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Lore of blue Jirayath

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Lore of blue Jirayath



NAME: Lorea
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her

BIRTHDATE: Winter, 2731
AGE: 26 as of 2767
OCCUPATION: Weyrling, Seekers

EYES: Warm brown
HAIR: Warm brown. HAIR: Black with some fading to brown.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'9.25" (claims 5'10"), well muscled.
PLAY-BY: Antonia Thomas
FULL APPEARANCE: Wide, strong shoulders and thick, sturdy legs. While she might not have originally been built for work, Lorea's body has certainly picked up any slack genetics may have left behind. She's strong, and there is little in the way of softness left about her body, except for the remnants of childhood in the roundness of her cheeks. Once upon a time she might have been considered athletic in build, but Lorea has moved past that since her teenage years. Her muscles are well defined, toned. Obvious without being bulky. Her skin is sun-kissed and freckled, a tawny-russet color. More weathered than might be expected of someone her age, but Lorea has seen more of the elements than those born to Hold and Hall. Perhaps even those born to Weyr. Her hair is dark except where it is sun bleached, though Lorea takes some measures against this, wearing scarves or other things wrapped around or in her hair. Her eyes are wide beneath winged brows, a warm, cheerful brown in color.

PERSONALITY: Lorea is competitive. Everything is a competition to her, and she doesn't really care if she's the only one with a horse in the race. Height? Strength? Stride length? Quickness of eating? Lorea is secretly, or not so secretly, competing with you in these things. She is judging your every move and comparing it to her own. She is often boastful, or even downright dishonest, about the things she excels in. Such as lying about her height (it's part of why she has such good posture). Lorea couldn't stand for her older sister to be taller than her, so she did whatever she could to be just as tall, though in the end, lying was the only way to make it 'true'. Even then she can only pass for just as tall as her sister (if she's wearing the right boots). She is not cruel in her arrogance. Lorea doesn't mock those smaller, weaker or slower than herself. She doesn't strive to belittle anyone else, only to better herself. She enjoys the recognition for being good at anything, even if it is something as simple and ridiculous as being able to clear her plate faster than anyone else. Which is often to her detriment should she end up eating too much. (Also there has been choking, because chewing takes unnecessary time). Lorea is friendly in a casual sort of way, which is also how she carries herself. With a casual erectness. She knows how to make quick, passing friends, for the sake of a deal. She pays attention to the cues people give off. A fondness for a person or color. She does her best to read those she deals with, because saying the right or wrong thing can make or break a trade agreement. She is not as good with long term relationships. Too used to saying good bye to know how to deal with the same person (outside of family) day to day. She struggles with depth and familiarity.

FAMILY: Mother, Therean, Trader Father, Esallo, Trader Older sister, Esther, Former bronze rider Younger brother, Therallo, Trader
BIRTHPLACE: Somewhere near Igen.
HISTORY: Lorea grew up beneath the thumb of her older sister, Esther. As did their brother and many of the other children in the trader caravan. Life on the road suited Lorea even as a babe. Always fussing when they weren't moving, she only seemed to sleep when the caravan was rocking or she'd walked herself ragged at its side. Turns passed and Lorea proved to be a good forager. She had a keen eye for bright things lost in the weeds. Jewel like rocks in creek beds, and hidden berry bushes. She also wasn't afraid to poke around in midden heaps to find things that could be repurposed. And the occasional steal that was caused by an accidental tossing of something of value. Earrings were the most likely, being small and easily snagging in things. Their life was a good one, if strenuous. But that all changed when Thread fell, eating through their wagons and nearly their numbers. They'd had warning with the winter's black dust, but had still been caught unprepared. Re-outfitting proved arduous and their numbers dwindled, many leaving off the dangers of being a trader during a Pass for the safety of Hold and Hall. Lorea refused to abandon their way of life though. Even when her imperious sister remained at Fort. Lowering herself to drudgery in the kitchens rather than carrying on. Lorea saw Esther's defection as a betrayal. Not only to their family and group, but to herself, personally. It made Lorea stubborn and surly for a while. The anger faded over time, but the stubbornness remained. Lorea would show Esther that traders could still flourish, even in a Pass. She would make sure of it. Just to spite her sister who had always been so bossy, right up until things actually got hard. More Turns passed. They heard through the gossip mill that Esther had Impressed. To a bronze no less. Time went on. Lorea wrote, occasionally, to her sister at the Weyr. Reports, mostly, on how well the group was doing. Which were only lies sometimes. Word came that Esther had earned the position of Weyrleader. Lorea didn't know if she should be proud or annoyed. She had no title beyond Trader. She ruled nothing. But no matter, she would catch up. It wasn't until the death of Esther's dragon reached them, that Lorea decided it was time for a visit. The next time the caravan came around Fort's way, Lorea took a runner and rode up to the Weyr to see her sister. She still hadn't forgive Esther for leaving them all those Turns ago, but she couldn't imagine the pain her sister had to be in, having lost her dragon. They'd had losses in the group too. More defectors, some to plague. But they had new blood come in too. News to share, to help take her sister's mind off her pain.

