights, zhe was deemed broken. Wasted. Inhuman. Less than animal. None of zher siblings stepped in, with the exception of Endilette. Endilette the hunter, Endilette the beloved stood up for Yggdrasil, and followed zher to Crom.

Zhe found work at Crom, fading into the background of daily life. Zhe worked outdoors, sorting the different grades of stones produced by the mine. Things were not always bad, but Yggdrasil spent more time under Endilette's watchful eyes than zhe cared to consider. Were it not for zher little sister, zhe might have had a very different story. Endilette insisted that zhe go on long walks. It didn't matter what the purpose was, as long as she got exercise and sun.

As it was, zher life took an unexpected turn. There was always a wild wher population, but that didn't so much matter to Yggdrasil when zhe was trying to get from day to day. Zher walks never had much purpose, beyond avoiding censure from zher sister. Zhe Impressed a white wher by accident, who took the name 'Silsk'. Silsk was not suited for work in the mine, and Yggdrasil was not suited for guard work. Not at Crom, anyways.

In the search for a place zhe and Silsk could make a living and be made useful, Endilette found Fort Hold. Fort had a new Lord, and newly opened borders. The siblings traveled there, where Yggdrasil found work in the archives. Yggdrasil and Silsk were expected to pitch in as ground crew during Fall, but other than that and the squad drills, they were left to complete work outside of the guardhouse.
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  • Early Winter 2768 - Fort Hold throws a Gather just before the snow barricades them inside more often than not. Yggdrasil purchased a wher egg from a stall, and the Green Gryphon egg yielded an ancient blue. Blue Yggdrask. Life just got more interesting.
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NAME: Silsk
BIRTHDATE Late Winter 2748
AGE: twenty-one as of Late Fall 2768

LENGTH: eleven feet six inches (11.5)
HEIGHT: four feet three inches (4.25)
COLOR: white
FULL APPEARANCE: Silsk is a stunning wher. He has a nearly metallic overlay to his decorated hide that may look more like one of the unique mutations than an ordinary white. But ordinary he is! He is in the midrange of sizes for a white wher, and seems more compact than he really is. Beyond the intricate overlay that looks like a master carver had a vision, Silsk has dark markings on his legs that look very much like boots. He is glitz, he is glam, he is fashion.


Silsk is a beautiful wher, and he knows it. He's got the confidence of a wher that has no insecurities, and no reason to have any insecurities. And why should he? Silsk has been alive long enough to know a thing or two. He's a smooth operator. Nothing seems to intimidate him, not even a rampaging gold. He likes to use the term 'darling', and can make such an endearment sound like the best compliment in the world or a terrible insult.

He's not much of a caretaker, but he is a worrier. He tries very hard to take good care of this human he has decided to bond to, but he is not good at it. Most of his effective tactics involve pushing his human towards a more helpful individual, like zher younger sister.

History: Silsk was hatched to a bonded green at Crom. He had two siblings, both of whom bonded straight from the egg. Silsk was the upset of the bunch - he never picked anyone. He went wild, living with a small pack of wild whers for many Turns. He met Yggdrasil on one of zher many sleepless nights, and decided that zhe needed caring. He adopted zher within a month.



NAME: Yggdrask
BIRTHDATE Late Fall 2768 ()
AGE: newborn as of Late Fall 2768

LENGTH: thirteen feet (13)
HEIGHT: four feet and six inches (4.5)
HEX CODE: #00273b
On the smaller end of blues, Yggdrask is fairly average in the grand scheme of things. Average muscular build, average run speed, but there is nothing terrible about this wher. They are a fine blue and one who is very content with their lot in life. They are a deep navy blue, with pale, mist-blue markings. Over the eyes like a mask, the insides of their wingsails, on the forelegs, and hips are gate-like markings in a pale blue, and intriciate wing patterns on their membranes. There is a rope-like marking around their neck like a collar, and a crescent moon on their hip.
PERSONALITY: A content wher, and one who would rather be the wise one, Yggdrask looks more cryptic than they are. They are very content to teach, and would love to learn and be able to dispense advice to those who need it. They have a keen sense of the world, to be able to just speak and tell them whatever you need to hear. They are not wise yet, but they will be. They will do exactly as their job requires, but they are unlikely to stand out. It does not bother them, they have nothing to prove. If they are overlooked in order to do their job, then that is fine.

To their handler, Yggdrask is a fine sort of wher. Patient but firm, they have much to learn, and they are eager to have the chance to do so. There is much to be done, and they love it. The others can be ignored, they need to do their job. They have plenty to do, of course. They would make for a fantastic mentor for younger wherlings when they grow older, and they do not seem to be upset if they do not get to do those things. There is just the world to learn.

Voice: A soft, almost feminine voice, Yggdrask is pleasant to talk to.


Clutch: The Payment Due Clutch (Gather 2768)
Dam: unknown
Sire: unknown
Hatching Number: three of five
Impression Number: three of five
Details: Yggdrask was part of a wher clutch being sold at Fort Hold's Gather. They took to Yggdrasil as if zhe had been picked by their own mother.

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