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L’ney and Bronze Paleskyth

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L’ney and Bronze Paleskyth

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”Even the darkest night will end in dawn”


NAME: Loriney
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Panromantic, demisexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2750
AGE: 19 as of 2769

EYES: Muddy brown
HAIR: Dark blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: Tall, around six feet, with an athletic build
PLAY-BY: tbd
FULL APPEARANCE: Loriney is shaping up to be a handsome young man. He is tall and muscular, and he carries himself with confidence. He has a strong jaw and a straight nose. Other than a few freckles on his tan skin his face is pretty uniform. However, other than being determined to stay healthy so he can work, he doesn’t care much about his appearance. His looks are somewhat marred by his scrappy clothes and messy blonde curls.

Loriney has absolutely no poker face, and his feelings are easily read on his face, whether from a scowl or a blush on his . He also talks with his hands, and he always seems to be fidgeting with something.

PERSONALITY: Loriney basically goes through life filled with righteous fury all the time. There’s always something to be in arms about—the portion size in the dining hall, which candidates got better cot mattresses, the rider that looked at him the wrong way this morning. He’s opinionated, and willingly shares his thoughts with anyone who cares to listen and many who don’t.

Loriney is a talker, and loves to gossip. He could be considered an extrovert because he gets energy from being around people, except that he doesn’t actually like most people. It’s all too easy for him to find flaws in others. He has a somewhat transactional view of friendship, and thinks about what a relationship could bring him. Loriney is protective of those close to him, which at the moment is basically just his family. He’s slow to trust, but could be a strong defender of anyone who he let in.

Loriney is competitive and likes to be the best at things. He throws himself into all activities 100%. He can be studious if he sets his mind to it, but often his passions are at odds with his ambition. If he disagrees with something a leader tells him to do, he’ll lose interest. Instead, he’ll direct his energies to something else. Like maybe making the leader’s life as difficult as possible. He has issues with authority sometimes, and mistrusts people in power. Oh, he also mistrusts whers, and hates that he has to be around them all the time in the Weyr now, but hopefully he’ll get used to it.

Mother- Lirrana
Father- Neylor
Older Brother- Riyan
HISTORY: Loriney was born in Fort Hold, the son of two skilled laborers. He was the second son, born two turns after his brother. He was born around the time of the interval war’s armistice but that never affected the family much. They just kept their heads down and worked, like good people should. Loriney’s childhood was a good one. He was well cared for and happy. He idolized his brother and spent most of his time tagging after Riyan.

When he was twelve war disrupted their peaceful quiet life. The family got involved in politics for the first time when they supported ending tithes. They didn’t want to contribute any of their hard labor to the Weyr’s war. Riyan was a teenager at the time and became zealous about it, imparting his opinions to his brother. Like in everything else, Loriney followed suit and set himself as a young supporter of the cause.

Loriney began joining his parents in their trade, basically whatever odd jobs were available around the Hold. He started to realize that his family didn’t have any particular craft and he found it boring, but he was too devoted to the family to consider anything else.

When peace returned to the Hold, the dragon residency was re-established and Loriney found himself fascinated by the visiting dragons. Even though he knew the Weyr was responsible for the tithes, he also admired the riders in some ways, and he imagined himself as one of the peacekeepers. He kept this to himself, because his brother constantly talked about how much he hated riders.

During the famine, the family closed in and tried to save what they had, but Loriney couldn’t sit by and watch others suffer. He joined letter writing campaigns for help, and he tried to convince his family to take in refugees. He became close to one of the refugees from a cothold, a boy his age named Aleach. The two were best friends and Loriney was devastated when Aleach eventually returned to his home to help rebuild. The personal connection just made him even more angry about the injustices happening.

He and his brother were both supporters of the rebellion. Loriney because of everything that had happened during the famine, and Riyan because he hated dragonriders and handlers and just wanted to make trouble. Riyan’s natural leadership allowed him to convince others to join and participate in the democracy, while Loriney was the one strategizing and writing. After the uprising, Riyan got all of the glory among his family and friends, which infuriated Loriney. He was getting tired of wasting his life in the Hold and being under his family’s thumb. He shocked everyone when he accepted an offer of Search, but he believes he can put his passions to even better use in the Weyr.
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Name: Paleskyth
Color: Bronze
Hex code: #3D402E
Final Size-
Length: 55ft
Height: 13.75ft
Wingspan: 82.5ft

Behold, a paleblood bronze! Paleskyth is large and strong, but she looks strange. Her limbs are thin, her tail long, and her shoulders are broad, though the rest of her is thin and frail-looking. One would be wrong to assume she is weak, for it is quite the opposite. She is powerful, and she is terrifying. She is a dark, faded bronze all over, with pale, bone-bronze markings along her sides like a myriad of stray bones that don't fit on her body. Her face is pale, with dark "crater" markings on it. The undersides of her wings have large, red moons on them.

Paleskyth is... strange. She is a distant bronze, rarely wishing to get directly involved, though she is generally helpful. She does not seem to really act like a normal dragon. Thread is viewed with neutrality, as it is a normal part of life, but she does her duty. There is nothing she is particularly adverse to doing, but she is fond of egg watching, or any sort of guard duty. Queens are irrelevant, she cares not for them, and will only chase should her rider wish it. She feels no attraction, or need to chase any color.

To her rider, Paleskyth is rather hands-off. She is not uncaring, and not malicious or cruel, but she is strange, and she is distant. She considers only Koth her equal. Her rider is dutifully cared for, of course. Paleskyth sees the world through odd eyes. Terrible things are natural occurrences, and she does not view them with hate or contempt. They simply are. Should it be asked of her, she will act, but she will act in her own way, which may end up in someone being killed. The problem should be taken care of in the swiftest, and most final action, and she has no issue in doing so.

Voice: Paleskyth's voice is distant and unsettling, like a far-off choir.

Why me?: There's something that Paleskyth sees in Loriney that she might not actually articulate. Something she likes. She thinks that this will be the best outcome, whether she says so or not.

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