  • Early Spring, 2766: Lorea is still by her sister's side. She can't believe how the Weyr has forgotten Esther so easily.
  • Early Fall, 2766: Lorea Impresses blue Jirayath from the stands.
  • Fall, 6768: Jirayath somehow manages to catch his own claws on his wingsails while trying to avoid a large clump of Thread. He's successful in the avoidance maneuver, but his left wingsail is badly torn, necessitating an emergency landing (Major).



NAME: Jirayath
BIRTHDATE Early Fall, 2766
AGE: 1 as of 2767

LENGTH: 36 ft
HEIGHT: 9 ft
FULL APPEARANCE: A blue that is somehow subtle and flashy at the same time, Jirayath is a solid, if a bit leggy creature. He has pointed headknobs and broad wings. He's not very agile, and not terribly maneuverable in the air. He's quite prone to knocking into things and getting his head stuck in buckets and barrels. He's a soft, faded-denim blue all over. The undersides of his wings are a deeper, midnight-navy sort of color that curls over his tail and his hips like he's some sort of sea creature. The back of his wings are a lighter, almost lightning blue. The same color is over his eyes like giant spots, and down his neck and chest in flickers like a scarf. The lighter colors is on his feet as well.

PERSONALITY: Jirayath tries. He's a cocky, sure of himself teen in a dragon's body. He's sure of what he does almost all the time, and doesn't like to second-guess. He doesn't really feel he's a leader, more than content to follow Izanagith's lead almost all the time. He is snarky and tends to overreact to some of the most minor things, and is a little worried about Mikazuchith somehow seeing him as 'attractive'. He's a little close-minded, and will need a little guidance to overcome his internal prejudices. To his rider, Jirayath is a buddy. He's supportive and he sometimes has terrible ideas that he thinks are absolutely great. He does hold a lot of regrets, especially if he can't tell someone how he really feels. He doesn't know how to process his perpetually-held teenage mood swings, or how his emotions should be portrayed. He is very fond of Tomoeth, the other dragon considered one of his best friends. Jirayath is also aware that people probably won't like him for one reason or another, and he faces it with a smiling front and pretends that a lot doesn't bother him. He could be a leader in his own right, he just needs someone to build up his actual confidence. Voice: Jirayath sounds like he's 17 turns young and the world is everything to him. He's cheery and he sounds like nothing can go wrong ever.



NAME: Bully
BIRTHDATE Summer, 2765
AGE: 2 as of 2767

COLOR: Brown
FULL APPEARANCE: Bully is a very standard color of brown, and he is one color all over from nose to tail fork and wing tip to wing tip. He is, however, a rather bulky brown. Even as a hatchling he was very dense and heavy with muscle. He is a chore to carry, and often has to drape himself across both Lorea's shoulders so he doesn't make her topple sideways.

PERSONALITY: Bully is mostly lazy. He enjoys lounging about and do little more than catching rays. But he is also very watchful. He usually isn't drowsing in the sun, but watching what is going on around him. He is very much a people watcher, and a dragon, wher, wherry, herdbeast, anything-that-moves watcher. Needless to say he is often quick to sound the alarm if something is (or seems) out of place. Sometimes on accident. With shrill and obnoxious cries.
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