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Tamin of Garnet Tamisk

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Tamin of Garnet Tamisk



"I should get back to work. You should too."


NAME: Tamin, accepts Tam as a nickname
GENDER: Genderqueer, born male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his, they/them/their
ORIENTATION: Excuse me? (Homoromantic Demisexual, he thinks)

BIRTHDATE: Late Autumn 2750
AGE: 22 as of Early Spring 2773
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler, Squadsecond
WING: Dusk Squad

EYES: Blue, light, like ocean foam
HAIR: Black, tends to sit on his head like a mop
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 10", slender and built lightly
PLAY-BY: Art by unknown picrew
FULL APPEARANCE: Tamin stands at 5' 10" and is on the light side when it comes to both overall weight and musculature. Yet don't underestimate them just because they're small. They can still pack a punch and perform their Weyr duties well. Tam's expression seems always blank, almost as though he doesn't care about anything or anyone around him. The truth is that this blankness is his resting face, a neutral expression seeming to be the way his face relaxes. His skin is creamy and pale, with no freckles or other marks to speak of. Tamin's eyes are a spectacular light blue, like a pair of jewels from the sea, almond-shaped and always alert. Their hair is a simple dull black color, in a shaggy mop situated firmly on their head, a swathe often dangling in front of their left eye. Tam prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and simple garments are one way to go about it. They choose function over fashion, wearing sound leather boots, brown slacks, a white T-shirt, and a black over-sweater.

PERSONALITY: Tamin is, generally, a pleasant person to be around. He is quiet and reserved, but hides a deep determination, high intelligence, and drive to succeed under his calm surface. His expression betrays nothing he doesn't want seen, and his resting face seems to be either terrifyingly blank or completely neutral. They may not be stubborn, but they still won't tolerate a jerk trying to boss them around. He'll calmly call out a person on their flawed plan of action and suggest a better alternative.

Tam is very devoted to carrying out the duties assigned to him by the Weyr, proudly pulling his weight and never shirking in doing his fair share. He aims for perfection in everything he does, though he knows it is highly unlikely to do anything truly perfectly. Being very duty-oriented, Tamin will almost always follow and respect the orders of his superiors, even to the point of exhausting himself. However, they will refuse to obey an order if the circumstances are extreme and they heavily disagree on the subject.

Tamin does, unfortunately, have a fear of loud noises, particularly thunder. Sudden loud noises will cause him to tense up at best and bolt for cover at worst. During thunderstorms, they end up nearly paralyzed, hiding in their quarters under blankets and often seeking Tamisk's comfort. Tam is heavily introverted, and doesn't take to large social gatherings such as feasts all that well, though he'll always attend as is his duty. They prefer the company of similarly intelligent and quiet people, and shy away from interacting with boisterous outspoken people. It simply makes him a bit nervous being around the latter.

Tamin doesn't seem to be overly fond of recreational activities, preferring to rest and remain at full strength for work the next day, or even take on extra chores. He hates wasting time, and if he can do something worthwhile with his time or go party, he'll go take a nap. Yes, he considers sleep a worthwhile activity, so long as it's in acceptable drowsing hours. Tam is also a bit of a workaholic, though not the worst; he understands he has limits, but rarely heeds them in favor of getting the job done.

His smiles are rare and must be earned, except when it comes to Tamisk. Tam cares for his wher very deeply, devoting all his free time to making sure she's in peak condition and perfect health. If he has any time remaining after all his duties are complete and he feels he needs a break, Tamin will settle near Tamisk and read an educational work. They do their best to keep their garnet happy and comfortable, all while taking on a mountain of work.

While he respects dragons and finds them interesting, Tam has and never will have any interest in becoming a dragonrider. He'd like to keep his feet firmly on the ground, thank you very much. Whers always caught their interest, even from a young age, and dragonriders seemed to get all the attention, which is exactly what Tamin wanted to avoid. Now, he's bonded to the wher of his dreams, and perfectly content to scuttle about as a worker in the colony.

Father: unsure, absent
Mother: unsure, absent
Siblings: none
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: None at the moment. Open. ;)
HISTORY: A green rose, was flown, and Tamin was born roughly nine months later. He was raised in the creche with all the other children as a weyrbrat, though he kept to himself from a very young age. He had few friends, but life was still good for the young child, for he had lessons. Countless things to learn, and Tam wanted to learn it all. They threw themselves head-first into learning, devouring every bit of knowledge they were provided, then demanded more. He progressed through his lessons quickly, then almost immediately began taking on more and more chores around the Weyr. Tam was, and always has been, filled with a desire to do his fair share and then some, if only to ease the burden off of others.

He became eligible for Candidacy at 15, of course, but he remained off the Sands. Why? One, Tamin and heights never got along very well. And two, he found whers to be absolutely amazing. Tam considered that if he did Impress a dragon and his partner died, a real possibility fighting Thread, he'd be left alone and suffering, from what he'd heard from dragonless folk. But with whers, the pain might be less, and he'd still be able to function and serve his Weyr. Thus, they left the privilege and honor of being a dragonrider to the interested parties, and pursued Whercandidacy when they turned 17.

It was around the time that Tamin turned 15 that he began to feel a little...weird. After several weeks of puttering around trying to figure out what was up with him, he finally figured out the source of his discomfort: himself. Tam felt uncomfortable with being singularly male, and thus decided to explore a bit. Only a tiny bit, quietly and politely requesting they/them pronouns, though still accepting he/him. About a Turn after this, they made another discovery: they felt no spark toward girls except perhaps a spark of friendship now and again. He quickly and privately came to terms with his sexuality, and proceeded about his usual routine of things. So far, they have met no-one that has sparked their interest romantically and that suits them just fine.

On a warm summer night in 2769, Tamin attended a wher Hatching, aged 18. It wasn't his first rodeo, and he'd been passed over before, so he entered with a firm clasp on his hope. That was when they realized they were now in the possession of a wher egg. Out hatched his gorgeous royal purple garnet and the pair were cemented quickly, much to Tam's private joy. Tamisk entered his life like a whirlwind, making things just so, and Tamin was perfectly fine with her making changes. Tam proudly entered wherling classes, graduating...somewhere decently high, and entered into active duty. They've both accepted their place with pride and joy, Tamin eager to make his mark.

Tamin eventually grew...restless in Telgar Weyr, and Tamisk showed it too. They both worked hard, yet it seemed like trying to walk in quicksand; there was always more that had to be done. It also didn't help that Tamin and Tamisk had a bit of a...disagreement with another wherhandler. It finally came to a head when Tam passed out in the middle of a meal, drained and worn from a long day of working their hardest and exchanging words with their 'acquaintance'. After that, both in the face of logic and Tamisk's insistence, Tamin applied for transfer to Fort Weyr, hoping he and Tamisk might have a better time there.

  • Early Fall 2772: Tamisk runs and chooses blue Eldreosk.
  • Early Spring 2773: Tamisk runs and chooses garnet-blue Relsk, and lays a clutch of four eggs! [The March of Change Clutch]
  • Late Fall 2774: Tamin is promoted to Dusk's Squadsecond!
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NAME: Tamisk
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2769
AGE: 3 as of Early Spring 2772



LENGTH: 13.5 ft
HEIGHT: 4.5 ft
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #59098B
FULL APPEARANCE: Tamisk is quite a lovely creature, comprised of varying shades of purple. She is delicately built, but can still keep up with the rest of the pack, agile and light. The lower half of her face is a light lilac color, trailing down her neck and all along her sides to the base of her tail. Her legs and her wingsails are royal purple, with only a little purple-white near the tops. Dark purple covers much of her face, the back of her wings, and her back. Dark purple dots her sides from her back, as if these markings dripped down from her back markings. Tamisk's eyes are dainty and large, though never idle, always gathering information.

PERSONALITY: Tamisk is Tamisk, and she is a proper garnet wher. At least that's what she thinks. Tamisk is a noble creature, always holding her head high and stepping primly, gazing at others with a regal, proud air about her. She rarely speaks to others unless she's spoken to or Tamin introduces her and it would be proper to give a word or two. She is not extroverted, but she'll put in her two cents when she feels they're needed, and stand by her opinions and beliefs until she's shown that perhaps she was wrong. She does know she can't be right in everything, but she doesn't take kindly to being corrected in a rude or disrespectful manner. She does not bite or otherwise fight, unless it is to defend herself or her handler.

Tamisk enjoys children, provided that they don't tug parts of her that shouldn't be tugged. She does not initiate physical contact often, and not with just anyone, but she does allow Tamin to cuddle her if he wants to be close, and enjoys it immensely when he does. Tamisk takes any duty assigned to her very seriously, and will not rest until she sees her task finished, whether by herself or someone else. While she is a bit aloof, Tamisk is not cold or heartless, and takes it upon herself to encourage her fellows when they're down and keep spirits of others up. Only when the day is done does Tamisk rest, and keeps a watchful eye on her handler. While she does not baby him, she does urge him to take it easy sometimes and tells him to cool it and quit working so hard.

The March of Change Clutch
Early Spring 2773

Garnet Tamisk x Garnet-Blue Relsk

Green Seresk
Green Misusk
Brown Cassask
Blue Zagisk
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Wher

What color/s does your character want?: Any.
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: None.
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: None.

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: N/A

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: All.
Do you want your character to be eligible for gold?: No thanks.
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: Nope.
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: No.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: Tamin would just like another wher to maximize his aid to the Weyr. :3

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Nope. It'd be OK with me as well if Tamin never gets another wher. I just put this here as a 'just in case' deal. :)
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: All levels of injury excluding excessive scarring, loss of limbs, and death are acceptable.
Are you willing to impress a creature with a mutation/oddity? Anything that should be avoided?: Certainly! Tamin will adapt to any oddity his second wher might have and help them both adapt and overcome to become the best they can be! :D

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: I'll roll with anything you throw at me! ^^
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